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    Vincent got a reaction from Sledgstone in Finally New Naruto!   
    awww and do away with the anime cliche that only teenagers are capable of saving the world?
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    Vincent reacted to nattizo2 in Bleach in english...   
    i dont mind the voice acters i dont mind i think it is better then narutos voice and am sick of that nigga saying belive it.
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    Vincent got a reaction from Dogmatix in FFVIII GFs   
    aren't there places in Ultemacia's castle to get all the GF's that you missed?
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    Vincent reacted to aqu in Gundam SEED Destiny Spoilers   
    Rau is a clone of Mwu's father. Mwu's father did not like Mwu so he had himself (Mwu's father) cloned, and made his clone (Rau) the heir to his estate. The estate burned down so Rau's purpose was destroyed. Plus Rau has some genetic disease that makes him age 2x fast or something.
    I demand a positive reputation point for sharing my knowledge with you.