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  1. As I lay on my couch staring at the mirror, I noticed a bunch of lights turn on in a house behind me. I saw a door open, in walks a shadowy figure. He gave me a pizza, except it had no cheese. I realized I was dreaming; the dream was a lie.
  2. As I lay on my couch staring at the mirror, I noticed a bunch of lights turn on in a house behind me. I saw a door open, in walks a shadowy figure. He gave me a pizza
  3. I just spent 20 minutes writting out a long ass post about crap that's been hapening to my friend, and ex-girlfriend, and how hard it is on me and then the internet ate it... I'm going to go stab something now.
  4. I think you are all crazy... except for Dubird. She brings up a good point about the length of time between console generations.
  5. I wonder how long it would take to write down 6 or so billion names. Oh, and I would definatly trade for the eyes. Makes wipping out the entire human race a lot easier.
  6. AMV hell 4 is even longer.
  7. I can't believe they're going with the John Stewart Green Lantern. That's going to piss off ALOT of comic book geeks. I can only assume they're doing it because of the Justice League cartoon. But I mean come on... Hal freaking Jordan people. He's only been the best GL ever.
  8. You do get to see it fully in a few parts, eventualy. But for the most part, especialy at the start, you see things like a foot, a head, tail, back... The movie is fully filmed from first person PoV of one of the characters who was 'filming' his friends going away party. As for how powerful it is, it's hard to say. Japanese Godzilla would probably kick it's ass cause, well c'mon, it's Godzilla. The American one however, I think it would beat... mostly because the American Godzilla is a p***y.
  9. Does PS3 count?
  10. I would put Stalin to shame.
  11. Lets be realistic: DBZ is going to suck. ... I'm still going to go see it. ... to see how bad is sucks I mean.
  12. Sad part is, SWG used to be freaking sweet back before the Juimp to Lightspeed expansion came out.
  13. If Sega ever did one thing right it was handhelds. Gamegear had a color screen way before anyone at Nintendo thought up the idea. And the Nomad didn't port over Genessis games; it PLAYED genessis games. It's sad that the Nomad never took off.
  14. I got socks, underwear, and money. I treated myself to: Naruto Path of the Ninja (DS) Front Mission 4 (PS2) Acadieman Season 2 (DVD) Red Son Superman (TPB) Red Son Superman (action figure) Super Gunam (model kit) I think that's it. Oh, I also went to see a couple of movies.
  15. Went to see it yesterday. Now this is how you make an AVP movie.
  16. Um, Spy Kids falls into that "dumb kid's movie" category.
  17. Um.... that looks incredibly lame. I mean it has "bad kid's movie" cg in it. It's going to be horrible.
  18. What if you 'spit' them out from the other end? Is it still considered not eating them then?
  19. I went to see it last night. It was pretty good. The ending was sad though.
  20. Might watch it... if I cen ever remeber to watch.
  21. Ooooohhhhhhh yeah.... this song. *shrugs* not bad, I guess.
  22. I agree with Mathias and Dubird on the dicipline issue. Phisical dicipline and phisical abuse are two very different things. Those two people have issues. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Some parents just need to beaten... Others on the other hand should never be allowed to have children in the first place.
  23. Is it? The guys on the album cover art look... not cool.
  24. "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears Never heard of it.