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  1. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I just found out Overwatch competitive rewards are based on your season high and no   
    Nah, it wouldn't change anything. COD has multiple game modes and they've never had any issues. Overwatch has a COD sized player base right now as well. I remember one of the CODs had 2 different TDMs and it didn't effect either one. GW2 suffers because of its casual nature. Overwatch is built around PVP.
  2. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I saw this article on my local news this morning stating that Trump is losing NY b   
    Apparently Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has his eyes set on being President as well (I believe the same time frame). While not my first choice I think he'd be the best choice if he was currently running (all signs point to him being a great guy but I don't know what he knows, if anything, about politics). If Kanye runs I'm out, he'll drive this country farther into the ground then it already is (though I doubt it'll ever get that far, nobody in their right mind would allow that idiot to run (even his fans hate him)).
    Honestly I don't think the email thing will hurt Hillary anymore then it has (unless more incriminating evidence comes forth) as it's pretty much run it's course (she fucked up, we all know it, shes paid for it since it came to light, and honestly if it didn't happen to her it would of happened to someone else. Remember our politicians are complete idiots). Trump continually runs himself into the ground by opening his mouth and while a lot of people are backing him even more are starting to see that he won't be able to run this country effectively. Hillary isn't any better of a choice but we can only hope that she'll just be a puppet and Bill will run the country from the shadows (no matter what anyone says he's been the best president we've had in years), he's great at getting us out of shit.
  3. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I just beat StarCraft II Legacy of the Void. It was a great campaign and it ended w   
    According to the plot summary on the SC wiki the ship is pretty much forgotten after that point (according to the ships profile it was left adrift). We can assume that they are either still adrift (Zerg don't have the means to use Protoss tech) or they fell under the control of Amon and were one of the millions of Zerg you slaughter through the LotV campaign. It's stated that the crew of the ship was unable to send any word to Shakuras (where they were heading) before the larvae spawned and killed the crew so it's extremely unlikely that Artanis even knows what happened and considering the dire circumstance you find yourself in throughout the game it's pretty unlikely that he would of even had the time to deal with it (I mean the poor guy is leading the remnants of his people in a war against a god-like being who can turn his own people against him).
    While a fourth race would be interesting (considering all three races are currently at peace) I don't know if they'd go that far with this (I mean I'd of loved to see the Xel'naga be playable but we both know that isn't possible). Who knows what they'll do but I'd still like to see a game based on the Aeon of Strife, it'd not only be a game focused completely on my favorite race but it'd give us a chance to see how Protoss society collapsed upon itself.
  4. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in While I have yet to watch BvS all the way through (I skipped around just to see if   
    From what little I gathered in my skipping about the movie actually does look good but I'll post my fully detailed thoughts on it once I actually watch it all the way through (though I will state I don't like Eisenberg as Luthor, that was a complete miscast in my opinion). I actually prefer serious and movies, even more so with heroes. I've never been a really big fan of superheroes because I never grew up reading comics and I rarely watched the cartoons (my superheroes as a child were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers (yea, I was a huge PR fan), and the Transformers) but what little I've gathered there wasn't a lot of humor in the comics and I'm happy this is the first real film to approach that aspect. The humor in Deadpool worked because it's Deadpool, an anti-hero that doesn't even take himself seriously. The humor also works in the Avengers because, while everything going on is generally serious, the timing of the jokes is just so well done to help break the tension.
    I loved the ending to The Thing, that's one of my all time favorite movies. I wish more movies took chances like it did (I haven't seen Inception so I can't really comment on it but I do know how it ends and I think, given the whole premise of the movie, that was a perfect way to end it). Critics these days want to be entertained and not given a whole hell of a lot to think about, they want Michael Bay and JJ films (lots of explosions, lens flare, etc). Very rarely does a completely original film or a film that takes massive chances well received. I mean look at Chappie, it got shit reviews but I absolutely loved the movie. While it's not a completely original idea and sure the film has quite a few shortcomings but it's honestly one of the best movies I saw last year (and I didn't see it till I bought it and on BD none-the-less) because I actually liked the idea they were presenting and I loved watching Chappie grow throughout the film, going from being an infant to an adult persay (and it's a good look into how self-aware AI will most likely evolve when we reach that state). On the reverse of that look at Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film took very little in the way of chances and recycled most of the plot from A New Hope yet it still receives critical appraise. Don't get me wrong it was a good movie but it took the safe route and mostly did well on it's name alone. This is why Hollywood is dying and they're too stupid to see it (it's also the reason why the Game Industry has been severely lacking in quality games over the years (and why it's slowly imploding in on itself) but that's for another discussion), completely original ideas and risk taking is frowned upon and no one dares take the chance to step out of the safe zone.
  5. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in My wealth is swelling. I should have near 1600g before LWS3 comes out. Thats unchar   
    Powerful Blood got back to 70s tonight so I sold my stack off. I didn't know FGS was going to be this profitable. I well underestimated where I'd be at as I just crossed 2050g. The charged lodestones and cores are def the bulk of the wealth tho. It has accounted for 60% of my earnings every day. That's definitely gotta be your favorite week if you're trying to make Sunrise, Bolt, or Mjolnir. It also helps that I have 8 characters. DR is brutal and effects the map reward track progress too. Its funny how anet doesn't acknowledge DR even though it clearly exists. Thats probably the major reason there isnt a track bar on the core maps like there is on HoT meta progress maps. The tech is there to implement, but people would be able to get those hard numbers on DR that anet is so secretive about.
  6. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I hate FedEx. Their tracking is crap and they've delivered my packages to my neighb   
    This is why I prefer USPS, I've never had any trouble with them and always look for the option to ship with them when I can (plus priority shipping, while expensive, always arrives on time or earlier). I don't mind UPS but considering I don't get most of my packages until 7 or 8 pm when I use them it's rather annoying and can be a major inconvenience when it's something you really need. FedEx is a last ditch effort and I only use them when I know my friend is delivering it (he's a driver and he lets me know when he drops a package off if I'm not home).
  7. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in With Gliding and the speed of DD, I cleared Lornar's Pass in under 40 min. Wow... s   
    I use my druid exclusively for open world farming now because of that. My maelstrom runs are so much more efficient. 
  8. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Just got done trying out the Hawken release for PS4, gotta say its fun as hell. Sti   
    I believe the download was 4.9 gigs, didn't get a chance to look at how much space it took installed.
  9. DeathscytheX liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in I made a legendary greatsword today in Guild Wars 2, Sunrise.. and then I combined   
    And for some reason I can't upload an image to the first post of a status update. And heres what it looks like in my crappy screenshot.

  10. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in The guy that does Demolition Ranch is officially the coolest dude on YouTube. He ha   
    I watched his Demolition Ranch videos for hours the other day... you gotta watch the one about bullet proof cups. WTF? They fail spectacularly. In one of his videos he was shooting through steel plates and his wooden rig he made he joked about it being something a veterinarian put together... and then at the end of his video he said he was a veterinarian... I thought he was joking at first about vet ranch so I didn't even bother to check it out. Then it popped up on my suggested list and I'm hooked on that too. Their vet office is funded by youtube viewers, which is amazing. I might have to send a small donation, because they do a lot of good work.
  11. DeathscytheX liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in The guy that does Demolition Ranch is officially the coolest dude on YouTube. He ha   
    I started watching some of his videos today. I can see why he's popular. I'll watch a marathon of his videos sometime this week.
  12. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I got the Galaxy S7 today. Bestbuy has a good deal this weekend. $49 with 2 year co   
    I haven't had a phone that didn't need to be charged daily since I had a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone.
  13. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I got the Galaxy S7 today. Bestbuy has a good deal this weekend. $49 with 2 year co   
    Meh, I'm on Verizon's new plan and I absolutely love it. Overall I pay $5 more a month over what I was originally paying on the old model but my plan is a lot cheaper. Honestly you don't really notice the extra money you're paying for your phone on this options (or at least I don't). If I took all the bells and whistles off my account (like Ringback tones) I'd actually be paying less then I was prior to my switch.
    I don't think I could ever go back to a normal Galaxy anymore (not to say I don't like what they've done with the S7's), I love my Note 4 so much I'll probably end up getting the newest iteration of it next year when my plan comes do.
    I've honestly never had a problem with battery life on my phones. My phone will last at least 3 days before it needs to be charged with constant use (as long as I'm not playing games constantly on my phone), I just charge it daily by default (from my old Droid days, that thing had atrocious battery life and needed to be charged daily even with basic use). Hell my old S4's battery still works like a champ and holds a charge damn well (then again I'm anal, I kill all unnecessary apps/tasks when it's not in use), I think that thing still holds a charge for 3-4 days before needing to be recharged (can't say, it's been turned off and placed in it's box for the last few months).
  14. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Finished Fafner. It felt like an Evangelion wannabe with an ending similar to Eurek   
    I thought it was a great show, then again I did watch it back when it aired 12 years ago and haven't watched it since. There were a lot of things I wished they'd of elaborated on while I watched it but it was pretty entertaining overall. There was nothing to salvage after battles Sledge, the enemies weren't human nor did they pilot mechs (they're called Festum and are created by the Mir, what they exactly are is hard to explain) and yes it does take place mostly on the island (some eps take place outside of the island but the majority of it pertains to the islands defenses).
    I have yet to watch Heaven and Earth, it's been on my watch list forever and it's buried somewhere on my passport. You'll have to let me know how it is when you watch it. Right of Left was pretty damn good (prequel OVA). I also need to get around to watching Exodus as well but that'll have to wait till after I watch the movie (as it takes place two years after Heaven and Earth).
  15. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Dropped a ton of cash on a Daniel Defense DDM4V11. Figured I'd go ahead and take th   
    This is the video I was trying to find the other day to explain the difference high end and budget... I couldn't find it when I searched for it, and it just popped up on my youtube homepage today. lol When I tried to find it i kept getting 30min videos explaining the difference while this guy does it in 10.
  16. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Dropped a ton of cash on a Daniel Defense DDM4V11. Figured I'd go ahead and take th has them for as low as .23 a round. But yeah its still expensive. I can get 1000 rounds for around $270. I want to get a beta-c 100rd drum... but then I'd be depressed when I shot that much $$$ in 10 min. I was reading some of the reviews for the ammo, and one guy said he only puts 10 rounds in each mag to make it feel like it lasts longer. Screw that, hand loading is tedious, thats why if you ever get a pistol, always buy extra mags if you go to the range. Generally speaking, a gun comes with an extra mag... but even at 2 you'll spend more time putting rounds into the mag than actually shooting. Like bowling, its all about getting into that "zone" where you want as little interruption as possible. Thats why they never include that part in FPS... no one would buy that game.  
    As for the price, yeah its a top tier AR-15. You could get one for $600 and it would work just as good. Its like a watch.... they come in many different types and prices but they all generally work the same. Its all about the craftmanship. Cheap ARs have parts that have play (slight loose wobble) and don't fit tightly into each other because the outsource every part and just put them togehter... just about every part of the AR-15 is interchangable. Some people buy them a piece at a time and slowly put them together as they get the funds. Mine has a lot of luxury features like reduced weight, mil-spec, more durable barrel, and higher quality parts. Because while its like a watch, it can also be like a car. Pieces wear and break over long periods of time.... but thankfully unlike a car, these peices are affordable to replace and are easy to DIY.
  17. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Dropped a ton of cash on a Daniel Defense DDM4V11. Figured I'd go ahead and take th   
    I bought Troy Industries HK style flip iron sights and 5 mags on top of it. I've topped $2000, that's the rough part, buying the rifle isn't the end of it X_X and I still need to buy ammo for the range. My wallet is crying, but I wasn't settling for less than Daniel Defense or Bravo Company. The BCM Recce-16 KMR-A I wanted was sold out from every distributor my local gunshop had. He said ARs are flying right now as suspected. I only do business with him since he is the most ethical about his pricing... plus he sat down at his computer for 30 minutes trying to find my firearm, when he could have chased me away by trying to sell me on the lower end stuff he had in stock.... I just drooled over the Remi 700 he had displayed on top of the case while he went to work. I'll probably get an EOtech or Aimpoint opic with my tax return. I wasn't sold on red dot sights until watched a few youtube videos and found out Aimpoint sights can run for 5 years always on off one battery... thats nuts. I can see why they are almost $700. 
  18. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I finished "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" on netflix last night. The first epi   
    You gotta remember Sledge the Slice of Life genre is pretty much the "Cute girls doing cute things" genre so high school aged characters will always be present (and generally cute girls as mentioned). I guess that doesn't draw that many people in but it does me and I do understand the frustration of it being focused on this age group (it's why I have a hatred of harem series). My all time favorite series falls into this genre, Aria (I can't recommend this series enough. It's not everyone's cup of tea but the show is amazing (so is the manga), has amazing character development (but it is centered around high school age girls), and the art and music is just amazing. I re-watch this series at least twice a year (by far one of the best purchases I've made anime wise)). Plus you also have to realize that these shows are aimed at high schoolers and the Japanese Otaku hence why we see so many shows featuring protagonists around that age category (for some reason it's a major hit over there, so are idol based anime (which I can't understand why it's important, then again the Japanese have a thing with idol worship). They don't care what us Americans have to say on the subject as anime isn't as big over here as it was back in the Toonami era (original run). Anime fandom has died down over here (though it has been seeing a resurgence in the last 2-3 years but it'll never be as big as it was originally).
    Heh, I started reading Berserk like 4 years ago but I haven't made it past volume 9 yet. While its a great read (and I do plan on reading the rest of what I have (up to volume 35)) I doubt he'll ever finish it (much like Five Star Stories, I don't think that manga will ever end (it was on a 10 year or so hiatus and the creator just started picking it up again recently). It's one of the longest running manga's to date time wise (13 volumes so far and it started in 1986)). Then again I don't think Rei Hiroe will ever finish Black Lagoon (it's been stuck at volume 10 for like 2 years (pretty much right after the Roberta's Blood Trail arc, which is so much better in the manga. The anime adaptation of it didn't do Roberta any justice)).
    I've got a dislike for HorribleSubs and only really use them if I have no choice (I'm not a fan of Crunchyroll's translations which is what Horrible uses for their releases). I'll probably pick that torrent up but god knows when I'm going to have time to sit down and watch 700 episodes (then again I'll probably only pick up the Marineford Arc. I haven't read or seen it but I've seen so many character tribute videos and music videos about this arc that I want to see it in it's entirety. I really want to see Whitebeard kick some ass (I don't know why but I seriously like this character though I know very little about him)).
    That was a great episode Honestly Kodaka was a great change from the normal protagonist you usually get in harem shows. Down to earth, slightly pervy, and all around great guy who generally cares for his friends well being (I find it funny that he's pretty much a homemaker). If it wasn't for Rika I don't think the show would really have any sexual frustration or fan service (yea Sena still provides plenty of it but Rika is by far the worst for it). Then again the show wouldn't be the same without her if they took her out. My major draw to the show when I started watching it was the sad premise it had, grouping up people who have no friends or social skills. Not only did it provide some great humor (good god the ideas for how to make friends were hilarious) it provided a look into the anti-social tendencies most children and teenagers face these days.
  19. Strider Hiryu liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in I finished "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" on netflix last night. The first epi   
    I used to get One Piece subs from Kaizoku a long time ago, but back then they only had up to ep 100 or so. I got the rest from a variety of sub groups but got annoyed with different ones dropping it. In the end Horriblesubs was the best group imo. Always consistent for a variety of shows. No special attack fonts, but quick good releases with decent translations. I just checked their site and they have a bulk torrent of eps 1-700 that you can easily pick and choose the eps you want to download out of it with your torrent program. If I ever go back to downloading, I'll stick with them.
    FMA Brotherhood was amazing. I'd love to see another anime of that quality. Theres way too many anime based off of manga that will never finish or wont finish for 20 more years. I loved the anime for Hajime no Ippo aka Fighting Spirit, but if that anime ever picks back up, it would never end just like the manga. Filler eps wouldn't be needed for some of these series if the manga artist would actually provide story along with their fight scenes (one piece does this quite well and theres no where near the amount of filler eps compared to other series). I stopped reading Bleach because every chapter in the hueco mundo arc was literally 10 pages of pillars with a few word bubbles. I'm pretty certain the anime was canceled for the same reasons. The guy would drag on the arcs for so long the anime couldn't fit filler into the episodes anymore because they'd catch up to an arc, and abruptly start an episode with "meanwhile, in another time" or some crap like that and start a brand new arc thats taking place in highschool even tho they moved way past that from season 1 and were literally just fighting in hell. After having to do that more than 5 times the anime was simply canceled instead.
    I read the FMA and Inuyasha mangas but eventually dropped them because they took way to long to release. Thats also why both of those animes never got their ending until many many years after the animes ended. I really like Berserk but the manga will never end. The guy making it will take it to his grave with him. The whopping 1 chapter a year we get became so disheartening that I stopped reading it years ago and I don't even care if it finishes at this point. I see there is another anime being made for it and it looks great. But I have no interest in watching it unless its actually based on the second half of the manga and will actually make an ending the manga artist will never finish. As much as the original FMA ended horribly compared to the manga, I'd really like to see an independent anime ending for berserk. Even if its no where good as the potential ending we'll get from the manga, at least it'll have an actual ending.
    The issue I have with anime is the slice of life genre and all the action animes that are all rip offs of each other featuring highshoolers. I'm sure quite a few series are good, but I'm too lazy to put the time into watching them. I know there are other non mainstream anime being made like GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack (watch a trailer, wtf. I'm not interested in watching this at all), but because of the deluge of anime titles out there, all the anime I actually would be interested in must be lost in sea of anime titles.
  20. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I finished "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" on netflix last night. The first epi   
    The amusement park ep of Haganai season two was so hilarious. I think the harem worked because Kodaka wasn't a mega perv and outside of Rika there was very little sexual frustration. Plus fan service was limited. The show stayed focused on the story and each character's plight.
  21. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I finished "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" on netflix last night. The first epi   
    I purposely stay away from long running series like Naruto (well the original, Shippuden has been amazing (too bad I'm like 3-4 seasons behind at this point, I'll get around to watching them soon enough)) or Bleach. Generally they get to muddled down with filler eps due to catching up with the manga and generally the story gets stretched to thin. If a series goes past 50-52 episodes chances are high I'll end up dropping it no matter how good it is (52 is pretty much the max I'll go for as it's the general run length of most Gundams). This is the real reason why I never got into One Piece, I like the manga (well what I've read of it) and what eps I've seen but at this point I'm so far behind that it doesn't even pay to start watching it (plus it's hard to find episodes to download, Kaizoku has up to 300 something but after that it's hard to find the rest of the episodes pre-600. Only real way to watch it now is on Funimation's site).
    Basing anime off of manga is a mixed bag in my experience. Generally the shows either end early and are generally shitty adaptations of the core material (Claymore anyone, the anime was good up until episode 20. Their anime original ending was shit, not that the manga's ending was much better) or they're amazing and stick to the source. Brotherhood was probably the best adaptation of the source material I've ever seen though I only base that off of other peoples comments (I have yet to read the FMA manga, I have it in my archives but I haven't really found time to read it yet). The original run was good but after episode 26 or so when they started off into their own anime original stuff it got pretty shitty. I generally cringe when I hear a 10+ volume manga is getting adapted into an anime because I know the show won't having an ending for 10+ years. The practice of filler will always remain though because these studios need to make money off their shows and stopping at the end of every season so the manga can get further ahead would be detrimental to them (with the way mangakas release chapters it's downright frustrating, I'm looking at you Kishiro Yukito (I want my new chapters of Gunnm) and Rei Hiroe (god damnit dude start releasing new Black Lagoon chapters, this wait time is killing me)). And you can't really condense the series down because you'll piss those hard core fans off if you leave out just a small, minor detail (while that's not a big deal over hear, it's downright sacrilegious to do it in Japan. Otaku are scary people).
    Haganai was a great show. I enjoyed it when it was airing which is odd for me because I generally hate harem based shows (they're everywhere you look, there's like 3-4 news ones every season). Then again it's got a great cast of characters and the humor is amazing. I generally only watch Slice of Life shows now, they're relaxing and generally have great stories/plots. Most of the action packed shows these days are poorly done and generally suffer from the Shounen tropes (long running, weak characters and character development, weak plot, and generally sub-par animation). Honestly the last good, action packed shows I've watched in recent years have been Iron Blooded Orphans and MSG: Thunderbolt. While very gory they both have some pretty strong lead characters and very good plots (plus the music selection for Thunderbolt is amazing, gotta love that Jazz).
  22. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I finished "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" on netflix last night. The first epi   
    I just finished Season two of Haganai, which I didn't even know existsed until I accidentally came across some imagines of scenes I didn't recognize, and then checked my Queue. They also are doing  the AoT approach. Its been a long ass time since Season 1, and season 2 caught up to the light novel. Its probably one of the few "Slice of Life" animes I really enjoy... probably because it makes me laugh to the point of tears at times which makes any anime a fave of mine.