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    The Fullmetal Alchemist
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    Im a MC, DJ & Video game MASTER..
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    Syracuse, NY
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    Rapping, anime & Producing
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    Rapper/Producer @Triple G
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    Naruto, Outlaw star
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    Pokemon White Version
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    manga,stephen king only
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    pokemon heartgold
  1. My artist from Sweden pontus music video, inspiring to me
  2. A....we chillin lol

  3. yeah lyricly thats prob my fav one, im actually doing a outlaw star beat to n pokemon ones lol
  4. ok awesome u should listen to master quest its a zelda beat with zelda lyrics i did idk if u herd it yet my mann
  5. Jus bouta make some music wit my boy B-Wavvy & Bourne Grimes

  6. hello evryone!! im back after 10000 years to sayy, check out my music if you like hip hop your gonna like it. jus wanted to know what yall think, criticism is much apreceated jus need a range of opinions more importantly, i got shinobi skillz like Wu-Tang ^^links right here^^
  7. i was copleatly amazed at this:happy:
  8. yes! i finally beat it!!!!!
  9. that rocked but at the end you got all excited
  10. this is so funny, i laughed for like 10 minutes:haha:
  11. this game rocks!! has anyone else played it? ill give spoilers:meh:
  12. fake
  13. did u guys notice that I started the whole naruto thing?
  14. ohh dude that was sweet