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  1. CTRL+c is your friend.
  2. Who are you again? <?)
  3. Parents need to be beaten... well not all but a suprising lot.
  4. I started playing again about a month ago. Main: Orriginal character (got bored) I also have a night elf hunter but hell if I can remember her name.
  5. Christmas... bah humbug!
  6. First thing I think of when I wake up? I get out of bed and thank god for making me white. After that I put off my silk house coat and get my man slave, Omar, to fetch me my breakfast. After breakfast it's off to the coton fields to make sure production goes as planned... (don't kill me, this is a joke) But seriously. A person's race doesn't matter. It has nothing to do with the way they think. Least of all in the morning. I think it's safe to say that the fist thought on every guy's mind, regardless of race, is: "Damn monring wood..."
  7. Oh yeah... It's insane. I can't beat it. It's all over the place.
  8. It's great! They added new bells and frills that make the game more customisability. Plus they added some animation that adds to the story. One thing they added though that I truly hate are the "boss battles". They're so unbelievably hard. You need a combination of hitting each battle gem and luck to win them. Basicly, you use the battle gems to make your opponent screw up, otherwise they will play perfectly. The big pain in the ass thing is that it doesn't matter how well you play, if you don't make the other guy lose by screwing up enough then you lose. Gah! They're so ungodly annoying. But other then that the game is great.
  9. Sweet, more ways for people to give me rep points.
  10. Here in NB, you can get booze anywhere: Wallmart, Drug Store, Public Library, Children's Book Store... anywhere. If there's a cash register, there's alcohol to be purchassed.
  11. Three Girls and a Communist Chapter 9 The city of Moncton... Is under attack! That evil simian Mojo Jojo ordered those dastardly Rowdyruff Boys to free all the super villains from the Moncton Meta-Human Correctional Facility. And free them they did. Now the girls must race off to what may very well be their greatest challenge yet. A dark shadow loomed over the city. The Duke of Whales' flying whale-ship hovered ominously over the city. It's weapons fired. Great laser beams tore through a sky scrapper and brought it toppling down. The Duke inside laughed. “Soon this city will be nothing but a bad memory.” The girls flew towards the flying fortress. It's presence was far too dangerous to be left alone. Blossom led the charge as usual. “Okay girls!” she commanded. “Let's his this thing hard and fast!” The tree raced forward at great speed. The ship turned to face it's attackers. “Oh no girls,” began the Duke. “I can't let you stop me.” He smiled and pressed a button on his console. “All guns... FIRE!” The whale-ship unloaded it's payload of missiles, artillery shells, laser cannons, and any other manner of projectile weapon it was armed with at the three girls. The girls dodged each blast with the speed and agility of a family of acrobats. They closed in on their target and tore through the whale-ship's armor like it was made of paper. Inside they fired their eye beams at everything, causing much damage. The whale-ship was wracked with explosions and soon it began to drift off course. Fire erupted throughout the vessel and it went down. The girls smashed their way back out of the doomed whale-ship. Bubbled carried an unconscious Duke of Whales. The whale-ship crashed safely into the swamps near the city of Moncton. The girls raced back to town and dropped off their captive with the authorities and raced off to capture the next villain. The three looked at each other and nodded, knowing what had to be done. They split up, each taking a different part of the city. Blossom went downtown, Bubbles went uptown and Buttercup hit the industrial district. Bubbles was the first to encounter a villain. He looked just like you would imagine a typical comic book villain to look like. He wore a black outfit with a billowing red cape. He had a dark masc that covered his facial features. He glanced over and saw Bubbles. He grinned. “Ah, how good of you to join me little one,” he began. “You see I had plotted to take you and your sisters down ever since you threw me in jail all those years ago.” “Um, but we've only been here a month or so,” corrected Bubbles. “Huh? Oh. Right.” The villain coughed and continued. “I had plotted to take you and your sisters down ever since you threw me in jail last month,” he began again slightly embarrassed by the mistake. “I pondered and plotted day and night to find your weakness. And then inspiration hit,” he added with great charisma. “If I can't beat you with conventional-” “Um, excuse me,” Bubbles interrupted. “But I really don't have time to listen to your super villain speech. Is it okay if I just kick your butt now?” “Um, well I spent so much time preparing it,” he sighed. “But I guess if you're busy then it can't be helped.” “Thanks,” she said politely and flew over to give him a swift kick to the side of the head. He fell to the ground unconscious. Meanwhile, Buttercup had also found herself a villain. He wore what could best be described as a roman gladiator outfit. In his hands was a long spiked chain. He stood over the body of poor construction worker. He raised his hands triumphantly over his head. “THRASHER WINS!” he yelled. “FINISH HIM!” he added. With a flick of his wrists he wrapped the chain around the worker's neck and gave it a strong jerk. The scene that followed was too horrific to describe and would haunt Buttercup for a long long time. She felt a wave of rage and anger wash over her. She screamed loudly and charged blindly forward. Thrasher looked up from his kill and smiled under his helmet. “A CHALLENGER APPEARS!” He lurched forward and swung his chain around. It hit her in the face and threw her into the ground. Buttercup got up and wiped the blood from her cuts. She got up and charged again. Once more Thrasher swung his chain. It wrapped itself around Buttercup's arm. Thrasher pulled on the chain but Buttercup was too quick for him. She planted her feet firmly into the ground and pulled the chain as hard as she could. Thrasher was hurled forward. Buttercup raised her free hand in a fist and drove it deep into Thrasher's face as he flew towards her. He was sent flying back. His hands were quickly shredded when the chain was snapped taut. Buttercup was on him quickly. She savagely battered him unmercifully with her fists. She beat him to a pulp before she was able to calm herself. She began to walk away and looked at her hands. Her hands we covered in his blood. For all she knew he was dead. She was too afraid to check. Suddenly she was snapped out of her daze by excruciating pain. Someone had attacked her from behind. She turned to face her attacker. There stood a man in samurai armor. He had a sword with lightning for a blade. He bowed. “You are strong. Please fight me,” he requested politely. She charged him screaming. At the last minute he took a step out of the way and brought his sword down on her arm. The sword passed right threw and wracked her arm with immense pain. She fell to the ground and held her arm. It tingled and was numb from pain. The samurai stood over her. He raised his sword and was ready to bring it down for the final blow. Buttercup wouldn't have any of it. She fired her eye lasers at him and sent him flying through the air. She stood up and fired them again until the samurai laid unconscious on the ground. She sat back down for a minute until the feeling in her arm came back. After she picked herself back up and dusted herself off. She took the Samurai back to the police and headed out again in search of the next villain. Blossom scoured the city. She had already bagged a few villains by now and was in pursuit of the next ones. The motorcycle twins Road Rage and Road Kill tore through the downtown area at breakneck speeds. They fired their weapons into the crowds of screaming people with great devastation. Blossom flew ahead of them and used her ice breath to freeze the road over. The motorcycle menaces hit the ice and struggled to keep control. The younger twin couldn't hold it however and careened out of control. He hit the ground hard and his grenade launcher fired on it's own. It hit the side of a building and sent rubble tumbling down towards some people. “Oh no!” Blossom gasped and flew quickly to catch the falling debris. She made it with mere seconds to spare. The people were saved and Blossom sighed from relief. Road Rage rubbed the side of his helmeted head. He looked at Blossom with anger. He reloaded his weapon and fired it at her. The munition whistled through the air and exploded on the young defender. She fell to the ground with a crash from the debris she was holding up. The psychotic Road Rage laughed at the carnage he unleashed. “That's what you get for messin' with me, girly!” Blossom smashed her way out of the debris easily. “And this is what you get for breaking the law!” she replied loudly. She flew at him and hit him in his helmet. The helmet shattered and Road Rage fell backwards. Blossom brushed the hair from her face and picked up this miscreant. She looked back to make sure no one else needed an help. Then when she was convinced the people were safe she flew after the other one. Meanwhile Road Kill continued his race down the main street. He peered forward and confirmed what he thought he saw. He brought his gun to bare on the Communist, standing in the middle of the street. The Communist didn't move from his spot. The bullets zipped around him, some of them came as close as to graze him. Road Kill kept firing his machine gun as he raced towards him. “Why won't you die!” he yelled in anger. In typical fashion, the Communist waited until the last moment before spinning out of the way. He swung his mighty hammer around and hit the dark rider square in the chest. He was thrown from his bike and fell to the ground close by. Blossom soon after caught up to where Road Kill had been taken down. She set down and looked the Communist. “Um, thanks,” she said looking at him with half caution. “Don't mention it, kid,” he replied. “Next time though, don't let the bad guy get away,” he added with a laugh before heading out to where he was needed next. “But I didn't let him get away,” he said in her own defense. “Oh forget it,” she added as the Communist left. She picked up the downed villain and brought him to the proper authorities. Hours passed like this. Soon the sun began to set. Our heroines met back up together in the park near their home. “I think that's all of them,” said Blossom half out of breath. “And not too soon,” added Buttercup. “I'm so tired I could sleep for a week. But man, what a workout!” “I know,” began Bubbles. “I'm sore in places I didn't know I had.” “It's okay now, “ replied Blossom. “It's all over.” She stood up straight and patted the dust from her dress. “We can go home now and rest. We earned it.” Little did they know however that eyes were watching them. Eyes that watched them like a predator watches it's prey. “It's not over just yet little ones,” began a dark and familiar voice. “But soon it will be all over for you.” And so once again the day is saved thanks to... The Powerpuff Girls... but for how long?
  12. I laugh at your not being scared off. God knows I tried.
  13. Easy there Lady, we don't want to scare away another new member.
  14. That could be it as well.
  15. This has to be the biggest load of crap ever. Does it really matter what some children's novel character's sexual preferance is? I've never read any of the books but I think it's safe to say that it wasn't even hinted at in the slightest and that this is just some stupid attempt to get the books more publicity. My guess is J.K. Rowling is only stating this so that she can have foundation for her new series of books: "Where the Old Wizard Touched Me"
  16. It's not so much the trade route that's become a hot issue. It's the oil that's supposed to be there. I find Russia's argument that a chain of undersea mountain in order to expand it's territory to include the north pole is laughable. It shouldn't even be disputable. Canada has this lovely chain of islands that puts us there. I mean using Russia's logic Canada could claim that the artic is connected to Canadian soil via an previously undiscovered undersea platau. (A.K.A The ocean floor)
  17. Welcome to the insanity known as Ancient Clan. What kind of anime are you into?
  18. On a brighter note: an ice free artic would be good for the Canadian economy by opening a new trade route with Russia. One man's disaster is another man's opertunity.
  19. It's: Samsas Traum - Zaerlichkiet Der Verdammten I heard it on (near the end) I can't seem to find it anywheres. I'm almost guessing it's misspelled.
  20. BWAHAHAHA! X'D I remember that. He says that in every episode. Not all movie to game adaptations are bad hower: Anyone remember Goldeneye for N-64? That game was awesome. The Spiderman games were pretty cool too. But yeah, most do suck. So Microsoft and Bungie split up eh? Halo 4 on PS3 anyone?
  21. It'll suck. All video game movie adaptations suck. Just ask DX.
  22. I just finished watching it. It's good. I don't want to give too much away but I will say that it makes a sort of nice prequel. Rob Zombie definatly didn't screw up on this one. I give it a GRX Thumb's up.
  23. Three Girls and a Communist Chapter 7 The city of Moncton... is well protected from evil. This fair city has not one but four defenders of justice. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the Powerpuff Girls, use their ultra super powers to protect the people and defeat the forces of evil. Last but certainly not least, the Communist also call Moncton home. Using ancient arts of stealth and combat he hands out his own brand of justice... sometimes falling short of the archetype of super-herodom. On this mid afternoon the girls are hot on the track of the Communist. Today was the day they would put an end to this silly rivalry between them. However, they didn’t exactly agree on the way to do it. The girls landed at the address given to them by the mayor. "So tell me again why we’re not just crashing through the window like we usually do?" asked buttercup a little annoyed. "Because we’re not here to start fight," answered Blossom. "Why can’t you get it through that thick skull of yours that this guy doesn’t have to be our enemy." "Well that would be a lot easier to if he didn’t try to blow us up first!" Blossom had no response to her sisters comment. Never the less this, in her mind, was worth a shot. Surely no member of the Justice League, current or former, could truly be evil. This had to be a salvageable. The girls entered the doorway and wrung the buzzer. Moments passed and the door unlocked. Cautiously, the girls entered the apartment complex. They walked up the stairs to the right floor. They looked for the apartment and found it with ease. The door had been left open for them. They entered and were amazed by what they saw. The apartment was extremely well kept. Everything was clean and neat. A few magazines were neatly arranged on the coffee table. The walls were a clean off white. The was couch a deep blue. This didn’t look like the lair of some evil mastermind. This looked like just a regular apartment. The Communist was sitting in a recliner with his feet up. He was enjoying some chocolate pudding. "Welcome girls," he greeted them. His voice had the same eery calm tone that it did on that night. "Please do come in. Make yourselves at home," he instructed motioning to the couch. The girls sat down. "Can I offer you anything?" the Communist offered. "Milk and cookies perhaps?" "No thank you. We’re ok," Blossom answered. She took great care to be as polite as possible. "So what? You take away my job and suddenly my cookies aren’t good enough for you?!" he snapped. "Um, that’s actually why we’re here. Look we’re really sorry that-" "Sorry for what?" the Communist interrupted. "Not finishing me off when you had the chance?" "No. No. You’ve got it all wrong..." "I see how it is..." he began. "You came to finish me off! Well I can’t let that happen... Um, you there, blue one. Bubbles, right? Could you possibly move a little close to your sisters please?" Bubbles did as she was instructed and moved over. "Like this?" "Perfect." The Communist flipped open the arm of his recliner and pressed a button on the hidden controller. The ceiling opened and a concrete piece of sewer pipe swung down. It sent the girls crashing through the window. The girls flew through the air and crashed on the ground. The picked themselves up and dusted themselves off. "Well that went well," Buttercup began sarcastically. "I told you all communists were evil! Comic books don’t lie!" "Buttercup, this must all be some misunderstanding," Blossom began. "We just need to explain to him that-" "Explain nothing! It’s butt kicking time!" The Communist jumped down from his apartment and crossed his arms over his chest. He was ready for the coming battle. Buttercup charged the Communist. He didn’t move. He didn’t flinch. He stood there, anticipating the attack. "It’s go time!" Buttercup shouted. "Buttercrush Punch!" She closed in and threw a flying punch at him. Still he didn’t move. Suddenly, at the last moment, he took two fingers and pressed down on the back of Buttercups hand. This threw her off balance and sent her flying past him. She crashed into the apartment building. "Buttercup!" Bubbles yelled. Bubbles Charged at the Communist. Again he didn’t move. Meanwhile, Buttercup had recovered from her failed attack. She charged the Communist from behind. Mere seconds before impact the Communist leaped into the air and guided the two girls to smash into each other. He landed on them and forced their heads into the pavement. He laughed and did a back flip off of them. "You’re going to have to do a lot better than that," he taunted. Bubbles and Buttercup quickly went after him again and again. Each time he dodged, diverted, or countered their attacks with little to no difficulty. All the while Blossom was trying to defuse the situation unsuccessfully. Before long the two sisters got tired. They collapsed on the ground panting. "Man, who is this guy? Jackie Chan?" Buttercup commented between breaths. An eery smile crawled across the Communists face. "My turn." He took out his windmill shurikens and spun them up. Blossom quickly got in the way. "Stop! Just stop and wait a minute!" she pleaded. "We didn’t come here to fight you." She paused before continuing. "Look, I know we came in and sort of stole the show away from you but that’s not what we meant to do. All we wanted to do was use our powers to help people." Again she paused. This was becoming very emotional for her. "I know how you must feel right now: hurt, betrayed, alone... Believe me... I know what it’s like. We’ve been there. Back in Townsville we were super heroes. We saved the day and fought bad guys. Then one day this guy called Major Man showed up and started saving the day before we could." Blossom began to sound more and more saddened by these memories... but she had to finish. "Before long the people had forgotten all about us... they didn’t need us anymore." She did her best to hold back the tear that dredging up these awful memories wanted so badly to let out. "In the end it turned out that Major Man was a fraud and had been setting up all the disasters he stopped but that didn’t change how hurt and betrayed we all felt..." Buttercup stood and placed a hand on her sisters shoulder. "Blossom... I... I never knew you felt so strongly about this..." Blossom wiped her tears away and forced a smile at the Communist. "So instead of fighting why don’t we team up?" The Communist looked at her with cold darkness in his eyes. "No." "What? But why?" Blossom began confused. "Don’t you think teaming up would benefit the city greatly?" "No." "Why not though?" Blossom asked again. "Simple," the Communist answered. "I work alone." "Then why don’t we take turns?" she suggested. The Communist stopped his blades from spinning and pondered her suggestion for a moment. "Go on." "Why don’t we protect the city during the day and you protect it during the night?" she explained. The Communist thought on this. What the girl was saying made sense and was reasonable. "That way everyone wins. I mean, it must be really hard for you to protect the city all day every day," she added. The Communist put away his weapons. "Very well," he replied. "I will accept your proposal. Communists are if anything else, reasonable." He paused before continuing. "However, I have some ground rules: 1) I still don’t like you. It’s not personal anymore; I just hate kids. 2) Under no circumstances are you to be within 50 feet of me. And 3) Don’t interfere with the way I work. Ever." He turned to leave when Buttercup spoke up. "So that’s it then? You try to kill us and now we’re just supposed to trust you?" The Communist turned back the girls and laughed. "Oh I never tried to kill you. I just wanted to send you a message even you could understand," he began, insinuating things about buttercups intelligence. "Hey!" "Trust me when I say this: If I was trying to kill you, you would be dead now." Again he turned to leave but Blossom interrupted him this time. "So then now that thats settled. Maybe you can train us?" Again he laughed and turned to face them. "No! Now go home and leave me alone!" he dashed off before the girls could say anything more. Blossom turned to her sister, Buttercup. "See, I told you it was a misunderstanding." "Oh brother..." she replied exasperated. And so once again the day is saved thanks to... The Powerpuff Girls!
  24. This is mine. I don't have a whole lot of different stories, and so far they're all set in the same uniserve, but hey, quality over quantity. Right?
  25. Townsville is Doomed The city of Townsville... is under attack from a giant slime monster! But with the Powerpuff Girls gone who will save the city? Who will protect the people? Who? But fear not, someone has already stepped up to fill in the void left by the girl’s absence. A streak of yellow shoots through the air. That’s right, that spoiled little girl Princess has taken the reigns. Guess beggars can’t be choosers. "Hey monster!" Princess shouted. "I’m Princess and I’m a Powerpuff Girl now so you better get ready for pain ‘cause my daddy buys me whatever I want! And I want you to burn!" She fired up her jet pack and shot forth through the air with great speed. She was armed with the latest model disintegrator ray cannon. She fired it at the monster. The beam tore through the monster and caused it to screech in pain. The monster turned to Princess and spewed a torrent of green slime at Princess. She was hit and splatted into a nearby building. The monster closed in for the kill. Princess began to get mad. Her rage consumed her. "This was a brand new suit!" she shrieked. She began to fire her ray cannon wildly and blindly at the monster. Quickly the monster was reduced to a smoldering pile of ash. However, in her blind fury, Princess had also leveled several buildings. Once she had calmed down she looked at the destruction she caused. "Oops, guess I overdid it," she said. "Oh well, more work for daddys construction company." With that she flew off, convinced that she had saved the day. In reality she had caused more damage then the actual monster. And this wasn’t the only problem besieging the city of Townsville. For weeks that villainous villain Mojo Jojo had run amok completely unchecked. He had robed banks, jewelry stores, art museums, and destroyed countless buildings. Princess was completely powerless to stop him. For with a most cunning of cunning plans he had re-enlisted the Rowdy Rough Boys to his camp. "CURSES!" he screamed in anger. "Ever since the Powerpuff Girls left I have been victorious at every turn. And without them to stop me I have achieved everything I have ever wanted. I have done whatever I please with no chance of anyone stopping me. I have had everyone of my most cunning of cunning plans succeed without failure... and in doing so I have grown bored, uninterested, and furthermore tired of this town. Worst of all I cannot defeat those accursed Powerpuff Girls because they are not here. And if they are not here then I cannot defeat them. If I was where they were then I could defeat them..." He paused for a minute and pondered something. "Hmmmmmm, that’s not a bad idea," he said while rubbing his chin. "Perhaps it is time for I, the great Mojo Jojo, to finally leave this dump of a town and move somewhere more interesting. Somewhere where I can be challenged again. Somewhere where I can finally defeat those accursed girls." He walked over to his computer console and hit a button. Images of the city of Moncton flashed on the screen. "Yes, this ‘city of Moncton’ will do very nicely. MUWAHAHAHAHAAAA..... " Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the Rowdy Rough Boys were floating above the people. "Look at those weaklings!" the leader, Brick, spat with disdain. "They’re like ants to us. And you know what we do to ants, right?" he added with a dark smirk. "We step on ‘em" Butch answered. He charged and energy attack and quickly fired it at the unsuspecting people below. People were vaporized in the blast. Those that weren’t hit fled in terror. The boys laughed and fired multiple energy attacks into the panicking mob. With each blast the death toll rose and rose. The boys reveled in the chaos they were causing. Each attack was more enjoyable then the last. "Hold it right there, Rowdy Rough Boys!" called out a voice from the distance. It was Princess. The boys turned to this annoying little pest and sneered with malicious delight. "No stupid girl tells us what to do," Brick replied in a sadistically calm manner. "Get her!" With great speed Butch closed the gap and buried his fist deep inside Princesses gut. She went flying through the air. Boomer flew ahead of her and brought down his fists on her and sent her crashing into the roof of a building below. Princess hunched over on the rough and coughed, trying to get her breath back. Her jet pack was fried and shot the occasional spark or two. The trio descended on her and surrounded her. Brick moved closer, encircling her slowly, like a shark moving in for the kill. "Awe," he began in a cold and sadistic tone "did the little girl get hurt?" he laughed. "You should know by now that you can’t ever beat us with those stupid little toys of yours. We’re stronger, meaner, and just plain better then you." "Be better then this..." Princess whispered. In a flash she used all of her remaining strength and dove for her blaster. She grabbed it and quickly turned and fired a shot at Brick. The beam found it’s mark and sent him flying. "Seem’s like this isn’t just a toy," she bragged. Butch kicked the gun from her hand and laughed. Brick picked himself up and walked back to princess with an unhappy grin on his face. "That actually hurt. And for that I’m going to make you hurt more!" He stomped on Princesses leg, snapping it easily with a dry crack. He laughed as he and his brothers kicked Princess over and over. Princess tried to defend herself but to no avail. She was completely at the mercy of three beings that had none. "Please stop," she whimpered between blows. Her body was broken. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t feel anything but pain. Tears ran down her face. Blood ran from her wounds. Brick picked her up by the throat. She hung lifeless like a rag doll in his grasp. He drove his fist into her stomach. She coughed up blood. He loved every bit of it. He threw his head back and laughed. "Looks like we broke our little toy here." "Too bad, I was just starting to have fun," Butch replied. "Who said we’re done?" Brick corrected. He pined her against a wall and took her hand. He placed against the wall. "Boomer, take those rods and stick her hands with it!" Boomer smiled and did as he was told. He took the steel rods that littered the roof and used one of them to pin Princesses had to the wall. He quickly did it to the other hand as well. Brick let go of her and began punching her over and over. He laughed every second of it. Soon he let Butch and Boomer have their turns. Soon after he started, Boomer stopped. "Hey, no fair!" he complained. "She’s not crying anymore." He tore her down violently. "She’s dead! No fair Butch! You killed her!" Butch threw his arms up with a carefree smile. "Hey, it’s not my fault I’m the strongest." "You’re not the strongest," corrected Brick. "I am!" "No you’re not," interrupted Boomer. "I am!" Brick and Butch fell silent and turned to their brother. They both erupted into laughter. "That’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever said!" they both agreed. Suddenly Mojo Jojo descended in his Robo-Jojo. He looked at the lifeless body of Princess. "Nice work boys," he complimented. "But come now, we are leaving." "Where are we going?" asked Brick. "To a far better town. I have grown bored of this place and that is to say that the City of Townsville is no longer a challenge for my superior intellect. We are going to go to a place that is far more challenging and thus mean that much more when we conquer it and vanquish it’s defenders." "Boring..." complained Brick. "Besides, we like it here. We can cause all the random destruction we want and no one can stop us." "Oh?" Mojo added with a little cunning. "You mean to tell me that you will not come with me and destroy the Powerpuff Girls? Do you really mean to tell me that you are not capable of defeating them? Are you really saying that you are afraid to do it?" The boys got mad at the very mention of the Powerpuff Girls. "We aren’t afraid of no stupid girls! Least of all the Powerpuff Girls!" Mojo laughed. "Excellent! Come boys, the destruction of those accursed Powerpuff Girls awaits us!" Mojo, Brick and Butch took to the skies. Boomer stayed behind. Brick stopped for a minute. "Well come on stupid! Let’s go!" "I am too the strongest!" Boomer shouted and powered up a massive energy attack. He threw it down. It smashed its way through the building and exploded into the ground. A bright flash of light erupted and engulfed the entire city. When it cleared nothing was left but a great big crater. Mojo, Brick and Butch stoped dead in their tracks at the display of such awesome power. "Well what do you know," Brick started. "Dum-dum really is the strongest." Boomer joined his brothers and the four of them left the ruins of Townsville behind. They had a new city in their crossairs. And so the day is no more thanks to... The Rowdy Rough Boys.