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  1. i got a 2008 toyota prius (daddy works for toyota) and yeah, it's true. BUT the deal was only offered for the first 85,000 hybrid cars, which allow them access to carpool/high-occupancy lanes with with only one person. so um....they gave the last ones out last year.
  2. personally, i'm going to stand in line opening night for the DBZ movie.
  3. There's a big movement in Africa going on to reforest what has been lost mainly for human development purposes called the Green Belt Movement. The founding member, a woman named Wangaari Maathai, herself planted several million trees and have empowered countless other women to do the same.
  4. but isn't greenland itself really just an arctic hawaii? I remember this travel channel special about greenland and all the hot springs they have over there.
  5. what? so the EPA won't let California implement it's own LOWER standards of emmissions? That seems contradictory to what the EPA is supposed represent.
  6. it's the same when anything new is introduced. it's mad expensive at first so that only people wealthy enough can afford them, but eventually the market begins to expand and efforst are made to cheapen production and bring the product to a larger, more affordable market. Computers are a perfect example. Back in the 60's only governments and research institutes could afford one, now you can get one for a couple hundred dollars. Everyone was saying solar panels were way too expensive too, but now they are finding ways to make it cheaper and more efficient. you just need the wealthy people willing to do something about it. I just got a hybrid car too, btw
  7. that is SO NOSTALGIC seeing Nami coming into the crew like that *tear*
  8. new anime--highly reccomended up to episode 7 is released now on bittorrent. really interesting story about a boy that can see and interact with ghosts and because of an incident in the first episode he becomes a "substitute death god" seriously. go check it out. it's called Bleach.
  9. so I'm late and just played this demo. I had a lot of fun playing this, probably because i'm a fan of button mashing and the DW games (haven't bought any since 4 though since it's the same story). the game play is really smooth compared to the ps2 (which sometimes lags from the sheer amount of characters). if this game was cheaper i'd definitely go out and buy it.
  10. i just tried the rachet and clank demo and hot damn it's good
  11. at first all i got was a target and starbucks gift card, but my dad bought himself an LCD HD TV so then i convinced him that it was worthwhile to get a PS3!! So now I have a PS3
  12. i used to play a lot of Maple Story but now I'm hooked on Sword of the New World, which I think is nominated for in the Free MMORPG category
  13. one of the gladiators has done gay porn 0_0
  14. man, i bet he got the idea from Harry Potter X'D
  15. let's see friday night I finally got to see Superbad. It was pretty good and I liked it. Then Saturday I went to the beach and hung out with some friends and later went clubing at West Hollywood and got piss assed drunk. Got home at 4:30, woke up at 9 to go to orchestra rehearsal and then played my holiday concert. Pretty full weeken for me, which is nice because that's unusual for me
  16. my favorite is the Ramen Shop episode where he brings in customers to this guy's failing ramen shop. oh those poor kids!
  17. i love this guy. he helps out so many people.....usually
  18. japan is also one of the most homogenic and xenophobic countries in the world. Something like 90% of people living in Japan are of Japanese descent
  19. finally! i've been using w00t for years. w00t w00t!
  20. i think it looks pretty cool. i like the campy 60s feel lol
  21. it was 75 here yesterday....
  22. you know, just, omg, wow, i mean....i don't knwo what to say. these "parents" were obviously not ready to have a child. It makes me wonder how they were raised as well. I would think that they could have looked on past experience of being raise themselves but noooooo
  23. awhile back morning musume created a group in Hawaii to include girls and I think they were called Coconut Musume (?) However the non-japanese girls quit because Japan culture was too weird or something.
  24. yeah, it's like what DX says, at least I know who these people are as opposed to all the webcam girls that want me too see their naughty pictures or invite me to clubs i'm not intersted in. and my myspace has gotten hacked 3 times in the past. i made a new one, but i stopped asking my friends to add me back...AGAIN.
  25. i have one, i like it more than myspace because i don't get spammed...