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  1. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Well yesterday was fun. Had really bad abdominal pain and ended up in the ER only   
    Honestly I haven't found anything that works for side sleeping pillow wise. I've always preferred softer pillows over firm ones because firm ones generally give me headaches if I lay my head on them to long. Currently I sleep with three pillows on the bed (when I sleep normally, considering I can't sleep on my side atm I've been sleeping at an incline with a shit ton of pillows stacked behind me (sucks because it's extremely uncomfortable but I'm sleeping a lot better then I ever have)) one of which is mid-range softness (main pillow), one that's firm, and one that's extremely soft. I tend to favor my left side over my right so the softer pillow is on the left side to support the main pillow when I sleep on said side (I use my left arm as extra support, oddly enough it has not caused any issues as of yet). The firmer support pillow is on the right side and is the only support I use when sleeping on my right side (for some reason using my right arm as support doesn't work so well so I don't). It's an odd sleeping arrangement but it's the only thing that was working over the last few years.
  2. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in Well yesterday was fun. Had really bad abdominal pain and ended up in the ER only   
    Yea I remember that and can only imagine the pain he went through. This shit is no joke and I'm glad I caught in when I did, the surgeon said it probably would of burst had I waited any longer. It's just funny how I was perfectly fine that morning (I've been sick all week so I wasn't 100% ok but I didn't have pain), went to work and about 5 hours in I just felt a stabbing pain in my side. Honestly had my mother not convinced me to go I probably wouldn't have and waited until shit got worse. I should watch House, take lessons and the proper way to pop Vicadin
    Ouch is an understatement DX >.>
    Also found out I have Sleep Apnea (one of the worst cases my surgeon and nurses have seen apparently) as well which means I get to go back to the doctor for confirmation testing some time soon (yay, because I oh so love spending the night at the hospital). Man when shit hits the fan with me it hits hard.
  3. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I finished LoTR: The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday. Great novel, but if I ever   
    All I have to say is Tom, you know what I mean (it's the only part of Fellowship I actually enjoyed outside of Moria, I really wish they would of put him in the movie). Everything else before the Council meeting could pretty much be left out (I could care less about how many meals a Hobbit has in a day or how a proper Hobbit should live). Don't get me wrong I love Tolkien's work and I love how he crafted an entire world in just 3 books (technically LotR is one book just split in three) but seriously I don't need all this set-up just for it not to mean a damn thing in the next two novels (as much as I love the Ents they're probably the only real downside to The Two Towers (though they do redeem themselves).
    I honestly can't believe people actually thought that. "Fly" has more than one meaning, get a fucking dictionary people. The context it's said in is a dead giveaway as to what he meant because how the fuck do you fly out of a mine (with a Balrog on your ass at that). As much as Tolkien is great at alluding to certain things in his books there is no denying he meant "run for your fucking lives" and not "fly on the backs of eagles". Nerds will never cease to amaze me (yes I say that knowing full well I am one).
  4. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Chalice of Tears is one of the most hateful things Anet has ever done. To make you   
    I finished the Siren's Landing JP tonight, and it actually wasn't bad at all. It had one of my least favorite things in landing on precise slim poles, but I some how made every landing. There are two check points marked by waterlogged chests. Since you got to cheat on the Searing Accent without having to use them, they work by special action key if you fall, you can just use it to teleport back to the chest. I think if you die it goes away though. But there shouldn't be any reason to die since you can glide. The second and last check point is half way through the JP though so you basically have to do half of it with the most pole jumps between that and the end. I did it on my DD, when I normally do these on my mesmer for portal insurance. I was brave. You should def portal scroll your mes since the JP is right near the start. Either way it was the least frustrating next to the Doric puzzle if you can call that a JP. I actually did most of it by myself only referring to the dulfy video when I wasn't 100% sure.
  5. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in So I preordered the standard edition of Destiny 2. I'll let you know if downloading   
    Your ghost would take credit for every Crucible win, and Strike completion.
  6. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I'm adopting a cat from the shelter. We went there last saturday and picked her ou   
    God I'd love to have a cat/kitten but like both of you I'm allergic (and not mildly, I've almost been run to the hospital more than once due to an allergic reaction brought on by a cat). It fucking sucks because cats adore me and always come near me (and I have to pet them because KITTY!). I am thinking of getting a Siberian in the future though pending on whether I can handle their fur or not (they're one of the 5 breeds that don't set off most people allergies that are allergic to cats. Sadly they're also $1200 for a kitten from a breeder).
    I can handle dogs fine (though I am mildly allergic). It's a good thing because I get stuck watching my parents dog quite a bit (cute little scamp but annoying as all hell).
  7. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I'm adopting a cat from the shelter. We went there last saturday and picked her ou   
    Wow. I can bury my face in my dog's fur no problem. Cats love me though, they always try to get on my shoulders and rub on my face. A few of my friends have them and they always come sit in my lap and cuddle when I come over. When I wore contacts I'd wash my hands super thoroughly, and rinse my contacts extra long... but sometimes it didn't matter somehow. I'd pop one in and the veins shot across my eye like a Hollywood earthquake movie fault-line. I'd take it out fast enough and rinse it some more, but my eye would be pink and irritated for a good 30 min to an hour.
  8. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in The older I get, the more I dislike the general public. I was never Mr. Popular in   
    I guess that's what it was, but he is in the wrong place for that, and if he keeps it up he'll just get kicked from the group. The two knife groups I'm in have pretty solid admin staffs. They don't put up will bullshit. Someone got offended that people were posting guns with their knives, and they got booted pretty quick for raging about it.
  9. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I wish amazon would indicate if something is being shipped from out of country. The   
    Oh it's comedy gold. On ours,  it's a bunch of white trash family fueds in the comments, or fake accounts trolling with hilarious comments.
  10. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I wish amazon would indicate if something is being shipped from out of country. The   
    Yeah I can drive 30 min to a casino too, in another state. I live in that southern little tip of AL that only takes 40 min to drive from one side to the other. It's a 10 min drive from my house to MS and 30 to FL.
  11. DeathscytheX liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in I wish amazon would indicate if something is being shipped from out of country. The   
    NY state is crazy with taxes, especially property taxes. Back when I lived in Ohio I always thought of NY as this super expensive place to live with crazy high taxes and living costs. Then when I moved to central new york, I realized all my impressions of the entire state were of just New York City. That city is basically in New Jersey and it still surprises me that its even part of this state. I've still never gone to NYC and I don't think I'd ever want to since I don't want anything to do with a huge population center like that. Where I live its basically all farms everywhere. I can drive down my street and see at least 10 corn fields and 2 cow farms. Sales taxes here are around 8%. NY state tax returns have a separate section for NYC and Yonkers residents, probably because they get taxed more. Where I live the worst tax issues are the property taxes. School taxes are insane. I don't mind the schools giving kids a good education, but why the fuck does everyone have to pay at least $2-3,000 a year in school taxes for life if they own property? Total taxes on a normal single family home around here in a rural area are around $3500 a year, unless you live in a village or more suburban area, then its closer to $5,000 a year. $5,000 a year is $416 a month and thats not even counting the mortgage of a house. wtf. And they wonder why people can't afford to live here. The taxes are also so high, though politicians here wont admit it, is because they give almost every corporation ridiculously low tax rates. All the citizens are subsidizing the corporation's free ride in hopes of economic growth and higher paying jobs. Instead the corporations give shit jobs so they have a better bottom line, while paying low as hell taxes and keep all the profits. If they want to improve quality of life here, they really need to lower the property taxes.
    Although I will admit, with the high taxes that get paid we do have a good education system, police force, snow removal, street sweepers, etc. You wont see a single road around here with litter on the side of the street unless you go into down town Syracuse, Rochester or the NYC area. The majority of Syracuse is a shit hole tho imo. As for North country (what we call the north part of NY state), that place might as well be in Canada. I've only been up that way once and its so damn rural it makes the area I live in look too busy. I bet half that area all still leave their houses and cars unlocked at night with nothing to worry about.
    No lotto tickets in your state!? wow. I could go drive to a casino in 30 mins and hit the black jack table today if I wanted to. There is one big tax loop hole in this state and thats for cigarettes. NY state charges almost the same price as a pack of smokes in taxes. Like if a pack costs $4.99, with tax here it'll cost you $10.80 a pack. But we go to the native american's land and buy their cigarettes tax free. One carton of 10 packs only costs $26 there, while at gas stations that would set everyone else back around $100.
  12. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in So the Stormblood Early Access is fucking broke and everyone in NA trying to play   
    Not entirely sure when the issue was resolved (see below) but I finally got through the mission on Sunday morning when 2 servers on my Data Center crashed allowing people to get through it (two of the highest pop servers at that, no wonder no one could get through). They were getting DDoS'd the other day but that seems to have stopped.
    Sadly I'm not as far as I'd like to be (I'm almost done with the story and almost 70) because after I finally got through that quest my fucking modem decided to die on me so I spent two days without internet until I could get my ISP out here to fix it (which in the long run is better, I now have a new modem I didn't have to pay for (and they'll replace it at their own cost if it dies) and my speeds have been upped to 120 dl/20 up). Tell you this much I'm not used to a desktop anymore or my computer chair, fucking shoulders/neck/back are killing me from sitting here for 10 hours a day (yea, I pretty much wasted the majority of my vacation in front of my computer). Think I might need to invest in a new computer chair when I finally get my new desk.
  13. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in So the Stormblood Early Access is fucking broke and everyone in NA trying to play   
    The problem is this is an issue that should not be an issue. If they'd of fucking rented extra servers for the month to help alleviate the congestion that comes with every major expansion launch everyone would be happy right now (or for fuck sake they could put this and the other two instanced story missions behind a fucking queue so people could get through it but no they opted to put a hard cap of 1 person per server on it and it's like trying to win a radio call in contest (its all about timing and luck) to get through). There is no way SE didn't know how many people would be playing early access, they have the fucking sales numbers and the early access code redemption's to go off of. They're other mistake was releasing early access on a Friday when fucking everybody would be able to get on after work to play. They really fucked up and now they're trying to fix issues for the 1% of the player base that actually made it through Raubahn Ex (it's what we're calling the problem, the npc that starts the mission is name Raubahn) instead of helping the 99% that can't.
    Yea I'm fucking salty about this. It's day 3, I'm nowhere near getting past this MSQ, I got up at 1:30 am to attempt to get through when server load would be at it's least (which it isn't, everyone seems to have had the same idea), and now servers are going down to fix the issue I mentioned above instead of helping out those of us who can't progress. I'm seriously debating canceling my subscription and demanding a refund on my copy of the expansion when I get it. I've never seen such blatant disrespect for players and paying customers like this (fuck even Blizzard has done better at placating the crowd when shit hit the fan in WoW). Like I told a guild mate yesterday I pay $210 a year to play this fucking game (I pay in 6 month blocks plus I also pay for an additional 2 retainers (our version of a bank/storage facility)) and I dropped $230 on the Collector's Edition of Stormblood, I don't think it's too much to ask to make sure you fucking give answers to the issues at hand instead of saying "We're looking into it, keep trying on your own to get in" or "Working as intended, quick your damn bitching" (note the last one has never been said but most of us are starting to feel like this is what they're trying to say).
  14. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Condi'ed out my Rev WvW style. I need 2 earrings and I'll be fully ascended. Cost m   
    My DD is instadeath if I get rolled on. That's my benchmark.
  15. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in LoTR Fellowship of the Rings is such a slow book. The battle of five armies in The   
    Meh, that was mostly there for those who hadn't read The Hobbit before getting into LOTR (I know I hadn't read The Hobbit before I read LOTR, was a nice little intro into what happened before the events currently taking place).
    Don't get me wrong some of Tolkien's best work is in The Silmarillion (in fact it is my favorite book out of everything he's written) but like I said its a pain to read through all of it. I actually like that Tolkien took the time to actually set up his world and give us the details, it made it feel more alive). Too many books these days don't take the time to do that and just throw you into the fray without even a "Hey, this is whats kinda going on just so you know". Shit just wait until you get to the appendices in The Return of the King (if your copy has it, mine did). There is so much information on who's who, the elven language (which is actually a language, Tolkien was a Linguist), another few pages of story not mentioned in the book proper (like the Grey Havens scene from the movie, what happened after Sam and Frodo got back to the Shire, what Pippin and Merry were up to after everything, etc), and so much more (The Silmarillion has something similar but its not as bad).
    Reading Tolkien is a huge commitment and is something I learned the hard way back when I first started reading his work. If you can put up with the amount of information he throws at you the reward is well worth the boredom.
  16. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in My top 5 games I've played since last E3. 1. Legend of Zelda: Brea   
    Hmmmm. I dunno if I'd put BF1 over BFBC2's campaign. If you ever see it on the cheap for, its worth picking up for the campaign even if no one plays the MP anymore.
  17. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in I'll give credit where its due. Microsoft had a pretty good E3 presentation. But sa   
    Problem is why would you shell out money for a console with a 4k BD Player if you don't have a TV capable of playing it? I think this is the reason Sony didn't go with one, why waste money and potential sales due to cost when most of your consumer base doesn't have the tech to run it. Then again I say this after buying a PC more powerful than the XBoneX/PS4 Pro will ever be (though I do not have a 4k BD player or 4k monitor and I wouldn't waste money on it. 4k gaming is a pipe dream that only the super rich can afford and at that it's not true 4k gaming since most PC's aren't powerful enough to run it). I didn't really catch the conference since I've lost all interest in E3 (I get more excited for TGS and Gamescom) but I got the gist from Twitter (and most people were pretty underwhelmed by MS's showing).
    Reason why Sony has more exclusives is because they are actually focused on gaming, not being the center entertainment hub of you're room (which is MS's big thing for the XBoneX).
  18. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in I'll give credit where its due. Microsoft had a pretty good E3 presentation. But sa   
    I'm going to be salty when XBone gets the early access to all the Anthem content. I know its coming since they get the Battlefield stuff. Kinda sad that we got Activision this time when last gen it was flip flopped. I know I was glad to get Destiny exclusives before ya know... I never got them. *cough*Hawkmoon*cough*. But fuck COD.
  19. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in World versus World in Guild Wars 2 is fun again. I've played a little over an hour   
    This link stuff is crap now that population is back. It feels like FA and SBI just split up in to smaller groups and cap everything while we tried to keep them from taking the main keep all night. There was an attack on the keep at least once every other tick. People were bitching about not flipping things, but if we lost control of the keep, its basically 25% of the map, and the fast access route to everything on JQBL. Blackgate is a full server, they should have to deal with fighting 2 linked servers. We're unstoppable in a ZvZ, but we don't have the coverage to cap and hold stuff. Its basically 4v1 server-wise with all this excitement over WvW they just need to link T6-T8 servers together and let them fight it out.
  20. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in So the new computer finally arrived and boy is it beautiful (and bigger then I tho   
    Eh, I didn't think of copying the files over (not like I don't have enough external storage to do so). A fresh install is for the best though as FFXIV had some issues on my laptop and I'm afraid they might of transferred with (plus I'm less than a week from early access for Stormblood so a fresh install is probably for the best). Plus the folder structure is a nightmare (the main game is under Program files but everything else is under a folder in My Documents (fucking weird if you ask me, WoW had a similar set up to GW2 so I'm used to that).
    I'll have to look into the creators update since I was forced into Windows 10 (I got the Professional version and I actually like it more than the Home version, I'm still going to have to customize it more to my liking either tomorrow or Sunday because some of these UI elements bug the hell out of me), haven't really had time to update Win 10 or the graphics drivers yet.
  21. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by DeathscytheX in Finished watching Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) last night and what a fucki   
    The last school anime I enjoyed beside Hagani, was Netoge no Yome wa Onna no Ko Janai to Omotta? (And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?). Because it wallowed in MMO/Online gaming tropes (girl gamers, RMT, P2W, etc) which I found extremely enjoyable. It also had my mouse in anime form . Its a gaming anime, that's actually about the characters playing an MMO without being stuck inside of it. It's four people that play in a party often, and they end up finding out they all go to the same school, and actually know each other... being in different social echelons, they normally wouldn't hang out with each other, so they form an after school club to play on campus. Its pretty light-hearted, but has some great moments. 
  22. Sledgstone liked a reply to a status update by Strider Hiryu in So I was bored yesterday and played some of the Overwatch free weekend (sadly I wo   
    Nah, everyone was too green to even know the "Pharmercy" combo or they just weren't using it. Honestly I barely ran into anyone on the opposing team playing Phara (maybe two and they sucked, I easily killed them as Lucio). Out of 10 matches I only lost one because my team wouldn't play worth the shit and kept letting me die (I was playing Mercy and no one would protect me. I kept getting flanked by Genjis, Sombras, and Tracers). I was honestly surprised by how well we were doing, I'm not wondering if some of the players I was with were high levels playing on a different profile (some of them were too good to have just picked up the game). All in all I had a great time. Wished the game was like this when it launched as I might of actually bought it once I got a job (still might but that lack of free time is what will kill me. Well that and short on funds since the computer purchase (which I still haven't gotten, that's for a rant on another day)).
    No wonder Lucio felt like a god last night. I didn't know they buffed his gun damage. I got a 15 player killer streak with him and was wondering if it was a fluke (honestly didn't feel like I should of done that well). I was murdering fools left and right (and I went one on one with a Junkrat in a small room and won, I'm going to blame it on lack of skill because he should of killed me multiple times). Funny you should say that about Orisa because I was eating Reinhardt's for lunch last night. Did he get nerfed because he seems to be a lot more squishy then I remember him being (I was chewing through him with Lucio and actually killed one three times with melee attacks (that had more to do with his skill then him being weak))? Like I said I never played Orisa but the teammate who was playing as her must of knew how to play her well because they did amazing, only dying once because I was brought down by a Reaper flank. I forgot to mention that the Play of the Game I got with Lucio shutdown a Hanzo and a McCree before they got off their supers (was hilarious to hear Hanzo start his chant to all of a sudden hearing him die), thought that was worth mentioning since I've never did that before.
    Meh, I've heard that about comp. I've also heard it's become a cesspool as well, much like LoL/DOTA/Smite when it comes to party chat. It's probably a good thing no one talks on PS4 (previous comment was made based on the Xbox Community). Honestly I'd probably just end up doing what you do but that's mostly due to lack of free time. I'm used to people not talking in competitive games, R6S rarely has anyone talk during a match. While frustrating it doesn't bother me since I always play objectively to begin with so as long as I'm pulling my weight I don't care how the match ends (though I will admit to fits of rage in R6S when people don't play correctly or fucking ignore me when I'm calling out enemy locations or for help).
  23. Strider Hiryu liked a reply to a status update by Sledgstone in I got my new 1 tb external hard drive in the mail today. I have enough free space t   
    Digital hording is horrible for me. You should see my inventory on my guild wars 1 & 2 characters and every final fantasy game I've ever played.