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  1. er...not legally >_>

    Windows itself has a thing you can chop up audio with not sure if it can handle mp3 though. You could get yourself an MP3 en/decoder (good free one is "Electronic Cosmo MPEGSuite" or whatever that i've been using for's old but free and decent) and decode into .wav and edit that and reencode.

  2. I almost always catch typos, and am a stickler for spelling myself but I do admit that if I do make a mistake and miss it, and spellchecker doesn't catch it either, I don't bother to go across a second time.

    Grammarcheck is an annoying ass though XD

    "Sentence fragment!?"

  3. When you do, check the how your fans are and put in your old vidcard if you still have it to make sure it's a problem with your new one. As for your speakers echoing i'm not too sure about those but check to see if you have an active microphone in the vicinity. If you can, hook up diferent speakers or a pair of headphones to further check to see if it's a soundcard/software problem rather than a speaker problem.

  4. You shouldn't even need that...if you have an SoundBlaster-based soundcard (which most people probably do) you can just use the record "What U Hear" feature with any reasonable audio-recorder to directly record the audio stream. Winamp also has a plugin that converts most things it can play to .wav which you can use to re-convert to mp3.

  5. I've used Sound Forge for such things....though with mp3's you'll generally want to reencode at 256 or higher esp if your source mp3 is 128 to minimize recompression loss.

    To raise the volume, you can try "Normalizing" and raise the dB. If your program doesn't have such a function, you can try MP3Gain. Though if it warns you of clipping after you up it, listen to it first...sometimes clipping gets incredibly bad.

  6.'s a bit slow, try ImageShack.

    For a banner, it's a bit small, but the idea is sound :)....I like the pattern on the former better (the one on the second is a bit bland), though it's a bit strong on the right side and hard to see the picture. Also, make the text a bit more readable maybe by increasing the size or adding a stroke or something similar.

    If you decide to make it bigger, just a picture, pattern, and text might be a bit boring (unless you're going for a very simple look) so you MAY want some other stuff in there.

  7. And... Sayoko Bizen. Please don't kill me if you know who that is >.>

    *SNOOOOORRRT* XDDDD One of my friends accused me of taking a character design i had from her XD It's cool, it's cool XD

    I guess i can make a propah list :o

    Motoko Aoyama

    Athena Asamiya

    Kula, for a short time O_O

    Bridget from GGXX <== JUST KIDDING!!! LOLOOLOL (No, really)

    Haruko, sorta

    Mana Tatsumiya

    Motoko Kusanagi


    uh....that's the notable ones.

  8. X'D In our group my thief had been somewhat mistreated by a healer, so I essentially used the other PC to uh..."distract" her while I robbed her blind.

    Unfortunately, the group broke up due to schedule conflicts. :\

    "used", yeah right, that was ALL my hella attractiveness and libido, hell yeah :D