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  1. I always have problems with room temperatures and found that if the room is even the littlest bit cold I can wake up with a sore throat. I actually turned on the heat this winter in my dorm. I don't think anyone can really take the risk of getting sick this season. I actually had a low-grade fever the other day [that's when your temperature goes Down instead of up. My sister and I were notorious for those as we grew up--lots of shaking and freezing.]
  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show -- The movie, not the soundtrack
  3. I've been seeing $2 gas every once in awhile, and once I even saw $1.98 this last week. It's getting way too weird.
  4. Apparently Cartoon Heroes! by Aqua I was listening to Goldfrapp earlier, though <3
  5. I've been pumping my body full of green tea and vitamins. I'm determined not to get sick this season--that sinus infection I had a few weeks ago just took the cake, so I'm being extra cautious.
  6. I cannot wait until I am old and gray and still listening to techno and hard rock.
  7. I asked out Kevin last week. Afterwards I brought a movie idea up he scoffed at me. That is called negative reinforcement, right? So instead I act naturally and joke with him and try to keep my cool. Unfortunately, he began to ignore me. He has stopped looking/talking/acknowledging me altogether. I am suddenly under the impression that he doesn't like me. A friend who decidedly likes Kevin stopped talking to me and then he does this. I decide it's not worth the many friendships I have to keep up Whatever it is that happened, and tell him to forget it and if it'd be okay to go back to how things were before this entire thing. My question is. . . Did I MISS SOMETHING? Were we dating in his eyes and he didn't like my attitude or is this some sort of cryptic message I should be heeding? Maybe someone could make me feel better about the emptiness I feel right now.
  8. I'm a fan of Goldfrapp right now--I have a thing for commercial music, makes me remember fun stuff. "Strict Machine" is for those carefree days. I love 30 Seconds to Mars "Beautiful Lie" for the mellow but not carefree days. Blue October's [yummy mood] "Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek." Alanis Morissette's "Still" for those dreamy days. And sometimes, when I'm in need of a real pick-me-up, I listen to Dean Martin's "Blue Moon". I have tons of favorites, but today, those are my picks.
  9. Strict Machine--Goldfrapp <3
  10. things are good. I'm glad because I think in the long run he's happy as well. The other friend situation might not be the best, but I'm happy so long as I have him as. . . whatever it is we are. Take-it-easy stage [T.I.E. Stage/T.I.E.S.] I still think he likes me on some level but I can wait. ^_~
  11. I think I figured out the problem. It's not my problem really and it certainly isn't his. It possibly belongs to everyone in the group of friends as I hadn't been discouraged about anything until a friend began to ignore me for asking him in the first place. I felt like I was betraying her and it led to my doubt. She doesn't even care that it was making me depressed, but I wanted to trust her and myself at the same time. I know he values my friendship because of a confidante--this other friend wouldn't have told me if it wouldn't make a difference, and I trust her observations completely. She told me she wouldn't say anything more on the subject of how he feels, but I had a feeling she wanted to smack her forehead when hearing what I had to say. eh heh heh? So I'm going to talk to him, tell him straightforward that I do have feelings for him and that I'd still like to go out to something with him--maybe bowling would be fun so long as I could buy the mozzerella sticks . I think that I could remain friends with him if it didn't work out, which means much to me. It'd still be nice to date him, though. cuddly.
  12. Yes, I think the friend likes him, no Im not sure he knows. No, I really dont want to go back being friends but I will if it means everyone can be happy like they were. Im secretly hoping he comes to me to talk about it, but I doubt he will. I was thinking about going back to him and saying "Look, Im giving you no options because I know you like me even a little [apostrophe is broken right now]. Itll take you 1 to 5 years to fall in love with me. The first few days your mind will think of nothing but me. The next few days youll wonder the possibilities. The week after youll start to think it could be possible. . . Oh, what is this about 1-5 years? Thats how long itll take you to finally ask me." and thats why Im a hopeless cause. Because I still like him and people are telling me hes just shy. ;;; Things I want to say and things I cant bring myself to think are on two different islands.
  13. Love it! WB
  14. Ooh, nice choice! The Geeks Get the Girls -- American Hi Fi.
  15. Still -- Alanis Morissette.
  16. I've been totally into this guy since the beginning of the year--I'm thinking nerds really do it for me--and I finally asked him out! Me: "Hey, __[Kevin]____, I wanted to ask you something and didn't know how to say it, and I'm never that good at asking things when it's something I'm really interested in. . . ." blahblahblah "Would you like to go to a movie with me sometime?" He: "Like as friends or more?" Me: "Hopefully more?" He: "Yes." And that was that. He smiled at me!! I'm such a simp for the easy gestures. And then he asked if I wanted to go to dinner as well and I said, "Sure! Would you like to go Dutch on it?" *foreboding long statement explaining a conversation, he didn't like the sound of it so I think I'll drop it. . . * "Well, when you want to see something specific, we'll go." !!!!!!!!!!!!! And when he left I had an anxiety attack and started crying on the phone--with mum--because I'd finally done it! I've been thinking about him for the longest time and I finally got the gall to ask him out! Terribly enough, he'd already picked up on the hints. . . I imagine he might've started thinking that when he tried to tickle me and I forgot about telling him to stop because I actually liked it--then after the reaction he said "well That was delayed." oops. [[he's a Taurus for anyone who's interested, I'm a Leo!]]
  17. I'm working on that part before we actually go out--I just needed to get over that initial shock. *is wearing her Buddy Cthulhu shirt now*
  18. Amen, I'm not a smoker, but I think people are trying too hard to make the word safe for people who breathe despite the fact that you can't protect or prevent a person from dying. Why is it such a requirement to ban smoking when it won't really stop anything from happening but making people angry?
  19. Leos do like to be in charge, Taurus' don't care, they just like being pampered! --who but a Leo pampers best?--
  20. OKies, just wanted to make sure. Storms like this are nasty. Hey, a few years back there was another storm similar to this one and I lost my electricity for a whole week. Do you remember that storm?? *insatiably curious*
  21. Ooh, that's a good band! *One Headlight -- The Wallflowers*
  22. I'm glad things turned out--those were crazy dangerous conditions you were in. Everyone is healthy I trust? [sniffles, cold, sinus problems, pneumonia]
  23. Ouch. That's a terrible pain in the neck, paying to repair a car you didn't really like in the first place.
  24. I really didn't see how it could be sacriledgeiwoerus [sp? ] because it was fiction. I never considered a movie with Gandalf/Magneto something to be serious about. It was an interesting movie but I wasn't pulled into it mainly because I didn't care for the way they made everything so extravagant when it was simply something not that big of a deal. *-*
  25. I'm listening to the hum of a PC booting up. <3