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  1. you know scissors would give off the same exhaust and i'm sure leave less of an imprint on the environment haha
  2. they're never gonna get to mermaid isle!
  3. I think it's a 120gb hard drive.....but still, no more backwards compatibility for now at least
  4. I wouldn't be too worried about megapixels unless you want to print your pictures really really big. My digital camera right now is 5.1 mp but has 8x optical zoom and it takes magazine quality pictures (under the right lighting of course). I never intend to use my pictures outside of my computer and if i do then it's only going to be standard photo size like 3x5 or even 8x10, in which case 5.1mp is sufficient.
  5. I have no idea what's going on in this fight anymore
  6. i know!!! WTH?!?!! TWO HANDS!!!!!
  7. w00t! Blu-Ray wins and Sony discontinues it's backwards-compatible PS3s. Looks like i jumped on just in time
  8. omg! I miss watching one piece now x_X it's just that downloading it is so mendokuseeeee
  9. when she said "look behind you" and it was that huge scary ass monster thing that turned out to just be kenpachi...yeah, i thought that was her bankai X'D
  10. I thought Itachi's Amarasu flame was taken straight out of the 7th Harry Potter book X'D
  11. I was really excited about this chapter because I was SO SURE that cute, little Yachiro was gonna kick some ass
  12. one time i went to the bank with my coins and told me they'd have to charge me. guess we do things differently out here lol. And sledge, the coinstars here only give you the option to donate to gift cards here.
  13. EXACTLY.....exactly even at the end of thriller bark people are saying that the crew would be eaten alive in the new world so we can only begin to imagine what monstrous new abilities Luffy and the crew will come up with.
  14. wasn't Hina's shackles made of sea stone???
  15. what if he combines 2nd and 3rd gear @_@ giant, lightning fast punch @_@
  16. Nami vs. Usopp X'D
  17. i remember spending a whole day with my grandma putting coins into wrappers (we had a sorter too) it took a good 3-4 hours at least for about $100 in change....... i guess that's like working $25/hr on a job but still!! lol, I think i'd rather just coinstar it. They'd take that much out with income tax and social security anyways
  18.'s like 8%. It's...the same as tax in California so I don't mind LOL
  19. I used to have a giant crayola crayon!!! It was like 3 feet tall and a navy blue color.all I have now is the bottom that my grandma uses to keep her hair coloring products lol. Now I use a water bottle i got from my university. Everytime i empty i have about 30 or $40 in change and it's not even half full. one of these years though, i wont empty it till I can't stuff anymore change in it!
  20. *punches sledge* who's the sap now!! *runs away*
  21. lol, I couldn't have put it better myself!
  22. the mainstream stereotype that games are mindless entertainment for the sheltered and lazy is really starting to crumble now.
  23. i was put off at first by the animation style and just the overall weirdness of it, but i really grew to love the series. It's so endearing *tear*
  24. the elephant sword was a sword that "ate" the elephant fruit though.......that'd be a trip though if zoro had a sword with a DF ability
  25. Roger's crew mate are probably all top brass at the WG or Shichibukai or something lol