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  1. Basically, it's set in a world with countries that often are at odds with each other. Their military force is comprised of ninjas that use jutsus, with chakra being their energy source. It follows the main character Naruto's (who's 12 at the beginning, i think) growth and ninja battles and all that stuff. It's humorous at the beginning but gets a lot more serious later on.
  2. Ebisu (closet pervert) Jiraiya (open pervert) Kurenai Gaara Kabuto I'm up to volume 22 or so of Naruto manga....the thing about Naruto is it eventually began to get long-winded since they explain every single plan to their enemies while they just stand there like "omg i fell for it" still good, as it's something new
  3. NEVARRR!!! >:B
  4. Perversion is healthy! gets the heart going
  5. EDIT: lmao i already posted the same thing in this topic and forgot all about it X_o
  6. Air is still in the process but it's really pretty Great Teacher Onizuka Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Mahoromatic Melody of Oblivion Grenadier-Trigun* Kanon-Air** Scrapped Princess Outlaw Star RahXephon Ultimate Girls (So tactfully perverted it's hilarious) *Grenadier seems to be heavily based off of Trigun, and i can describe it as nearly a Trigun-Naruto hybrid. The main character is basically a female Vash (though when I thought about it, her shooting ability is actually better). Thus, though I like it better, I think it's too close to Trigun to earn a full position higher than its predecessor. **Kanon and Air are sister animes and the other usually pops up where one is mentioned. I probably would've put Air 1 step higher than Kanon, but i haven't seen all of it yet, though what I have seen of it looks better than Kanon.
  7. Well in anime, i haven't seen any really special villains myself...nothing out of the ordinary or extraordinarily cool....Perhaps the Peacekeepers Steyr and Cz from Scrapped Princess... but i'd have to say the most BADASS villain EVER is Ramirez-Zelos fusion from Skies of Arcadia/Eternal Arcadia
  8. hmm.... Arc - Tsukihime Lucy - Elfen Lied (episode 13)(She just kicks ass although sometimes a bit TOO much...the indiscriminate decapitation thing kinda is a turn-off though >_>) Motoko - Love Hina Asuka - Evangelion Kuriko - Maburaho yeah...the pattern is they all look nice yet kick large amounts of ass
  9. "precisely" and i'd have to agree with abolish-flood's Napoleon vote XDDD cower in the face of the Imperial Guard
  10. Ooo...let's see....... Dita from Vandread Makie from Negima Misha from Pita-Ten uhh.....i can't remember any more......
  11. yes X'D I also think it was hilarious when he was like "I'M KENSHIRO" and did the cheeseball fighting-game arm motion with the trailing.
  12. Who cares, it was funny as shit X'D my twisted sense of humor.
  13. Series: Cowboy Bebop^* RahXephon^ Love Hina + Love Hina Again^ Neon Genesis Evangelion^ Bottle Faries^ Pita-Ten^* GTO^* Melody of Oblivion^* Neo-Ranga^* Comic Party^ Full Metal Panic^* Di Gi Charat Nyo!^ Trigun^ Mahoromatic 1+2^ Shingetsutan Tsukihime^ Popotan^* FLCL^ VanDread + Vandread, Second Stage^ Hellsing^ Outlaw Star^ (hey, i worked for this one. I encoded and subbed all these myself) Tenchi Muyo!* X'D shut up I have tight budget ok!?!?! X'D
  14. Let's see..... Eva had a great concept that crashed halfway through the anime....(luckily it was recovered by RahXephon later on) and I'm REALLY REALLY anal on Anime drawing styles, so that puts manga like Mars in the red for me X'D (I'm sorry) Melody of Oblivion started out cool as hell, but now it's just getting plain strange. I really hope it will get fixed though, I've only seen 6 eps. Hack/Sign's ending just blew the entire series for me... All in all, i like most anime/manga i see...
  15. you probably don't want to 'splode like that
  16. wtf are those? X'D please don't tell me they exist....... although......that reminds me...... There's a kid's anime called Doggy Doo X'DDDD I shit you not:
  17. hey! some kids shows kick ass! like Bottle Fairies or Pita-Ten.... But i also DEFINITELY would nominate Shingetsutan Tsukihime for plot (although the actual anime's plot kinda is bleh compared to the true plot).
  18. GTO

    I'm up to 24, i think. Then i stopped cuz i was like "19 more episodes?!" But yeah, it's great. I kinda feel sorry for the Cresta dude later on X'D action GTO?
  19. Scans: Love Hina 1-14 Negima 1-7+, in progress MAR 1-6+, in progress Air Gear 1-2+, in progress Fire Candy 1+, in progress Yakitate Japan 1-8+, in progress Naruto chapters 1-210+, in progress Lucu Lucu 1-2, unable to find more X'D >.< AMG: Terrible Master Urd 1-6 Midori no Hibi 1-6, in progress DNA^2, 1-5 Battle Angel 1, i stopped Battle Angel: Last Order 1-2, can't find any more Shikotama 1 Tsukihime chapters 1-3, i stopped Real manga: Excel Saga 1 Negima 1-2+, in progress i have a tight budget ok?? >.<
  20. lmfao no the anime took that part out >.<
  21. I can't believe they made Kazuki dress up like that X'D
  22. Yep it sure is X'D "If you're in a rush.......SPIN!!!"