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    My Reverbnation Music

    hello evryone!! im back after 10000 years to sayy, check out my music if you like hip hop your gonna like it. jus wanted to know what yall think, criticism is much apreceated jus need a range of opinions more importantly, i got shinobi skillz like Wu-Tang reverbnation.com/mizzleogmc ^^links right here^^
  2. Link

    YT thread

    My artist from Sweden pontus music video, inspiring to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Jh9J6hdVQIc
  3. Link

    My Reverbnation Music

    yeah lyricly thats prob my fav one, im actually doing a outlaw star beat to n pokemon ones lol
  4. Link

    My Reverbnation Music

    ok awesome u should listen to master quest its a zelda beat with zelda lyrics i did idk if u herd it yet my mann
  5. Jus bouta make some music wit my boy B-Wavvy & Bourne Grimes

  6. Link

    sweet amv

    i was copleatly amazed at this:happy:
  7. Link

    Crazy Guy Yelling At Cats

    this is so funny, i laughed for like 10 minutes:haha:
  8. Link

    naruto:uzumaki chronicals

    yes! i finally beat it!!!!!
  9. Link

    naruto:uzumaki chronicals

    this game rocks!! has anyone else played it? ill give spoilers:meh:
  10. Link

    Zeta Gundam

    that rocked but at the end you got all excited
  11. Link

    akatsuki leader

  12. Link


    I got the first 1-25 ep of naruto:laugh: :laugh: U GOT ZIP!!!!
  13. Link


    did u guys notice that I started the whole naruto thing?
  14. Link

    final fantasy tactics

    i like the game but i had to make a joke.
  15. Link

    [music video]Naruto (Demon Form)

    ohh dude that was sweet
  16. Link

    final fantasy tactics

    heh heh heh thanks but i secretley have more fowling the part were delta leveas when u think hes dead
  17. Link

    Sharingan Vs Byakugan

    the byakugan is way better after all i am the ultamate ninja i ownez
  18. Link

    orochidanza for real X'D

    devistating new's!!!! Tony Danza is going to play orochimaru! this shocks me!!! because on other web sites they say he is and some say he isnt.But anyways I went a naruto web site and it says "orochimaru is one of the evilist anime people i know. Tony Danza is the niceist person i know". So it would be like this. "Whos the boss Kabuto?" orochimaru said. "you are sir." kabuto said. X'D but you really want to know what pisses me off?
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    i was told to post here

    how is that a gangsta intro more like a wangsta intro:meh:
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    ive got the games that anime was depressing fma ending's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Link

    final fantasy 7 poll

    out of these votes who is your fav?
  22. Link


    you mean till i started watchin and askin for it thats why its populair:haha:
  23. Link

    Hello All

    ahh yes im the first one here so i creep behind u and eat u ha ha nobbie:drool: