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  1. now im not bashing the wing its my fav anime i remember at 5:30 i think everyday recording it on my vcr with tapes i was maybe 12 i cant remember and i then remember recording all the unedited eps of GW on midnight run(i miss that with Lupin and such) but anyways ive noticed that Gundam wing is revered by i think every fan of anime anywhere and why is that? i know its good (to this today i still use Treize as screen names and such he was the man, i even named my big grey kitty Treize, which my parents still hate) Trieze was the best ever and i remember gettin sad when he died. Tallgeese 2 was best mech ever but yeah why is it so uber omni popular
  2. 80% of France gets their electricity from nuclear reactors. It doesnt harm them in any way and shows no sign of degradation on the country or the people. They also sell tons of this clean electricity to its neighbors. Im pretty sure my home here in Germany gets nuclear sourced electricity. Also when your accusing something of being bad the burden of proof is on you not me to show that. Its certainly not bad in Europe. The only reason why, in America, nuclear isnt huge is for two reasons. 1) We dont have carbon emissions laws nearly as severe as Europe does so coal is dirt cheap for us to burn for power. Cheap is usually the best in a capitalist society like ours. For example electricity gained by means of burning coal or oil/gas in Germany is subject to a 30% tax. This includes private citizens. Which is why wood heating is so popular here. Or if your like my home we use steam heated flooring, since its just water getting boiled no tax increase. And the warm floors feel great. 2) Investors find it hard to back loans for these supermassive installations because it takes so much to build them, which is why the government is backing all of the loans now in this new bill to spur more people willing to lay money down to get them built.
  3. If nuclear power is so bad how can France pull it off?
  4. Eh it was a stupid comment but its clear he didnt mean it as an official stance more so something to share with friends. People joke amongst themselves all of the time.
  5. Well everyone knows since hes head of state you cant just arrest him. The catholic cult annoys me but its whatever. Though its annoying the world is powerless against them and that they are allowed to simply forgive themselves for anything they do wrong and move on like nothing happened.
  6. The offshore exploration/drilling isnt really a big deal. I know its easier to throw a knee jerk reaction at the word "drilling" and to say fuck it and throw the table over and stamp your feet but you need to understand the situation better. One the proposal opens up hardly any new areas for study/inspection and ultimately drilling. What this is mostly is actually trying to see if we can efficiently cultivate the resources we already allow ourselves to drill at , since were not currently even trying in most of them. Secondly the actual observations and inspections will take multiple years to complete before we even try to get them out of the ground. What a lot of people here dont know, is that the reason why America has seemingly stopped nearly all of the drilling in the states, and why we havent used the Strategic Oil Reserve is for the military and nothing else. Not to sound rude, but quite frankly no one really cares about the very vocal minority of environmentalists who hate the idea of drilling out the oil. The reason why, again, we dont get it all is because the military might need it. For what you ask? For pretty much if/when America is ever faced with the situation where we are engaged a massive real war and we need those resources to keep ourselves in the fight if we cant trade for it anymore. Its inevitable we would start the process of inspecting the land weve allowed ourselves to drill (which we will soon) and it was even further inevitable that we would build more nuclear power plants. A lot of people dont realize this new bill were going to work up which involves the nuclear plants and the drilling is also going to work in a cap and trade system that previously failed. Its also going to open up research into alternative fuels/energy. Overall its the right thing to do.
  7. Hutaree Militia Group Raided by FBI + Homeland Security involved Read more here If you look more into it this group also believe Obama is the anti-christ. They are basically republican extremists. They got raided its believed for selling pipe bombs and threatening to "invade" muslim areas near them. Ah well this is just another blow against gun rights, which I am not for.
  8. wow sorry I meant to say I am not all for gun rights being taken away big typo there
  9. Its just a different form of expression my parents never cared much. And they are pretty right wing minded people they just have more important shit to care about, according to them, like drugs and drinking and driving to care about hearing shit fuck damn.
  10. The people who want civil war have no idea how hard they will get fucked if they think aiming at the white house and taking shots is the right thing to do.
  11. Sarah Palin confirmed for a god-tier troll.
  12. So healthcare passed. But I havent seen anyone here talk about it. So I took the liberty of making you a thread for you to discuss it. Me personally Im glad insurance companies are getting regulated somewhat now. Ive hated insurance companies for bullshit they do since before it was cool to hate them for dropping sick people to dodge bills.
  13. So my wife and I watch anime together a lot. Weve been going through my box sets and watching whole series and I want to own new stuff. So maybe someone here has some recommendations after I list what I own. GitSAC Seasons 1 and 2 + all GiTS movies (our favorite) Gundam wing + Endless Waltz Samurai Champloo Claymore Cowboy Bebop + Movie Blue sub 6 Witch Hunter Robin Hellsing .hack //sign and roots Gunslinger girl season 1 Gungrave Wolf's Rain Ergo Proxy Last Exile Evangelion Serial Experiments Lain Vampire Hunt D bloodlust (my favorite standalone movie) Escaflowne So after that jumbled list is there any recomendations? Ive heard from a friend back in the states that Dragon Ball Z kai was worth owning. I havent seen DBZ since I was a kid - like most people so is the nostalgia worth it? Outside of DBZ I am not sure what to look for or think about buying all discussion is welcomed.
  14. Well after doing much deliberating heres what I just got. DBZ seasons 1-6, Baccano, Black Lagoon, and Blue Gender, and (this shocks me) I got Gunslinger girl 2 on bluray - I had to since the bluray was cheaper than regular dvd. What kind of backwards ass pricing is that? Ah well I win in the end. You know when I obtained Samurai Champloo and Claymore I also got those on bluray since the bluray was cheaper than regular DVD. I dunno I hope more of this happens. Now I need to make a list of loot that I want next month since I just burned my income tax budget to spend on media. I guess I should finish up the DBZ series and get GT but after that I dont know, I need to buy anime for my wife only, she might like that. But I have no idea about the female based genres. Im thinking Ruruoni Kenshin would be something my wife could enjoy, plus its long as fuck too so thats plenty to enjoy together. Sledge what dubs do you and Lady enjoy watching together. And if anyone else is married/living together with your significant other what anime do you watch with them.
  15. Americas tax system is pretty lenient compared to other western nations that arent 3rd world shit holes. Whatever message and claim to legitimacy this guy had was thrown out the window when he burned his home down (making his family homeless), getting rid of all other assets, and killing innocent people because he was upset the IRS ass raped him for taxes when they found out the fake religion he had set up was only for evading said taxes. He got mad for being busted as a fraud and thats all there is to it.
  16. I just want to watch the movie for the Daft Punk soundtrack.
  17. Dont play MMOs man me and my wife used to play the fuck out of wow and ran our own successful raiding guild and shit. Needless to say it raped our personal lives since we ran a late night weekDAYS (fuck the weekends and the kids it brings out) raid guild. The reason why we raided during the week was because me and her both at our employers volunteered to work every weekend for the right to always have mon-wed off (we worked four 10 hour shifts thur-sun). Once we played wow a lot we never went out anymore or did anything other than play that damn game together. We even forsaked watching TV or movies just to play more. MMOs will do that to you.
  18. My wife and I are rewatching Samurai Champloo right now, god I forgot how good this series was. When your older and rewatch it the all of the comedy shines through and the director (as always) did a great job with music placement and choice. It really is one smooth story. That and in Bluray the animation, expecially in fights, looks superb. So far Im looking at Black Lagoon for my next grab. I forgot to mention I own both appleseed movies and didnt list them because they sucked so hard. Thats my opinion anyways. I honestly think I want to buy some older anime to nostalgia on, but the thought of a married grown man buying pokeman, sailor moon, or tenchi muyo seems retarded. What do you guys think? Edits: I just bought Blue Gender box set for 15$ on Amazon through one of the vendors that goes through them. I honestly think Amazon kicks everyones ass.
  19. So after reading whats been suggester so far I and doing a little research I ordered RahXephon. But thats only the beginning of course Ive set aside a couple hundred dollars a month in my budget for videogames/books/anime and right now books and videogames arent all that interesting. So Ive got plenty of room to obtain more animes keep suggesting more please; Sledge your post was very helpful. Ive been looking at Dragon Ball Z some more since DBz Kai wont be out for a while and Im debating on getting that too. I mean it is old and nostalgic so Im not sure if I would enjoy it anymore but at the same time You can get the season box sets on Amazon for about 22$ each which is crazy cheap for the amount of minutes of entertainment obtained. What do you guys think? Im going to do some more research on what others have recommended thanks a lot guys.
  20. Kind of like how the BBC will show mostly British or how ARD will show mostly Germans and their activities in the olympics. Man you must hate those too. BTW I never knew this til just now, ARD stands for "Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"
  21. Welcome, Torreyjs. You last visited: September 21st, 2007 at 02:29 AM Just figured Id drop in and say hi and that Ill be lurking here again hopefully getting to know some people. I remember it well at least maybe it hasnt changed too much. Last time I was here I was in college, now im in the AirForce stationed in Germany. And my internet is total garbage since we (i got married) live in a small village offbase way away from a town. I have like 400kbps download speed. Anyways I like anime obviously- Ghost in the shell is what my wife and I enjoy the most. And I dunno hello again.
  22. Yes the economy tanking has attributed to recruitment over-saturation. Its natural. It happened in the 80s with raegan its happening again now. I joined over pride. Im a patriot. Thats all that matters. This will be my career unless it kills me or I get too severely injured to carry on.
  23. Felonies? Pretty much forget it, all branches are over staffed and cutting people, recruiters are having a great time now since they get so many apps and can be so selective on whos ass they have to kiss now, instead of just whomever walks in the door. Any other questions?
  24. Eh murdering to stop those that perform a legal and medically overall safe service because the pope 20 some odd years ago deemed abortion to be murder confuses me. Ah well this is what happens when idiots get involved too much into politics or religion.
  25. Lady your post jumps around a bit so here goes. Any kind of drug legal or illegal that impaires you and isnt medical is illegal and if caught you can get into trouble. The only thing thats an exception is alcohol. Smoking is allowed but not on base, and as far as I know this is true for all bases. That whole thing about smoking in federal buildings. Smoking however is discouraged because its known to slow your lungs down etc and for infantry thats a big deal according to our leadership. There is tons of stop smoking ads on tv since we dont get regular commercials but its not forced. Dont ask dont tell was signed into being during the Clinton administration. My feelings on it are simple. Currently its illegal to be openly gay so dont do it, if that changes so be it. I dont discriminate at all but the legal parts of it I just follow the rules but I understand the argument of them being singled out for violence etc for their differences. But we said the same thing historically when we debated allowing women to join, allowing minorities to join, and finally segregating minorities. Historically speaking those that are gay being singled out shouldnt be a huge concern. Dont ask dont tell for the most part isnt a big deal today because the law has changed a bit. A third party CAN NOT be the sole reason for kicking you out. So basically someone snitching on you for being gay wont get you into trouble and will be ignored pretty much. What a lot of people dont know is dont ask dont tell is used as an enabler for early discharge. If I were to guess on those that get let go for being "gay" only 3 out of 10 are actually gay. The rest just go to their chain of command and lie about it to get kicked out. This is the largest reason why we havent cared to change the policy after it was signed in. It helps stop those that would be singled out for being gay if they are quiet about it, but more importantly keeping the rule in stops those from using it as an easy way out that wont seriously harm your permanent employment records in a negative way. We want to be able to punish those that quit early basically. As far as internet censorship no its not limited but I live off base getting the same internet my german neighbors do. Its just a company making money. On base I know internet isnt free, and I assume thats monitored lightly for who knows child porn I guess. Also since your a parent I thought you might find this interesting. The legal drinking age here in the fatherland is 16. This also includes any American's that are here. How it works is for an American if your 18 you can drink, regardless of what a parent would say etc about it. Its not 21 since we arent in CONUS. Also, if your child is at least 16 and you consent they can drink at 16 like the German people do. Its as simple as that. Smoking is still 18 though. Also about smoking and Europe in general I myself am not too familiar with german laws on smoking. I know you cant smoke in building or on city streets so Id guess its similar to the states. But one major difference is here like when I landed in the airport in frankfurt for example, they have little rooms like very large phone booths, to smoke in that are sealed off etc inside of the airport. And its ok to smoke in those. To answer your question on buying cigarettes its easy just walk into the bx, commissary or the little quick marts on base and buy them. Just show your military ID be old enough and you have what you came for. And they are super cheap too. Remember earlier I said we dont pay taxes on things we buy. Well products that get ass rape amounts of item tax like cigarettes get excluded since its on base so its generally cheaper. But I smoke maybe 1 pack a year since I never care to unless I drink a lot so I dont know how much cheaper it is.