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  1. Sweet!!
  2. Mystery Men--not the music, the movie.
  3. mmm, linux. . . *dreams of awesome systems*
  4. But-but Raul Juila!! ;_; We miss you!!
  5. I like these, they're so well done.
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean -- Dead Man's Chest.
  7. Hi, Rebirth, nice to see new people! More new blood? Ooh, friend of Sabe's~! *is Daniele, if you're someone I know!*
  8. hehe, nice.
  9. I think I've seen something like that before--it's called "Mom, get the hairspray!"
  10. Yay! Another Clan member! Welcome!!
  11. I love this idea. I'm not a fan of e-cards, but one thing my family was always good at was the recycled paper. A few years ago the rage was the recycleable ream paper covers. We used them everytime and I wish it'd come back--cheap and cheerful wrappings!
  12. That's quite disturbing. I didn't think of where the hardware was getting dumped--I guess I hoped it was going to be cheaply dumped here instead of across seas.
  13. Man, this is cooool. Teach those lazy punks what it means to be a fighter!
  14. THE SPREAD OF COMMUNISM IS AMONG US!!! Ack! *falls out of chair* Never bring fists to a gunfight.
  15. I think it's working.
  16. X Amount of Words won't stop playing in my head at this point. I'm planning on buying the rest of their albums in the next few months. [[it's pretty new to me, good music! ]]
  17. We're an American Band ~Grand Funk Railroad
  18. http://www.addictinggames.com/cursorthief.html This one is kinda mean and is sorta creepy. [[Don't mean to One Up anyone.]] . . . and this is suddenly in the humor section instead of the gaming section. . .
  19. hehe, that's so cute!!
  20. I was fortunate to find the episodes--a couple of them--in my library. You can probably find them through interlibrary loan.
  21. Hoi

    Hi, welcome to the mix, hope to see you around!
  22. Welcome, Ras, make yourself at home but be sure to keep your clothes on.
  23. Welcome back!!
  24. Or we could just pay more per bushel. That'd help out the impoverished majority of farming community. [corn doesn't cover all fuel expenses, though it'd be nice to switch to more economical means of transportation like hydrogen fuel cells]
  25. Their music calms me a lot--I get in tense moods and it's nice to hear sympathetic yet confident music.