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  1. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Wonder Woman - Official Trailer   
    This movie was outstanding. DC's best movie so far. One of the things I hate about some of the animated moves is when they do that "fresh off the island" Wonder Woman and she seems to be as dimwitted as a Neanderthal that's only good at fighting. They handled this very well in the movie, while she was naive about the ways of the world, she had a basic understanding of it and was classically educated. There were bits and pieces in there that were added for humor's sake, but nothing overly cringeworthy to make her look like a blundering oaf. 
    The action sequences were great, they stayed away from the overly CG night explosions everywhere 300 style until the very end when it needed to be like that. The action was great, the story was great, and the supporting cast was interesting. Pacing was really good, it never felt like it was dragging. I must apologize for ever doubting Gal Gadot could fill this role, she's amazing. She made a very good transition from BvS Wonder Woman that was experienced in modern civilization to Naive Wonder Woman. It was very believable and well acted with class and dignity.
  2. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Doctor Strange - Trailer World Premiere   
    Still they could have come up with a better script on how he ends up there. I'm all for not dragging it out, but for me you either do it right, or you don't do it at all and just make him full power from start. The whole origin thing is getting pretty old. I'll go see Wonder Woman Wednesday most likely, since she was the best part of BvS.
    What's terrible is how many times Spider-Man has been rebooted now... 3 times in a decade? I didn't even watch the last two. I'll probably see homecoming though because Stark is in it.
  3. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Attack on Titan   
    Pretty sad since some of the better stories of any form of TV/Movie media has come from anime. I have noticed anime with more Western themes. My Hero Academia is one of them, AoT has a lot of European characters, and all the Martians in Aldnoah.Zero were Aryan.
    I guess attention spans really have gotten bad in our digital age. I was watching some commentary discussion on the new Eureka Seven and they said the the original had a "slower pace that newer anime fans wouldn't be use to" and I was like uuuh wot?
  4. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Attack on Titan   
    I have no real input on the AoT stuff because I'm one of those people who find it to be meh (the only real reason it's popular is that it's been awhile since we've had an anime that all gore and fighting, those kind of went the way of the dinosaur after the original anime boom back in the early 2000's. Beyond that I really don't see whats interesting (I'm sorry the story is just bad)).
    T&A sells and it's quick to produce hence why you see so many harem related anime these days (it's the reason why I've lost my taste for newer anime. I mean I find the rare gem here and there (Saga of Tanya the Evil being one of those) but overall I have no interest in watching a show about a guy who's surrounded by women and doesn't know what to do (very few, if any, of them are any good)). I mean Slice and Life anime is starting to go down this route now as well and it saddens me as it's my favorite genre now-a-days (Mech anime has really gone down hill the last few years (what with the various shitty Gundams (IBO was good but nowhere near as good as the shows that came before it) and the lackluster Macross Delta (I still haven't watched it because of the bad reviews it's gotten), there hasn't been any real good historical or sci-fi related anime, and well Shoujo anime has pretty much suffered the same problem as harem shows (yes I watch Shoujo anime, ask Eppy about of conversations in the past)).
    As far as I understand it animators aren't unionized in Japan (nor do I think they believe in unions). Anime isn't exactly looked highly upon in Japan, never really has been and animators have always been treated like shit outside of those few that make a name for themselves (like Tomino (though he's been getting a lot of flack lately), Miyazaki, Anno, etc.). The only real reason the industry is still doing alright is because of the amount of money it was bringing in on the foreign market (pretty much everywhere but Japan) and now that streaming has really taken off it's allowing even more money to come in. Sadly that doesn't trickle down to the animators which is why they're in this predicament right now (yea I pretty much TL;DR'd the video, plus you'd be surprised how much of this shit gets outsourced to China/Taiwan/Korea (another reason why animators in Japan get paid pennies)). Go over to Anime News Network, Justin Sevakis goes over quite a bit of this in his column Answerman (he pretty much answers questions from readers and a lot of them have been about the inudstry as of late, really good reads if you ask me). I'm honestly surprised the industry hasn't imploded upon itself kind of like it did over here (I mean we have like 4 companies to even buy anime from anymore after ADV crumbled and the smaller publishers went out of business).
  5. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Attack on Titan   
    Oh boy... the fact this season is only 12 episodes with a lot of fillers, and "12 hours ago" type eps is pretty disappointing. I've liked all the eps, don't get me wrong, but I don't see how they are going to really progress the story, and then wait another few years for a season 3? It seems like they should probably take a break, and just start over when the manga is done. Apparently the anime industry is in bad shape right now, animators are overworked, underpaid, and school's are closing.
    This guy has an annoying voice, but goes over it. I guess the animators can't go on strike like the writers guild and actors guild have done in the US to get better wages.
    But I find it funny its hard to get quality anime, yet T&A shows get pumped out like no one's business. Anime were busty girls fight with there butts, and what not. wtf . I mean I enjoy a Highschool DxD now and then, but damn the market is saturated with fan service, and people are yearning for something better. I know there is a lot of meh towards AoT, but there is a reason its popular, and the state of the market has a lot to do with it.
  6. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Destiny 2   
    With Red Dead and AC7 delayed, I'm more likely to get this game. I'm not giving my money to COD anymore. They'll ruin WWII with supply drops. If I want RNG shit, I'll just play Destiny instead. At least I can open world it. I also want to play it for the thin hope that we get some answers from the last game. My dream would be fully restoring Rasputin and having it demolish the Cabal. Rasputin was probably my favorite mystery of the first game more so than the Queen. The one strike we got made me want even more.
  7. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in City Shrouded in Shadow   
    I wish they would make a proper Godzilla game that wasn't a fighting game or rampage game. Something where you had to fight classic villains and gain/upgrade your abilities.
  8. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Sonic Mania   
    I'm pretty excited for this.
  9. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Logan   
    So to get this back on track I just got done watching this. I have to say I really enjoyed the movie and this is coming from a guy who has very little knowledge of X-Men, it was a nice send-off to Hugh's version of Wolverine and Patrick's version of Professor X (if you think we've seen the last of these characters you're mistaken, not only is Wolverine a money maker because everyone and their mom knows who he is I'm pretty sure he'll be brought into the current set of X-Men movies played by someone else (if they continue on)). I honestly understand why this movie was as big as it was.
    My only problem is the whole poisoning aspect. I don't know if this is even in the comics (never read them nor do I plan on it) but you can't tell me a man with his regeneration abilities can't fight off the poisoning? I get it, Logan is 197 years old in this movie. He's old, run down, and after a lifetime of fighting and taking a beating his body can't keep up anymore but they made it sound like this was due to the poisoning more then old age (plus you'd think this would of been a factor earlier on after he originally got the adamantium grafted to his skeletal frame). I never once thought Logan was immortal, I knew he'd eventually die of old age but this was kind of a let down for the character (though the way he went out was a pretty nice send off).
    Oh there will be another movie, maybe not a direct sequel but there will be another one. They just introduced X-23 to the X-Men movie franchise, there's no way they'll let that die out considering how popular she is as the new Wolverine in the comics (and lets face it she's a complete badass and will be just as big of a money maker as Logan was).
  10. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Mass Effect 1 - Playthrough   
    1) Yes and no. It's advisable to keep you're squadmates as well geared as you are but not entirely necessary (well I should say the ones you use, I used the same two squadmates throughout the entire game so I only worried about keeping them geared). You'll have one squad mate death you can't avoid (and it is a choice between 2 characters, that's not really a spoiler as by now you should of heard of this considering the age of the game) and one that you can avoid as long as you pick the right dialog choices and yes they are perma-death if they happen in a cutscene. Considering how often certain pieces of gear drop you'll never have to worry about gear being lost as you can either pick it up somewhere else or buy it (the only exception are Spectre class weapons (you'll be learning about them shortly), there's only one set you can buy and another set you can pick up if you're lucky (these are the best weapons in the game, I suggest buying the first set when you can (it'll be awhile as they are expensive))).
    2) I never micromanaged combat in either KoToR1 or ME1, I let the NPC's decide what to do. The one thing I'll give ME is that the squad AI isn't bad and can fend for itself (no where near as good as they do in 2 or 3 but still better then other games). It's really your choice if you want to micromanage them or not.
    3) Infiltrator isn't bad in the late game but just make sure you know how to play it effectively. There are some pretty hairy fights toward the end of the game that can be extremely difficult to get through as an Infiltrator. I suggest getting used to using you're pistol as your primary weapon if you decide to continue down the Infiltrator path as the sniper rifle isn't advisable unless you're engaging and extreme long ranges (and with the way heat works you get 1-2 shots before you're gun overheats (2 if you have the best sniper in game with the best add-ons)). Not trying to turn you away from it as I played my first time through as an Infiltrator and loved it but the game is ten times easier to play through as a Soldier (in fact it's pretty much easy mode if you do).
    4) Meh, if you save often you'll be fine if you don't use medi-gels like a nut but I suggest using them every time you have to. They're not sparse but they also aren't as plentiful as you'd like them.
    5) Use nades every change you get. They spawn like rabbits so you'll never not have grenades.
    As DX said interact with everyone as side quests are everywhere, you never really know who'll have one and who won't (god I love how ME:A made this so much easier to tell, about the only thing they did right). Also pick you're squad composition to compliment you're current play style/class. As an Infiltrator I ran Wrex and Liara, Wrex due to him being a Soldier and Liara because she was Biotic. Gave me a little of everything since Infiltrators are Tech based in ME (changes in ME:A) and allowed me to get through the game with relative ease. If I remember correctly ME has a system that will tell you if you're heavily leaning toward Tech/Biotic/Soldier based teams (it's a good judge of who you should and shouldn't bring with you). Other then that enjoy your play through. ME1 is my second favorite in the series after ME3 (I liked ME3. It had superior storytelling, the plot was amazing, character interactions were at their best, and I actually like how it originally wrapped up. All you haters can now roast me).
  11. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Mass Effect 1 - Playthrough   
    You have a few squad deaths later in the game. One you can't avoid, the other is avoidable. It's been so long I can't remember much about gearing other NPCs. You'll be spending a good many hours exploring the citadel before you get into exploring planets. Make sure you interact with everyone. You can pick up some side quests for when you finally depart. 
    Use nades. You should get them pretty frequently from containers. Same with medigel. Use them if you're about to die. Dying isn't very forgiving in this game if you don't save often... Unless they've patched in autosave years later, it didn't exist when the game first came out. 
    You don't really need to micromanage combat. But you'll find out who is good without commands and who isn't. Wrex needs to be on your party at all times tbh. Everyone else is up to you. 
  12. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Logan   
    Super Mario Bros. is a cinematic masterpiece.
    Wing Commander's story telling was non existent. I remember seeing it with my Dad and he had no idea who the big tiger guys were and why they were the villains.
  13. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in Logan   
    The heavy metal poisoning really bothers me on the grounds that Adamantium is suppose to be an indestructible metal. If blood pumping through the body can slowly destroy it then a wide variety of non Adamantium impacts should cause more damage to the fictional metal thus proving it pointless to have an Adamantium coated skeleton to begin with.
    It also raises a hypothesis on the differences between Logan's & Deadpool's healing factors. Logan's healing factor is somehow not immune to aging. Logan's cells just got to that point where they deteriorate like anyone else. The opposite of that however would cause cancer. So in the case of Deadpool the healing factor keeps Deadpool alive & the cancer keeps the healing factor alive despite the fact without the healing factor the cancer would just kill Deadpool.
  14. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Alien: Covenant   
    Eh, they should stop making these. They'll never recapture the magic of the first 4. Michael Fassbender and Danny McBride were the only good actors in this film... Danny McBride, let that sink in. He actually did a surprisingly good job of being something other than an arrogant buffoon he's type casted himself as.
    They basically threw out the whole lore of Xenomorphs and did whatever the hell they wanted to in this film. Now you can get chest busters, back bursters, and mouth bursters in several different ways. They come out as mini Xenomorphs now, instead of the traditional chest burster... even if someone gets facehugged the old fashion way... nope. Mini-Xeno! and then they become giant within seconds? I mean, I know they grow pretty fast... but hey lets make it even faster. And then lets take one, stand in a circle around it a shoot 1000 rounds into it, and magically no one gets shot or bathed in acid blood.. just one person dies because of possibly a tail swipe, but you don't know really until you get it on DVD and do it in slow mo.
    The mystery of the Xenomorph's origin is ruined by some lame explanation.
    Most the characters are idiots like MyK said... and the ungodly inconsistency in one of Fassbenders characters was so forced to try to make suspense, it didn't work because it was obvious what had happened. The end was shit. I probably shouldn't even use a spoiler tag to save you the money, but I'll do it. 
    This film is pretty much a direct sequel to Prometheus.
  15. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in Logan   
    I didn't expect the Honest Trailer bring back that guy until I read Feat.
  16. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Destiny 2   
    Well that makes me even less inclined to buy it now if they're killing the shotgun meta, I actually like how shotguns felt and performed in Crucible (no this just means Fusion Rifles will be the go to now). The Rocket/Sniper changes I like as it was frustrating as hell when you got you're head taken off from across the map or saw your ass go flying off due to a rocket barrage. Honestly I never liked how Trials felt or played and if that's the direction they're going in I've lost what interest I even had for D2 now (PvP wise, I'm still undecided on single player right now).
    I've been relying on Youtubers from game impressions and reviews for the last 6 years now, I rarely go to VG247 or Gamespot anymore for news. Sadly Youtubers are bought a lot easier than publications and while they might be good at the game they're playing are going to give the game a favorable review if they get paid to do one. That's the only real problem I have with using Youtubers which is why I only watch those whose opinions I actually respect (like Matimi0, Jack, Level, and Mr. Happy (for FFXIV related things, he's my go to for guides and what have you)).
    Shibby said it best in this video on his thoughts on the Destiny 2 reveal (and he was there which he will point out). The video starts right before his impressions. If you've never seen this show it's pretty much just a joke gaming show but occasionally they have pretty damn good insights on whats going on in the gaming industry (the show is called T.U.G.S or Totally Uniformed Gaming Show, it's from the guys who do ETC News and this is on there new channel after they switched all gaming related stuff to their new channel).
  17. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Destiny 2   
    One thing I notice about this game is they are completely getting rid of the shotgun/sniper meta. For PvP that's great. Shotguns and Fusion rifles were go to weapons. Now that they are in the heavy weapon slot you get ammo thats just as limited. I've seen and read you only get 4-5 rounds for shotguns and sniper rifles and only 1 rocket launcher round for PvP. Killing the rocket launcher meta for raids and just about any boss is probably the way to go.
    On a more off-ish topic note. I'd like to point out how far we've come in gaming coverage. I remember when IGN, Gamepro, Gamespot, EGM, etc were king... now its Youtubers... and for good reason. Not only do big news sites act like hype men and hand out 8-10/10 scores regardless of the product.... they're also shit at gaming. I was searching for some good Crucible gameplay and holy shit the IGN staff is garbage as FPS games it seems.  They were just getting rekt left and right. At least YTers are decent at the games they are showing off.
  18. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Destiny 2   
    The 4v4 is a result of Trials of Osiris which was 3v3. Like Overwatch its only fun if you are with friends. In 4v4 there is no having an off night or a bad game, you'll lose it for your whole team. I don't disagree with the mode, but I do disagree with it being the feature mode. As much as I love OW, I rarely play it solo... and I wouldn't really care to play 4v4 solo either. I guess they want to semi-force people to get use to not being carried for when Trials comes to D2. If Iron Banner isn't 6v6, its going to be rough if your team doesn't have the proper gear. At least with 6v6 one or two people could be under geared and you might still be ok.
    The only way Destiny will be successful is a separate but equal rewards system. Every mode needs to have the same tier of weapons both exotic and legendary. Exotics need to be great across the board, not just Gjally, Thorn, and then everything else. Lets face it, there were a lot of raid legengdaries that were better than exotics. Hopefully their new weapon slot system stops them from nerfing everything. Having a Handcannon and Pulse Rifle will be nice.
    My biggest gripe is that I can almost assure you that Fatebringer, Ice Breaker, Felwinter's Lie, Gjally (post nerf), and other popular D1 extoics/legendaries will be used to pump up DLC sales. And they'll all be watered down versions that will make people rage about it.
  19. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in Ending my self-censorship?   
    Based on my own stupidity I felt the need to self censor myself until after mother's day. Because I felt the need to explain how much I hate my mom. Then I finally tried Facerig. I didn't like any of their default characters. I thought I would find a cheetah in there because I googled Facerig Cheetah. So for the moment making videos isn't something I'm focusing on.
    I'll be trying Clickteam Fusion 2.5 which I got from a Humble Bundle a year or so ago. Beyond that I think I have some books that I got from Humble Bundle about HTML5. (Plus I may still have access to the online courses I bought from the Escapist Store. But because those aren't HTML5 I might not use those.) No college classes. Otherwise I would've achieved something over a decade earlier.
    Hopefully HTML5 is considered Flash because when I look for HTML5 questions on Wix the closest question I find only deals with Flash. I'm staying away from 3D (if I can) because I consider my game ideas to be 2D Concepts. If I ever do 3D it'll only be because I could play it in a Web Browser.
    I think I'd have a harder time dealing with voice actors than learning to program. Making money is only necessary for me if I lose my Government Assistance. Which I could also lose if I succeed at what I'm trying to do.
    I swear I'm never ever doing any fan-fiction.... Like I'd get close.... But I would lack Source Material or lore break or become convoluted or too furry or that one time I bought Watchmen just to rename them Watchdogs & then I found out about that Ubisoft game. I feel like I could make one good fan-fiction about a DC / LoZ crossover. But even then I'm trying to get myself to shut up about it.
  20. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in YT thread   
    This is a pretty damn good acoustic cover.
  21. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in YT thread   
  22. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in Code Geass Season 3   
    I feel like I should be upset that this is getting a 3rd Season. That "happily ever after" ending of the 2nd Season felt perfect.
    Here's hoping they bring back Arthur.