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  1. Believe by Cher
  2. OMG I DIDN'T SEE THIS THREAD UNTIL NOW~! *superglomps Sabe!!* Welcome back!!
  3. Anything Franz Ferdinand. Just sticking in my brain!!
  4. I have a feeling that it'll be a waste of money and history majors will be disappointed.
  5. Since it was the last book, you'd think people would take it slower. I spent almost the entire weekend reading it, ON PURPOSE :0 And for those who want to know what happened to everyone afterwards. . .
  6. I have done/watched 90% of all these. What about the Gummy Bears and The Wuzzles? Also, Legends of the Hidden Temple, All That, Family Matters. . .
  7. I was more impressed with the costumes last year. The guys this year need to really pull the potential. At least last year the names were more creative: Tiberius, Feedback, Fat Momma, Cellphone Girl, Monkeywoman, etc. . . But I'll faithfully watch this season for the sake of anticipation! Haha, did anybody else think Dr. Dark was a Death Eater??
  8. Actually. . . I found myself crying less with certain deaths, knowing that some would be happier at certain times or otherwise too distracted to feel any pain. I think all but two were really justified. Excellent, excellent story, epilogue could've used a bit of work, and remember RPer, whatever she wrote IS canon.
  9. Sorry, the series is somewhat catching, but after 30 episodes of "Five Minutes Until The Planet Namek Explodes" is too much for me.
  10. Mmm, TRC rocks--My friend and I were sharing manga for awhile and that was one of my favorites. I always cry when Sakura wakes up after the first time.
  11. I have family issues. One psycho aunt who drinks, tells lies, and turns one person against another. . . and one grandma who takes her side whenever I get offended by something she says. After xmas I was told by my grandmother--after I'd been confronted and verbally assaulted--that my sister and I ruined the holidays indefinitely. I kept my damn mouth shut and nothing should have been pointed at me. Six months later, I still can't hold a conversation with my grandmother, and I have this overwhelming urge to hit my psycho aunt with a blunt object in the very high hope that the blow would kill her and end her miserable life. She wants to die, anyways. She doesn't take responsibility of her actions, and alcohol is her best friend. Who takes a woman seriously with a traitorous background like hers? My god, I had to snap at her husband when my grandma was in a comatose state after he said we should get ready for a funeral. Maybe I've brought this up, but I've kept my mouth shut about what she's done to me and mine. When she dies, psycho aunt is going to put up such a fight for anything. I read somewhere that you have 6 months to decide whether or not you can accept what is given to you, and part of me is wanting to turn anything she gives me away. I don't care how important the item in question is--I already know what it is, and I can't stop crying about such an heirloom. I'd rather die than have that woman, that atrocious, soulless woman pull everything out that I loved about my life--my relationship with my grandmother is gone, my respect for her gone, all because she thinks I'm at fault for the lies of another. I want to vomit, I want to go back to Canada, I want to be somewhere else, where everything is easier because it's not around. What kind of woman wants that? Do I try to reconnect with someone who doesn't look at me the same as she used to, try to play nice with someone who doesn't acknowledge me as a person, and compromise my dignity for the scraps of love I used to be so freely given in hopes that one day my grandmother will see what her lying daughter has done to my family. . . or do I leave it alone and wonder if things will change without me, because the world can do that with time? What defines a woman, anyways?
  12. Valid points all around. It hurts, and grandma seems to be quite the emotional dictator--she knows psycho aunt lies, but she says at her age, she'd rather die with her family around her. They don't have to be happy, just present. As for psycho aunt, I'll probably not be able to talk to her ever again. Over the years, I'd come to get closer to my grandma, wanting to be close to her so she knows that I care for her, but if she tries to push this familial thing on me, I'll tell her the truth. Only by blood, that is if the drugs haven't changed that for psycho aunt too. My mother also has a connectivity problem. She thinks a forty minute drive to the other side of town is too far away for her to visit. heh. Anyone else notice that people want to spend less time with their family? That used to bother me. F.A.Q., huh? It sounds like a good idea--maybe I'll make a matching flowchart.
  13. Pacific Vortex: a Dirk Pitt Adventure mmmm, Dirk Pitt. . .
  14. Crickets!! Everywhere I go, it's Crickets! Also, my MP3 was wiped, all my music disappeared. ;;
  15. OMG these shows are ridiculous but I can't stop watching them! It's like American Idol to a 12 year old~!
  16. That is scary. I'm hoping Not to see something break like that lest my ears pick up random energies that'll make me depressed about the state of the world.
  17. hehe, fanfiction is good now. Creative Will Turner trying to communicate with his bonny lass but Calypso having other plans, telling him that messages in bottles would be accepted but none other. Hehe, it makes me giddy!
  18. Yo Ho, all hands, hoist the colours high Heave Ho, thieves and beggars, never shall they die.
  19. Considering Keith Richards was completely wasted during the shooting, it's no wonder that picture appeared. Yeah, Teague is supposed to be Jack's dad [hehe, Jackie], and I think he might still be mortal--but knows what life is to live so he would choose otherwise. However, Jack might not remain that way, knowing him and his determination.
  20. POTC 3 soundtrack--I'm crying during that ONE song that reminds me of the movie. Happens every damned time!! ;_;
  21. Hoe noes you don't. I liked Orlando Bloom for Turner, reminds me of Malcolm Reynolds saying, "We can't die. You know why? Because we are too darned pretty for god to let us." Will picked up the slack in the second movie, and the story was left open--I'm just glad it ended on a semi-happy note. Will's character was brought up to speed, and I actually disliked Jack more as the movies progressed. I want to read more fanfiction in a few weeks. The movie kept me up for hours when I could've been sleeping. Same reaction from LOTR.
  22. I love that clip. <3
  23. There's this five-week intensive French study I'm attending right now at Laval University and I'm having a blast. My French is improving but my friends like speaking in English. I can see how it's tiring to try to speak it every day, but I need a reminder of what I'm doing in the long run. I've told them this but they brush it off. I'm the only Nebraskan, there're people from Chicago, New Orleans, Alaska, Missouri, and a couple others, but the rest are residents of Canada. I didn't get my main luggage for three days. Air Canada is paying for $100 of my stuff that I send a receipt for. I've got internet in my room finally, which is a big relief because I have people I want to talk to, and I even started writing again!! at the discotheque. with alcohol in my system. It's not bad, to tell the truth, will post some when I finish the idea.
  24. Je pense le langue français est très beau. It's stressful up here, that's for damn sure. I've been trying to mellow out, but all I want to do is sit down outside and do nothing one morning. I wake up, have class at 8:30a.m., exit class at 12:30 and end up taking a nap from exhaustion. The jet lag might actually be wearing off finally. I've been fighting that since I got here. I'm starting to listen to the language naturally, and slowly transforming my language to suit them. I still get nervous around teachers, though Marie-Andrèe is making things really easy. I failed my second vocab test--she keeps on trying to make me listen to a description and make a word out of what she says, and everyone else does a great job. I just can't seem to do it. Oh well, it's a vocab quiz. I know most of the words, and that I tried is something.
  25. American Idiot -- green day