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  1. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Overwatch - Trailers   
    This is my proudest moment in Overwatch. Genji is so hard to master and I normally botch his Ult. I only had 17 heath to top it off. 
  2. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Attack on Titan   
    The sub already started at the beginning of the month. I'm just glad I don't have to wait a good 4-5 months to watch this dubbed.
  3. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Overwatch - Trailers   
    OMG YES!! I had to have this more than any skin.
    The PvE event is amazing. Its better than the Halloween event. They took King's Row and made it a day time map. You have to capture 3 points while fighting off hordes of bots. You have your standard enemies, and then there are ones with Reinhardt type shields. Once you capture all 3 points, which are timed rather than a progress meter, you have to guard a payload. New smaller enemies appear and shoot beams at the payload, while detonator bots spawn every once in a while and try to blow up near the payload. Bastions will also spawn in turret configuration. Once you guard that, you have to escort it to the infamous last hallway of the map, all while fighting tank config Bastions. Then the final stretch is a clusterfuck of tank and turret bastions along with 4 souped up Orisas.
    Normal mode is pretty tough outside of normal difficulty. There are 4 difficulties; Normal, Hard, Epic, and Legendary. It def requires everyone to be on the same page. Reinhardt has to have awareness of where the bastions are, while Mercy has to keep him up along with Tracer since she only has 150HP. Torb can handle his own for the most part with some attention from Mercy here and there. There are no health packs, so its all up to the healer to keep people alive. You pretty much have to communicate. Then there is "All Heroes" mode where you can pick anyone. You still need a healer, but with better ults like Hanzo, Junkrat, D.Va, and Bastion, it makes certain parts a lot easier. We had some pretty funny rounds where I lined up the last two Orisa's with Hanzo's ult, then next I nanoboosted Bastion with Ana to make real short work of the end with a D.Va nuke on top of it. We haven't tried anything higher than Hard yet. I can't imagine how insane legendary is.
  4. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Strider Hiryu in Battlefront II   
    Pfft, it's going to take a lot more then a pretty 30 second trailer to get me interested in this (even with the promise of a single player campaign). EA and DICE fucked up massively with Battlefront (and BF1 but that doesn't apply here) and it's going to take a lot to regain my trust and money (hey that parallels Bungie with D2, god so many Devs and Publishers are just pissing me off lately).
  5. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Battlefront II   
    Looks like there will be single player.
  6. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Overwatch - Trailers   
    English trailer 
  7. DeathscytheX liked a post in a topic by Sledgstone in Thor: Ragnarok Teaser Trailer [HD]   
    ohhhh.. Asgard has fallen? wtf?
  8. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Overwatch - Trailers   
    Its going to be a prequel story. Im glad they are doing a PvE event again, Dr. Junkanstine was pretty fun for Halloween. They should really do more of these because it forces people to learn new characters against bots, but have fun at the same time since you're playing with friends.

    Here is the comic if you want to read it.
  9. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Overwatch - Trailers   
    I'll replace this with the english trailer when it comes out, but for now it's the french trailer while its not taken down yet.
    I got 3000 coins saved for that Genji skin. I needed it the moment I read the comic.
  10. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Mass Effect: Andromeda   
    Aint no patches fixing the story. Not unless they go back and add a shit ton of voice lines, cutscenes, and missions. The villain was shit, which is sad, because he could have been great. It was more about execution. You focused more on another type of enemy the majority of the story who holds no hostility unless provoked. The game centered around planet viability too much, and yet didn't have many worlds. The side quests were redundant, an dialog wasn't placed very well to make it interesting. Driving around in the nomad got old, because it was the same old "drive here and scan this/fight this group of bandits/kett/rogues" Its like they tried to use the KOTOR 1 planet formula without interesting missions and stories to do while on them.
    I count maybe 3 story altering decisions you could make, that were all the same via letting a NPC die/kill them or letting them live. There was nothing like previous ME games that had huge consequences... or to avoid spoilers for those games, I'll bring up Manaan from KOTOR 1. You could get banned from that planet altogether and never be able to visit it again, and you could kill various crew members via decisions you made in that game. There is nothing like that in this game. No one was in danger of dying. Its all too safe, no risk, bland dialogue. 
    The game wasn't an abomination, or super terrible. It was just not as good as the previous 3 games. Slap a different label on it and maybe I'd have a different perspective. ME1-3 aren't perfect by any means either, but damn it was fun and had some memorable moments. 10 years from now, I couldn't tell you much about Andromeda... but I can recount even the smallest side quests in the original trilogy. The main character wasn't bad, but he had nothing to work with. 
  11. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in What is your Lock Screen?   
    Indeed. Now that I knocked ME:A out I started my 3rd playthrough and its not a different POV of the original playthrough, but an endgame story that give a few good gut punches from all that you accomplished. Its like DLC came with the game. I'm highly impressed, its the most I've gotten out of a $60 single player experience in a while.
  12. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Dubird in Ghost in the Shell   
    So, saw it last night.  I've only seen the original movie, and that was a long time ago, so I can't really comment on where the story diverged.  HSpoon said they pulled elements from the manga and Stand Alone Complex to add to the story, so there's that.
    It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but it was ok.  One thing I did really enjoy was the setting, it was beautiful and well-shot.  The cinematography was really well done.  It's the first live-action movie that actually looked very anime, which was kinda weird.  I kinda feel about it like I feel about Andromeda.  The settings were amazing and well put together, the story was ok.  Just, ok.  Not horrible, it was watchable and flowed ok, but there were odds and ends that felt out of place, mostly in the dialogue.  Still, it's worth seeing for the visuals, but don't expect an awesome story telling experience.
    Oh, and the do the camouflage really well, no floating head.  And it was fun watching her in a physical fight while being invisible.
  13. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in IT - The Movie   
    Even gore makes it through pg-13 now though. It has to be a real crazy type of of gore to make R. Take all the fucks, and sex out of Deadpool and it would have been PG-13. 
  14. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Godzilla anime coming to Netflix   
    ROTFLMAO what about Jet Jaguar?

  15. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in The Mummy Reboot   
    Meh, I'm not excited at all. The first 2 were entertaining enough, the 3rd was a bit too silly. This one just seems so bland. 
  16. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Dubird in The Mummy Reboot   
    Well, it's not really a remake of the 1999 version, so I might be interested.  I'm sorry, no one can remake the Brendon Fraiser version, he was badass in that! 
    But, question.  Why are they playing the melody for Paint it Black?
  17. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Dubird in IT - The Movie   
    BALLOONS AREN'T SCARY.  Stop trying to make balloons scary! 
    Screenplay not by Stephen King, it might work out.  Should be R rated, though, that's more appropriate.   I dunno, Tim Curry made the last movie/series enjoyable.  I don't know if they're going to have as memorable Pennywise as his is.
  18. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Godzilla anime coming to Netflix   
    Rodan is really the only big name next to Godzilla. I was hoping for Gigan, Destoroyah, or of course Ghidorah.
    Human characters
  19. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Myk JL in Spider-Man: Homecoming   
    Superior to Fox's X-Men movies or Sony's Spider-Movies?.... Or just that one joke where you see Spider-Man in an X-Men blooper?
  20. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Mass Effect: Andromeda   
    I was telling Sledge, after playing as 2B in NieR, all these female character models are pretty ugly to me. I don't think I want to romance any of them. I tried to customize my twin not to look so weird. I don't know why its hard to get a decent female face that doesn't look like bad plastic surgery. The hair styles don't help because they all look like wigs, which goes for the males too. 
    Now that I've made it past the first planet, the story has really picked up and got me excited... although I really miss renegade... I REEEAAALY miss it. I'd like to tell some of these assholes how it really is. The few times you get a smart ass response, you're generally smacked back down by the NPC. Ryder lacks the grit Shepard had... I get he/she is a different character, but man they really put the "green" aspect to the forefront. I do like SAM a lot though, his voice acting is great.
  21. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Dubird in Mass Effect: Andromeda   
    The only movement issues I have while playing is due to either A: hitting the right key on the keyboard (some of the things require me to use my pinkie, and for some reason, I always have trouble placing it ) or B: driving the Nomad.  And that's not a knock on the Nomad, I just suck at it.  I'm pretty much as horrible a Nomad driver as I am a Mako driver.  I always imagined the crew members drawing straws and whoever loses has to go on mission where my Shepard had to drive. 
    Here's a video someone did about what bothered him about the animations, and he's pointed out reasons for some of the things that make sense.
    One thing he doesn't mention is that the eyeballs have no shading. The white around our eyes is not completely white. There can be slight color on the edges because of blood vessels, and there's shading from the eyelids as well. That shading doesn't really touch the eyeballs in Andromeda. So the creepiness sticks out even more in some lighting situations.
    There's also the issue that there's very little body movement. There's occasionally an arm movement, but the dialogue tends to be characters standing almost perfectly still, no arm or head movement. It's like watching two mannequins swaying slightly in the wind talking to each other. We don't hold our heads still to talk, we tilt it, move it, turn slightly to the side, etc. It's puzzling to me how Bioware could go from ME3 animations that aren't perfect, but with subtleties that humans have, to demon-eyed mannequins. I don't know if it can be fixed in a patch (though I really hope so), but it's not going to stop me from playing. I'm enjoying the story and the exploration enough that I'm still going to play. But actual immersion is not going to happen with the animation the way it is.
  22. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in Overwatch - Trailers   
    Orisa is something this game needed desperately. She may not be a true anchor tank like Rein but she serves an important purpose on control and escort maps. Her ult is amazing, its like every player having a Mercy boost at the same time, and thus it helps teams power through choke points and the final push on maps that generally are dominated by the defending team like Hanamura. I always forget to record these things when I'm having too much fun, I had a 25 player kill streak with D.Va the other night and didn't record that either -_-;. I played with a few friends tonight and of course Orisa is currently a popular pick. I went match after match of watching the other team get her alt and some idiot not using her right on my team. Unless myself or one of my friends had a chance to pick her, I never saw her ult on my team. Orisa has the best single target weapon of any tank. She has the best range and highest DPS for a tank. When she shoots, she is as slow as D.Va, but without the luxury of a quick escape and endless ammo. But as a tank she can pressure Phara, Widow, and Bastion.
    I really like this character. Shes not good for every situation, but she is needed for just as many if not more. I was playing as her on Kings Row, we got the payload to the most difficult turn near the end and struggled for a while. I got my alt, dropped it, threw my shield in front of it and we dominated and pushed it in with ease. I was really impressed. The barrel is a powerful ult, but its very vulnerable because it has to have LOS on players to work. Its not like Symmetra's shield generator that can be stashed in a corner. Even with Orisa's shield in front of it, you have to make sure flankers cant get to it... or in my case in another match, Junkrat, in which I took the other team's barrel out. A different match on Hanamura was my favorite though. My friend was Orisa and I was Lucio.... Hanamura is a nightmare to capture point B. The other team is always going to go with Bastion and/or Symmetra. The hallway to the spawn is shorter than most maps letting the defending team run back to it for a quick HP top off. You damn near need a team kill to cap. Anyways, we coordinated our alts, and I spammed the group up button and ult notification, surprisingly everyone grouped up on me and I hit the sound barrier and speed boost. We charged in and my friend dropped the barrel and shield and we crushed them. Team Kill, we win. This is probably why Lucio's AoE's are getting nerfed soon. Him and Orisa is a pretty powerful combo.
    The new changes to Sombra are subtle but amazing. More access to hack and trans-locator is what she needed. I played her a few rounds and wreaked havoc on the other teams healers. And the fact that Junkrat doesn't hurt himself with his own bombs now is amazing. I can now lure people into small rooms and end them every time. You can be even more reckless now, which matches the character. Ole Junks is a nightmare for Orisa, shes big and can't get away, plus she requires accuracy so spamming jump makes it hard for her to hit him. Since D.Va doesn't have aim, and Roadhog can just hook, they don't have much issue with him like Rein and Orisa.
    Oh and thankfully they nerfed Bastion again. that 30% less damage in turret mode was unacceptable.
  23. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by DeathscytheX in One Punch Man English Dub   
    They are the same studio that made Mob Psycho 100, I'll def be watching it. 
  24. Sledgstone liked a post in a topic by Dubird in Mass Effect: Andromeda   
    Ok, second look.  I figured out what's been bugging me a bit. 
    1: While the facial animations are ok enough for talking, it's the EYES that are off.  Either the character is constantly blinking or NOT blinking.  Plus, the eyeballs never stay steady, they jump around a lot.  I don't know if that's fixable in a patch, hopefully it is.  It is distracting right now, but hopefully I'll get used to it.  Though, it is rather sad that the facial animation is BETTER in ME3.  Not sure why they would step back for that, but if it is patchable, I'm willing to wait it out.  The body animations are on par with ME3, so I'm rather used to them by now.
    2: The VA is only half good.  What I mean by that is many VAs do a good job, including FemRyder.  (don't know about male Ryder yet)  But many others are just....bad.  Poor pacing, very stilted and stiff.  I don't know if it's bad direction or just not good VAs.  I lean towards bad direction because one of those that doesn't sound good is the VA for Liara T'Soni, and she's great in the first trilogy.  (no, she's not in it, but you run across a few logs sent to one of the other characters)  That's more distracting than the facial animations for me.
    With all that being said, the story is very good, I'm totally invested in my Ryder, so looking forward to seeing where it goes from here!  Unfortunatly, real life is getting in my way with that pesky 'job' and 'school' that I'm signed up for.  Damn you, RL! 
    As for combat, I still suck at aiming, but I'm getting better!  Don't like how they handle cover, hoping I can get the hang of it since it's not a good idea to stand there and let bad guys unload a clip on you while you're trying to hit them!  Tactical cloak is still the best power ever.  Of all time.  Being able to sneak up on bad guys and drop them before they can return fire is very satisfying. Still getting used the HUD as well, but that's not unusual for me.  It always takes me a while to really get the hang of where to look for my information I need.  Overall, combat so far is fine, interested to see what the new powers can do.  *evillaughalaKrankor*