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  1. i think he gets a new one at Thriller Bark fighting the zombie animated by brooke's shadow..
  2. i used to have the 2006 one...damn,i miss it
  3. it would....we've already seen how strong his grandpa is....and if his dad had a DF woner Luffy's bounty is one of the highest ever!!!
  4. me too!!! @_@ Brooke has a soft spot with me since we're both pirate musicians lol
  5. wait! but brooke is an undead skeleton!! does that mean he won't die? like he can go ahead and scout without fear of dying?
  6. bleach does seem to have gotten rather long-winded......but man, i remember it being the coolest thing ever when it first came out lol
  7. i think he's just monstrously strong like zoro and sanji. They're almost up their with luffy without a DF power of their own, right? back onto the topic though, thinknig back the series has never had a person with parents or offspring with DF power. The closest we get is Luffy and his brother, Ace. But I think I'd have to agree that the powers, or the curse in that matter, passes down through genetics. if anything the fruit might "synch" better with their host--like they have a better understanding and connection to their DF power.
  8. but Luffy has been looking for a musician for quite some time now. Ever since Sanji came on board right?
  9. actually....i like this series more than bleach and naruto lol
  10. wow, is this topic really a year old???? After reading the latest manga chapter I'm pretty sure Brooke will join the
  11. lol, did you notice that sometime they make sounds????
  12. haha, indeed Robin is amazing but she's definitely not one to rush into battle like Luffy, Sanji or Zoro. Most of the time i thinks he sees that they can handle so she opts to sit out and observe. She's different in that way from Nami and Usopp who'll run the first chance they get, but if push comes to shove Robin will jump right in with the rest. Really, this approach to a fight matches her upbringing as a scholar and archeologist. Looking at the whole thing, maybe analyzing the enemie's fighting, etc and then when she can/needs to she'll use that knowledge to her advantage. no?
  13. I think there just hasn't been a need for Robin to fight as much so I'm still waiting for the fight where everyone depends on her. And also just because she has an insane bounty on her head doesn't make her a fighter. Most of that is because she's the sole survivor of the incident at Ohara and then spent the rest of her life running and hiding until she met with the Straw Hat Crew. I think that she definitely has the fighting spirit, but not neccessarily the fighting persona.
  14. Hallelujah!
  15. i think Southern California has met it's yearly quota or rain already, and it's hardly February! lo
  16. one of these days, those companies will spend as much time and money getting good voice actors for animated series as they do for movies. seriously--animated movies have great voice acting and games are getting better and better. But I think what needs to happen is that American companies need to realize that not all animated shows are on the level of spongebob squarepants.
  17. with $44.6b you could buy the wolrD!!!
  18. i thought it was hilarious, I'd see it again.
  19. wow you guys. i pass out around 10 no matter what and all week i've been waking up at least by 5:30 (even though my alarm clock is set for 6:20)
  20. I just saw it and.....I can't believe they pulled her out of that apartment!! I was really glad that wasn't shown on tape.
  21. it just started here but my dad is watching tv so I'm recording it on DVR. hopefully I'll get a chance to watch it tomorrow.
  22. I had i dream I was in that movie...but I hadn't seen it, only trailers. It was a freaky dream because I knew everything that was going to happen--but only what I saw in the trailers AND I was filming everything. I feel so connected to this movie that I have to see it now.
  23. you know that spanish isn't really difficult at all to read, I can read spanish just fine and not know a damn word I'm saying!!
  24. shiiiiiiit, i keep forgetting to watch the episodes I dl ; at least I'm reading the manga....
  25. k, we switched over to Verizon about a month ago and these are my new speeds: Last Result: Download Speed: 5139 kbps (642.4 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1509 kbps (188.6 KB/sec transfer rate) not a whole lotof improvement on download, but upload nearly quadrupled