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    Sledgstone reacted to Kite in Stan Lee's smashing Thor movie cameo revealed   
    You can't have a movie based on a Marvel Comics superhero without a Stan Lee cameo, right? He was a hot-dog vendor in X-Men, a security guard in Hulk, mailman Willie Lumpkin in Fantastic Four, and many other briefly-seen characters. (Check out a video compilation of those cameos below.)
    So the biggest casting question for Thor, even more important than who'd be playing any of the film's many Norse gods, is—What would role would Stan Lee be getting? Fanboyweb has uncovered the answer.
    According to an insider on the set of Kenneth Branagh's movie, Stan Lee is going to get hammered:
    Thor's hammer ( Mjolnir ) is found lying inside a crater in the middle of the road by the U.S. Army. The army tries to move it but can't because it's too heavy. They decide to bring in a truck for assistance. The soldiers tie Thor's hammer to the back of the truck with chains. The truck driver accelerates to pull Mjohnir. The back half of the truck falls apart as the front keeps moving. Finally, the camera cuts to the driver who happens to be comic legend Stan Lee.
    Maybe 2011 will finally be the year "The Man" gets that Oscar!

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    Sledgstone reacted to Kite in Coolest. Soap. Ever: Han Solo in carbonite   
    Every now and then we come across a Star Wars-themed product—like that tautaun sleeping bag—that is so freaking cool it takes our breath way: Today's installment? Soap in the shape of Han Solo in carbonite.
    Why didn't WE think of this??
    You can buy it at Luxury Lane Soap, though overwhelming demand means a four-week wait:
    100% Fragrance-free and ultra gentle on skin. Made with pure olive oil, shea butter and aloe vera.
    Each soap is hand poured and then detailed with pure, skin safe matte and metallic pigments. These are made one at a time with A LOT of love.
    For a limited time I am offering a version of this soap with an Aurebesh label. Be sure to note which version you are purchasing when adding to cart.
    Aprox. 4.2 inches x 2.25 inches and an inch thick.
    Approximately 5 oz / 142 g
    Made fresh daily! Vegan
    $6.50! We may never bathe again ...
    Pretty cool item
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    Sledgstone reacted to Ladywriter in preserve an open Internet   
    Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon -- the most powerful broadband providers -- are trying to fundamentally change the way the Internet works. They're seeking to make even bigger profits by acting as gatekeepers over what we see and do online. If they succeed, the Internet would be more like radio and television: a few major corporations would control which voices are heard most easily, and it would be much harder for grassroots groups, individuals, and small businesses to compete with large corporations and well-funded special interests. The FCC wants to do the right thing and keep the Internet open, but the big providers have been attacking their efforts, with help from Black leaders who have financial ties to the industry. And a recent court ruling just made the FCC's job even tougher.[1] If the FCC is to preserve an open Internet, they will have to boldly assert their authority and press even harder. It's why they need to hear directly from everyday people about the importance of an open Internet, now.
    Will you join me in sending a message to the Federal Communications Commission supporting their effort to preserve an open Internet? It takes only a moment:
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    Sledgstone reacted to Kite in Added some banners   
    There all rather simple designs


    Captain America

    more to follow
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    Sledgstone reacted to Across the Universe in Drawings   
    Once upon a triangle I was bored. Instead of sitting on the couch and watching Degrassi like most kids my age I decided to pick up a pen and express my creativity on the back of my homework sheets. Soon afterwords I discovered the joys of Paint SAI and began digitally drawing my shit.
    Of course I'm lazy so they're all sloppy and gross. I blame society.

    That one is me as Kururu from Sgt. Frog. How pimp am I?

    This tis' of me frolicking through the grass. I'm probably on my way to Wallmart or something.

    That one's my friend Melissa, having a picnic with ALL her friends.

    That's the secret shrine I have for Callan in the back of my closet >:3

    Thats Butter's from South Park... looking like a fag.

    Thats my friend Hannah being a retard. Her arms look like that irl im srly

    Darkness never shone so bright
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Pchan in We got a new car! F*ck you blazer!   
    So our blazer shit the bucket. The transmission turned to shit and we got rid of it. The trade in value was pure shit, but in the end we got the zero percent finance deal for 5 years from Toyota and got a 2010 Corolla. Heres some pics:
    It only had 16 miles on it when we bought it. We paid $800 extra to get their full coating package and gold membership card too. The coating package warranties the entire car against all rust for 10 years. And the membership plan gave me $100 off the coating package and we now get $5.99 oil changes for life. 3 year/36,000 bumper to bumper warranty and 5 year/60,000 powertrain warranty. Our car payment is quite a bit higher now than with the blazer, but we'll be saving at least $80 a month in gas now and no maintenance work for a long long time.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Kite in Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag inches closer to reality   
    From the file of things so cool we wish they were real: That sleeping bag in the shape of a Tauntaun from The Empire Strikes Back, which ThinkGeek.com posted as an April Fool's joke this year. (Such cunning details, like the lightsaber zipper, meant to evoke Han's evisceration of the poor creature.)
    Well, we weren't alone in wanting one, of course, and the site was compelled to post this note:
    Due to an overwhelming tsunami of requests from YOU THE PEOPLE, we have decided to TRY and bring this to life. We have no clue if the suits at Lucasfilms will grant little ThinkGeek a license, nor do we know how much it would ultimately retail for. But if you are interested in ever owning one of these, click the link below and we'll try!
    Now comes news from the LA Weekly that ThinkGeek has been working with Lucasfilm to get an actual license to produce the thing, which will likely be modified from the design in the spoof (and also likely cost a bit more than the $39 on the fake ad). Here's what ThinkGeek's PR guy, Shane Peterman, told the weekly newspaper:
    We are definitely trying to make it into an actual item to be sold on our site. As of right now, it's still an "if," but it's turning into more of a "when." Things are looking pretty good, we just don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. There's certainly been enough of a demand, both from customers and from those of us that work here. Right now, we're aiming to have it available for the holidays or, at the latest, the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back next spring.
    Have you gotten the go-ahead from Lucas?
    We're still working with Lucas to get approval for a final design. Again, it's looking good, we just can't say too much right now since it's still in the works.
    Of course, if history is our guide, it's always possible that Lucasfilm will go ahead and copy the thing and just sell it themselves.
    original link http://scifiwire.com/2009/07/tauntaun-sleeping-bag-inc.php
    related, the same guys made a lost alarm clock

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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Kite in Why RPG Heroes Are Jerks   
    Watch the video on this page! lmao! X'D
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    Sledgstone reacted to Ladywriter in Puke In My Mouth   
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJsQcnB6GC0]YouTube- Jizz In My Pants response: "Puke In My Mouth" -MsTaken.com[/ame]

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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in New Clash of the Titans Trailer!   
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    Sledgstone reacted to Kite in Awesome 1-billionth-scale U.S.S. Enterprise model   

    There are no Star Trek fanatics like science geek Trekkers, and a couple in Japan have created what we think is the tiniest model of the starship Enterprise ever, above.
    How tiny? Try 8.8 microns. That's about the size of a human red blood cell.
    Here's what Screenrant said:
    Back in 2003, Takayuki Hoshino and Shinji Matsui of the Himeji Institute of Technology in Japan created a one-of-a-kind scale model of the Star Trek Starship Enterprise NCC-1701D.
    What made the model so unique? It was made of phenanthrene gas and it was exactly 8.8 microns long.
    For a sense of scale, one micron is 1,000th of a millimeter.
    How cool is that? Only question is, how do you display it?
    My question is: how the fuck did he make it?
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from CabbitGirl in Two minor updates in the near future (finished)   
    Sometime soon (either tonight or sometime in the next couple days) I'll be doing a couple minor upgrades to the forums. So don't be surprised if the forums go offline at some point while an upgrade takes place. I don't see how the upgrade could take longer than 5-10 minutes so if you see any pop-up password blocks or you see a message about the forum being upgraded, just check back in a little bit.
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    Sledgstone reacted to CabbitGirl in Dream or Paranoia?   
    ok, so little back story before i post the whole story: i wrote this for my creative writing class and it drove me crazy trying to think about it and get it done in time to hand in. It will be handed out to the class next week (i think) and they will go home and read it and it'll be work shopped in the class the following week, or after that. So this is not a finished polished thing yet. I kind of feel as if it were a little thrown together. but anyway, enough back story, here it is... (put it in spoiler tags for less scrolling if you already read it haha)

    critique, comments, likes, dislikes, all are welcome hope it was enjoyable!
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in 1408 Screenwriter Boards Pet Sematary   
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Kite in Disney Plans 'Tron' animated series   
    6-14 tho... The majority of the fans of Tron are alot older than 14.
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Kite in Avengers Series on Disney XD   
    I will watch this series. So help me god if it is completely child oriented tho.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Dubird in Ancient AC Fun!   
    My Homestead account is still active, so thought I'd share these.

    And because I know you miss them, The AC Enquirer!
    Issue 1 - Vegi & Jigglypuff, a torrid affair!
    Issue 2 - I had sex with an alien!
    Issue 3 - Pokemon invades AC!
    Issue 4 - Battle of the Sexy Bitches!
    Issue 5 - Mad scientist's ray gun turns AC members into babies!
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    Sledgstone reacted to Kite in Guy spends 3 years building Minas Tirith out of 420,000 matches   
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Pchan in Bloom Box could be the magical fuel cell that saves the world   
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6DLyruTqHI]YouTube- A Peek Inside the Bloom Box[/ame]
    Click on the first link to see the other video with the full 60 minutes article.
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Pchan in Bloom Box could be the magical fuel cell that saves the world   
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6DLyruTqHI]YouTube- A Peek Inside the Bloom Box[/ame]
    Click on the first link to see the other video with the full 60 minutes article.
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Pchan in The Celebrity Apprentice   
    Bret Michaels, Goldberg & Sinbad just to name a few celebrities. X'D Olympians, wrestlers, comedians, a chef, former governor whatshisface... This should be a good season.
    The season starts on Sunday March 14th at 9pm est. Anyone else going to watch it?
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Box of Cereal Old Enough to Drink Legally and Vote Sold for $200   
    I remember this cereal! X'D
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    Sledgstone reacted to Kite in Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Trailer   
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    Sledgstone reacted to CabbitGirl in Hobbit house? AND a tree house??   
    ok I was looking for movie times and saw this link at the bottom, this guy built a Hobbit House!
    but thennnn i also went to see this guy who did tree houses!
    so cool! i totally wouldn't mind living in either of those
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Sony Files Patent For Universal Game Controller   
    This is an interesting concept. I'd like to see it, but I'd like to see a controller with the best of the PS3 and 360's features. Sony's D-Pad with 360's Trigger buttons.