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  1. i like how no one did anything to help him until the sign fell...not when the lights fell...not when the pyrotechnics went off and he was choking from the smoke...not even when the stage fell apart....
  2. your best bet would probably to have make a friend in japan and get them to help you...... 1,000 yen is roughly $10 and 4,000 is roughtly $40 USD
  3. I spend around $100 to $150...and I have a hybrid
  4. damn that aizen! causing shit way back then too!!!
  5. omg where is everyone getting their one piece? I think i'm way behind everyone....i just got to where Luffy punches the tenryuubito for trying to buy Caimie from the auction house
  6. kage ni iru hunter? (hantaa)
  7. i really liked it, but it really did seem like the movie was made a) as a fan service movie and to make more money. the one part that I thought was really stupid was shia swinging through the trees. wtf? I hate that kid.
  8. i thought it was kisuke doing his experiments at first but now I'm not so sure
  9. you should definitely have some leeway because you are the biological mother. now if he was married to the gf it might be reasonable since she'd be the stepmom and all but this is something that shoulda been discussed.
  10. Vincent

    Your Parents

    my parents never tell me how old they are, only when they were born so i have to redo the math every year lol mom's born in 64 and dad was born in 54
  11. things are really starting to seem to form a cohesive plot again.....or am i imagining things?
  12. Vincent

    Mario Kart

    awww luigi is so cute!
  13. if you don't understand the american remake there's no way the japanese version will make any sense to you. it was made to scare the crap out of you--not to follow any logic.
  14. yeah, it's pretty much $3.90 here......you people and your 3.50 got it good...
  15. I can't believe how much i suck at guitar hero. I've played cello for 11 years and it hasn't helped me at all in being able to find my way around the controller any better. i don't have any problems playing stuff on the beat it's just the buttons and that flip pad thingy are so weird for me.
  16. you should all ditch iTunes and use Amazon.com to buy mp3s. They are all DRM free and like 90% of the time are only 89 cents instead of 99 cents
  17. i feel sorta bad since I'm asian american and could never really watch the network. i just kinda always felt more alienated by it rather than included. I think it'd just be better if asians were more represented on tv that's already there than having their own channel.
  18. i think the sanji-look-a-like is gonna come back in and be crucial to helping the team out maybe EVERYONE they ever met will come! yeah, that'd be awesome
  19. Vincent

    Rock Lee

    well until he opens his chakra gates and goes super saiyin X'D
  20. Vincent


    i think it's because naruto's thinking is too rash and a lot of his success pretty much comes out of dumb luck.
  21. what if he trained himself to be able to have one of his kagebunshins to run with it? what chapter does it say "that jutsu" that you're referring to? I'm wondering if it's a translation issue.
  22. digital media distribution is the wave of the future!
  23. Vincent

    Crisis Core

    you only need a cell phone to play Before Crisis (which focuses on the Turks I think) but even then it's only available in Japan, isn't it?
  24. i think he's manner is all an act for now. when he's redecorating his office he already shows his confidence. do you think urahara had something to do with the current captains turning into vizards? it's always the same technique when he's learning bankai or gaining control of his hollow--the first time done with urahara and the second with the vizards so it seems to me that there's some shared knowledge/history.
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