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  1. i think he's manner is all an act for now. when he's redecorating his office he already shows his confidence. do you think urahara had something to do with the current captains turning into vizards? it's always the same technique when he's learning bankai or gaining control of his hollow--the first time done with urahara and the second with the vizards so it seems to me that there's some shared knowledge/history.
  2. lol yeah i never saw the 4kids version either but still LOL
  3. yeah, and learning to communicate at a proficient level is REALLY helpful anywhere. If you're really can make people believe almost anything
  4. i took calculus and i liked it because the answers were definite. if i got an answer wrong i could trace it back and see exactly where i messed up. at my university math for liberal arts was real-life applications of math. like the math used by the electoral college during a presedential campaign or something. my calc teacher said it's more difficult because it's definitely a lot more abstract but i guess it all depends on how you like to think.
  5. eli still comes to the forums???
  6. wow i can't believe I didn't consider that Brooke would have Bard capabilities!!! He's by far my favorite crew member
  7. what's so wrong with saying underage children need some kind of accompaniment when buying a mature game or movie? just because you did it and turned out just fine doesn't mean that the same methods would work on the rest of america.
  8. there may not be a definite correlation between violent games and violent behavior but i don't think it also means we can allow anyone access to something rated M or even T. We restrict access to movies rated R (or at least there are policies up to restrict access) and i think video games should be treated with the same scrutiny.
  9. yeah, I don't think they're telling us everything that happened up in Karakura with Urahara. No doubt they'll be some surprises next time.
  10. omg! that last page where they all go off to battle was TOO COOL> I'm so hungry for takoyaki now...
  11. You mean Donkey Kong?
  12. oh you! i was saving it just for you :P

  13. i say it's not really a disability but only something different that doesn't work with the current trend of "one size fits all" education. the easisest way as a teacher to teach children is if they all sat down and shut up. but when a student comes in that is unable to fit into that mold they require special attention--which is difficult when you're one teacher in a class of 30-40 students.
  14. it's a learning disability when the teacher/the system doesn't know how to deal with it
  15. is it possible that someone hacked your account and violated the ToS?
  16. I think....Sasuke basically became another jinchuuriki. At least that's what it seemed like with orochimaru breaking free from sasuke--kinda like how the nine-tailed fox is kept in check by Naruto's own chakra.
  17. does this....count as pedophilia?!
  18. hey as long as wolfwood gets dirty and sweaty with his clothes ripped and falling apart....then it's a-ok with me
  19. wait until they reach Water 7. Luffy really won me over when they get there.
  20. fuck all y'all i'm whoopin my kids lol. Then when they ask me why I'll show them how well behaved and how good they do in school compared to the ones that run buck wild doing crack off a toilet seat.
  21. haha, she's pretty cute AND she sells takoyaki!!! mmmmmm takoyaki....but i'm really curious about Ace now.....hmm
  22. i feel like i've read all of these in the paper at some point @_@;;
  23. I think I want to add a lightning element to my zanpakutou mmyeessssss
  24. i think ichigo would go with orihime but deep down inside he and rukia will have confused feelings for each other
  25. the production of astro turf probably aint so healthy either.