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  1. This was a good chapter, watching Kakashi fight along with other adults for a change is refreshing. It does suck that the chapter was cut short though.
  2. Well alright it turned interesting, but Naruto finishing the Sage training and . . . agreeing with Sledgstone and Goku here. I just hope it continues to stay interesting and doesn't end up dragged out like some other manga I know . . . Wtf on Naruto's training and this Tsunade 'Call back Naruto' Kyaah, still aggravating.
  3. WTF? Okay, now this is some bs. The story is being way too rushed through and now he's alive, What? I seriously hope Pein rips Konoha a new . . . Gah, just for some entertainment and look perfect Sas meesed up. Tch. Blah . . . Could rant, but too irritated.
  4. I like 7 especially
  5. Well, I guess I can add mine as well if anyone is interested.
  6. I am flabbergasted, whoa, multiple things going on in one chapter. Wow. Still peeved at the whole Sasuke bs and all. Kyaah! Theories on what may happen: War, hell it's coming anyway. One of the main, Naruto or Sasuke is going to die in the end. If this ends happily I will be pissed. For some reason I've heard theories about Kakashi being made the next hokage, anyone else think so?
  7. I agree with you Goku about the fight ending stupidly, I was like wtf? What kind of ending to a fight was that. *sigh* this is going nowhere fast. (sarcasm) Yay, Naruto finally achieved the ability to control the natural energy using the oil . . . drag, just great, will he learn anything new yet, geeze. The book, the book, finally someone gives him the book. Though I think it may take the dobe a while to figure it out and all, probably going to have to be explained and take like ten chapters or so. Naruto is great and all, but he's still a dobe.
  8. Even if Sasuke is my fav character I'm hoping he gets owned as well. I mean where's all the awesome skills of an Uchiha and everything he knows from Oro? Emotional Amaterasu? What the hell? Grrr, anyway, still rooting for Sasuke and his new team to get their asses kicked just because the fight has given the view that they really aren't all that strong against a Jinchuriki and has left me feeling disappointed.
  9. I'm going to second that.
  10. Yay! Thanks for informing us. It will give me something Naruto related to look forward to. I also wanted to point out that I agree with Lady in hoping some of Sasuke's guys dying, namely the annoying chick Karen, but I won't get my hopes up.
  11. Of course he will, that's predictable, but I just hope an interesting fight will occur, I'm hoping, as always. The world domination thing gets old fast, but I don't want some self righteous crap going on in the story either, it's overdone and so damn cliche. Arghh, is everything that started out well going to turn to crap now? Geeze. But hell, still going to read it, followed it for too long not too, just hoping maybe it will turn around and get interesting instead of predictable.
  12. That was really well done. I don't know if anyone has seen this one yet, but it's really awesome too.
  13. 'Has been removed due to terms of violation' geeze that sucks, I wanted to watch it.
  14. That sounds plausible and fitting a combination of Deathnote and Gundam for the description. The rugbee episode in FMOFUU, that was completely awesome, leave it to Sousuke to follow a book written by Mao.
  15. Let's see, well Inuyasha, the original manga, not the anime related one. Tsubasa 1-16, haven't gotten 17 yet. Naruto 1-28 Fruits Basket 1-17 Loveless 1-7 Full Metal Alchemist 1-19 and the novels for FMA Full Metal Panic novels Phantom vol. 1-Just released here, can't find it anywhere else either so I have to wait for the next one. Phantom is a good story and the main character kind of looks like Cloud from FFVII. Secret Agent Luna vol.1-A friend got it at an anime convention that I was gone and couldn't go to. It's okay but a chick based manga. Ehh gave me something to read. Twelve Kingdoms-only the first one because the others haven't exactly been released yet.
  16. Dragging out the fights, a very infuriating tactic. I hope, though not all that much that the fights will be swift or at least take less than a month to read. The way its going right now I am almost rooting for Aizen to show his true power, say the hell with all this and go around and kill everyone or something, just to end the endless amounts of fighting going on. If all the fights going on take too long, I will probably just wait it out for the episodes to be aired, I do still watch them afterall.
  17. Toad Naruto, wonderful, ha ha ha, okay can we have a real plotline and Naruto actually learn more than the whole two techniques. Kishimoto is really falling off the deep end with this, it's becoming way too predictable the same thing over and over again from the MAIN character. But I am still looking forward to the Eight Tails vs. Sasuke fight to continue. At least he has more techniques than just two. Off Topic: I haven't been around in a while, been busy, but I finally caught up with the manga and the anime was driving me insane, I stopped watching that a long time ago, it was airing more filler episodes.
  18. Finally caught up, all I have to say is damn Aizen, someone had better kill that bastard.
  19. As of today I have officially returned and have spent the last few hours catching up on all the chapters I have missed. The story is finally moving forward, Falcon and Akatsuki - Eh, okay, fine desrtoy it all. I feel sorry for Naruto, he still doesn't know yet either . . . geeze, anyway it has a nice turn of events, but it is still dragging.
  20. It's still ruined Itachi though, but at least there seems to be an actual plot, hopefully it won't be lame
  21. Okay, okay, that was funny too.
  22. Well congradulations, that's a beautiful name. I will praying you don't have anymore problems and hope everything goes extremely well. My mom had to have c sections for both me and my brother and even though we're a little crazy it turned out alright so no worries and Congradulations once again!
  23. Heh heh heh, that's wait wtf? It would have been nice to have subtitles, but even so it's still funny. The fake mustaches and the funny part what the I think he was French, "Mama mia," that was a pretty good impersonation. They are crazy making commercials like that why can't the commercials in america be that wierd, orginal and funny-oh wait because they can't come up with anything remotely orginal in america. That's why there are so many that are entertained by foriegn productions. That was funny, ah ha ha ha mama mia, love Mario favorite game when I was younger.
  24. Wow that's a lot of languages, you sound like an interesting person. Welcome to AC!
  25. Okay currently the manga just keeps throwing me for a loop, there's always something that twists the story even more everytime, drives me nuts, but at least the story keeps getting interesting.