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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Nintendo Switch (Nintendo NX = Portable Console)   
    Maybe, but I don't see it right now. Gameboy battery life is still far superior to Switch. I haven't looked too much into it but I highly doubt removing rumble and motion censors is going to add that much more life to the battery on the lite. I love these commercials though "lets go to these active lifestyle parks and facilities and just play switch instead of participating in the activities."
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    Sledgstone reacted to Myk JL in Nintendo Switch (Nintendo NX = Portable Console)   
    Nintendo is making a portable only Switch! I intend to trade in my current Switch because I hate the fact The Dock needs a LAN Adapter.
    Here's hoping that if there ever is a non portable only Switch it will properly hook up to an Ethernet Cable.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Detroit: Become Human   
    First thoughts:
    The Good: The story is outstanding, the voice acting is S-Tier, and the graphics are beautiful. I guess not being a free movement intensive game they can cut corners on what has to be processed, because even on regular PS4 it looks like a high end PC max settings game. Just playing half way through this so far, I'm already sold for future Quantic Dream games. The end of each mission has a flow chart that shows you everyone's choices compared to yours, and even a narrower friends choices which I find to be most interesting. I believe Strider and one other person are the only people that have played on my friends list. I've seemed to line up with them for the most part until recently when I realized being "good" or "understanding" doesn't always help you with the karma system the game has... it's very shades of grey, so it better not to stress to much in being nice or trying to cater to NPCs.
    The Bad: The controls are pretty wonky. Unless its a certain mission segment, and very few of them, there is no free roam camera. Its purely PS1 Resident Evil style camera that is slightly more modern. There is a way to free roam, but its slow and not optimal. The investigation button allows you to pan the camera for clues, but time is frozen while you do it. Outside of that you can flip the camera with R1 and it generally doesn't do a good job. Often it will flip into some useless angle, and hitting it again will most of the time never send you back to the view you just had. This is irritating when there is a viewable item/area you walk pass. You'll have to go into the investigate button to pan to it as these often pop only when you're super close. This is pretty much the only negative I have about this game. The style presented makes it forgivable, but it would have been nice to have a more free flowing camera system.
    Thing to know: This is no Telltale game. If you fuck up, there is no going back. The show goes on leaving you wondering what could have been. This def adds to the replay factor if you have that kind of time. Decisions are forced up on you to decide uncomfortably quickly. While it sucks at times, it really adds to the emotion it provokes out of you. I have several regrets already.  I selected casual controls for this go around because it made it clear in the opening menu, if a character dies, the story doesn't stop. I didn't really want to miss out on 3rd of the flow chart.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in PS Plus Games   
    I would definitely recommend getting and playing Detroit, such a fucking awesome game and it still remains my game of the year for 2018. One of the best character driven stories I've played in years. I really should play through it again so I can get the rest of the trophies.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Borderlands 3   
    Since the Handsome Collection is free this month I picked it up. I originally wasn't going to play through BL2 again, but now that there is new DLC to bridge the story gap into 3, I've ventured into it.
    I must say, some things have not aged well. wonky terrain with invisible hitboxes are REEEEALLLLY bad. Getting snagged on a structure or rock for no reason is super annoying, especially when you're walking backwards and shooting. They clearly made up for this with how much damage you can take though. The game is rarely punishing if you have to good shield. Trying to shoot through a fence or even a busted structure with gaping holes sometimes is blocked by an invisible wall as well. The driving controls are complete shit too It actually wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't shooting involved. The camera being the same as the steering is so UGH.
    That being said, I'm still enjoying it. Its been so long since I've played it, the memories I had long forgotten coming back is enjoyable. The humor is great. I ended the night with Tiny Tina's tea party, and it was even better in 4K. The upgraded textures aren't that big of a difference unless you have a big TV I suspect. It mostly just smooths out the pixelation and tearing that occurs on newer TVs. I didn't know you had to download it separately, so when I booted up the game for the first time I was like "Holy cow, this looks so stretched". Being cel shaded, every black outline looked like a zoomed in pencil line on MS Paint. Anyways Kudo's to gearbox for just dropping brand new content for free (until next month). I look forward to getting there eventually.
  6. Haha
    Sledgstone got a reaction from DeathscytheX in Final Fantasy VII   
    FFVI was an amazing game. One of my all time favorites and ranks right up there with FFVII. That game had weird too. lol. A psycho clown bent on destroying the world.. interesting characters. A couple hidden ones too like that guy that does the Mimic skill which is super OP because it can mimic summons.. and a yeti.  That yeti couldn't wear armor and only used a club, but damn if he wasn't good at clubbing enemies.  
    FF7 didn't have a better story that FFVI, they were easily on par with each other. But FF7 beats out FF6 with its combat system. In FF6 your characters are set in stone with their skills and abilities. But the materia system in FF7 was so robust, you can make any character do just about anything. Everyone can cast spells, anyone could be a reviver, anyone a summoner, etc. The only major reasons for having specific characters on a team were for their unique combat style/weapon, melee or ranged, their limit breaks and whoever you personally liked best. But unlike FF6, FF7 had an actual endgame with grind mechanics. One of the last save points in the game is right before the final dungeon. The game even tells you, once you enter there is no going back out, save here so you can continue exploring the world. Aside from the stuff I already mentioned, the materia system provided a grind aspect for endgame. With all XP you got, your materia itself would level up too. As it leveled up its skills upgraded. Got a lightning materia.. level it up, now whoever has it equipped can use lightning 2.. then 3. But the real kicker is when you maxed out a materia, it would clone itself a new level 1 version. Then you can equip it on somebody else and start leveling it up. For high end materia, it was worth the grind to get all the characters powerful spells... well at least the three main characters on your team. Eventually you could get a master materia that had basically all spells except summons I think and then that was OP. Once you have a set of 3 materias you like for the characters, its kind of pointless to level them further when you can swap the materia to other characters.
    But aside from all that I think this game hit a bunch of kids with puberty at just the right time.  Alot of guys got crushes on Tifa.. and females got a thing for Cloud. lol. Even though the characters looked blocky as hell, in cut scenes they looked cool and throughout the game it goes into character depth more and you start feeling for these two. Not going to lie, I had a thing for Tifa for years.  
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Godzilla Resurgence - Trailer   
    Funimation put this up finally and it was dubbed... You can tell dubbing foreign films is still stuck in the 60s-70s. Recording voices in the studio over real people is hard. I will say they did an excellent job of lip syncing. The joke of old where the lips keep moving after or well before the voice ends is almost non existent. The issue just comes with that the voices sound like they were dubbed, and in doing so you loose the audio's sound in its true surroundings... no echos in a hallway and what not. The reverberations are missing in relative to the actors surroundings I guess is what I'm trying to say. Plus standing in front of a mic trying to convey fatigue in a realistic fashion rather than an overly dramatic anime style where the character is drawn to take fast deep breaths doesn't come across as sincere. What was funny is that a good chunk of the Fairy Tail dub cast was tasked with this. It was odd hearing a lot of familiar voices do this movie. Todd Haberkorn who voices Natsu also voices the main character here.
    As a whole, it was entertaining.... but def not one of the best. Japanese CGI is still terrible and laughable. Some of the scenes where Godzilla had to move fast just looked so bad. The resolution to the film was awful... oh and shame on Hideaki Anno for using multiple remixes of the Evangelion background OST for this movie. For hardcore Godzilla fans it's a must watch, but for the casual stick with the Legendary Pictures versions.
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from Strider Hiryu in Final Fantasy VII   
    For me the main draw of FFVII was all the extra stuff you could do in it. It was one of the first games for me that had an actual end game separate from the final boss. There was chocobo breeding, full world exploration with the air ship, 2 or 3 ultimate weapon optional boss battles that were insanely difficult. There were hidden characters, like Vincent that you could outright skip on getting and finish the game without even knowing he was a character. The customization with the materia was the best though. I tried so many different combos with different weapons to deck out all my characters to be so bad ass. lol. Limit breaks were awesome. Character diversity was top notch. It had everything from superhuman soldier Cloud, Tifa the bad ass woman that punches and kicks everything to death, a talking red wolf, a bad ass black dude, a vampire, a ninja girl, so many more.. a robot looking carnival thing with a cat sitting on it being remote controlled by some guy we never see... lmao. The plot was confusing as all hell initially, but overall enjoyable and more understandable with more world exploration.
    Lol.. and Kotaku has a good point about the game.. its weird.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Final Fantasy VII   
    Tifa gameplay footage and Sephiroth reveal.
    I'll probably get this when the whole thing is out. I've never played a final fantasy game because despite it moving away from it in recent years... I've never ever liked turn based RPGS. I don't know the lore of each game and how they compare, I just remember how mega hype this game was when it came out from people that loved RPGs. Whether it deserved it in hindsight, I can't make that call. But regardless it probably benefited a lot from a major turning point in gaming history which was the 32bit era.. While the 128 bit era was the golden age, the 32bit era was the renaissance that lead to it. New technology was born, things that were never done before in gaming were coming to life. No doubt being the first FF game on PSX enhanced its mark in history.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in Final Fantasy VII   
    If they're smart they'll break it up by how the game was broken up between three discs when it originally released or at least after each major plot points (it's been years since I played this last so I'm not entirely sure how the story goes anymore but I'd say around a certain someone's death and around the whole revelation behind what Cloud is/whats going on with him). I'd expect no more than 3-4 parts if they want to please fans and release it relatively fast but SE might draw that out more if they really want to milk it.
    Meh, while it looks good I was severely underwhelmed by FFVII and still fail to see why it's lauded as being the best FF game. I honestly thought the story was generic and besides a few standout characters I really didn't like the cast all that much. I might buy this once all the installments are out but I'll have Cyberpunk less than a month after this first one releases and that will eat all of my free time that isn't devoted to FFXIV.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild   
    OMG YES!!!!!
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in TheQuartering   
    I guess I got so use to them never being in costume that i didn't care. I mean they look like they're all wearing a party city Halloween consume of one of Jean Grey's comic variations. Sophie has a small frame and it looks like she's wearing football pads under her top in the top pic. Everyone else's outfit fits great except hers. Shes just a bad actor. Shes got the same facial expression and tone in everything she does. And when she does interviews shes a different person entirely so its not her personality. Shes just not good at acting.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Aquaman   
    I just couldn't get over what I guess was the main antagonist being some generic white dude with slick back hair. 🙄
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Final Fantasy VII   
    Well it has a release date.
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from DeathscytheX in Aquaman   
    lmao!  If you thought those guys looked like power ranger enemies you should skip ahead to the last battle to see the crab men.  
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in TheQuartering   
    Not commenting on the videos (not a huge fan of The Quartering but I won't let my personal opinions come in on this) but we'll never see a Starcraft 3 for the same reasons we won't see a Warcraft 4, WoW takes up way to much of their development time and Diablo is a major push right now after the Immortal fiasco (kind of the reason why we'll never see a KoToR 3 out of BioWare (besides other reasons)). Plus, correct me if I'm wrong, I thought SC2's LotV ending left little to no room for another sequel (I still haven't beaten LotV but from what I've read there really isn't anywhere to go with the story). I'd of taken a Starcraft FPS any day (hell I was one of the people fucking hyped over Ghost which got cancelled mysteriously, pissed me off). Honestly Overwatch 2 is something I'm surprised to hear about considering I didn't think Overwatch was in need of a sequel game considering how well its still doing (hell they're still adding characters, something you wouldn't do if you were concerned about the game dying or needed a sequel). Then again with Activision loosing one of their cash cows in Destiny 2 maybe they're forcing Blizzard to release games on currently successful franchises (I mean lets face it Starcraft has never been anything more than a cult hit over here (it's beyond huge in South Korea) so it was inevitable that it would get closeted again (probably for another 10 years).
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in TheQuartering   
    I skipped BFV because the devs were douches, and the game design was trash. I don't regret it... hell I even bought CODs I wasn't planning on playing months after they came out because I had the itch, but I've had zero desire to even try BFV after the beta. Now I doubt I'll ever buy a Battlefield game ever again. I can see them tampering with how effective your bullet spread is or isn't to make you want to buy something... nah. They have technology to alter your performance without you knowing they gave you a handicap or boost. Maybe this is why "netcode" has been shit for years. 
  18. Haha
    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Aquaman   
    I saw 30 min of this movie in passing around when he had some arena fight and thought the acting was terrible, the villain was bland, and there was a bunch of power ranger looking enemies. 😂 I had no desire to see the whole thing after. 
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from DeathscytheX in Deadpool 2   
    I can't believe I didn't post about this movie after watching it. I loved Deadpool 2. So much better than the first movie. XD Domino's luck ability was amazing and the comedy in this was spot on. I really hope Deadpool 3 happens.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Death Stranding   
    MGS1 was the best, I wish they'd remake it, but they won't because of the Gamecube Twin Snakes remake that was already done... which made it even better. I liked 3 a lot, but I didn't like having to pause every new environment to change my camo to get to a good 80-90%. I thought 4 was outstanding besides the crawling through the radioactive room part for absolutely no reason. Piloting Metal Gear Rex was epic!
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Godzilla: King of the Monsters   
    The movie was a blast. It was a direct call back to the Showa era. The story wasn't as serious as the last film, and you could say it wasn't as good. It was just filler for the battles. You really don't care about any of the human characters. Lets be honest here, as kids we didn't give two shits about the human characters. The best part about the human aspect is there was no constant forced comedy that plagues the industry these days. There was some subtle humor, and overall it didn't take itself too seriously.
    If you're a huge Godzilla fan, you're aware of the classic story flow each of the protagonist Godzilla films worked, and this followed the same structure. They don't make you wait long until the throw downs start happening. The best part of it all was just busting out a triumphant high definition audio version of the classic Toho theme. Simply outstanding. Plenty of fan service going on with the Kaiju fights. This monsterverse must continue. I want Mecha Godzilla! While the first film was more grounded in a realistic "what if" situation, this film delved more into the Sci-Fi aspect with some crazy technological advances. The bridge to get more wild is there.
    There is a post credits so stay for it.
    The ultimate tribute
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Death Stranding   
    I can't wait for this weird ass game. As I said last year, I think the coolest part of all this is Lindsay Wagner. I use to watch Bionic Woman on the Sci-Fi channel when I was a kid. Its neat to see these older performers be able to recapture their youth in gaming. They nailed her look.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Sony And Microsoft Are Partnering Up?   
    It was only a matter of time before this happened. PS4's software infrastructure is absolute trash compared to Xbox. Sony's games are the only reason they are in the lead. Consoles will probably be full crossplay this coming gen. Sony realized if they got left out, people will choose playing with their friends over the better games so long as there is enough interesting games on the platforms that can play with each other. Console gaming will be like PC gaming... its just the launchers will be consoles with their own exclusive games. We're still a ways off from cloud gaming TBH until internet accessibility becomes a hell of a lot stronger outside of major metropolitan areas. Cloud gaming will take the niche place of digital downloads as digital download only consoles become the norm in place of discs. If PS5 has a digital only version similar to the latest Xbox One models, I'll definitely get it.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Myk JL in Sony And Microsoft Are Partnering Up?   
    I refuse to believe this video and will remain nervous about that comment now until I see the PS5.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Myk JL in John Wick Chapter 3   
    Aside from my one big gripe and a small one where I was expecting them to just kill John Wick instead of talk, John Wick Chapter 3 has lots of amazing action moments.
    Now for my one big gripe.
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