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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in I got my new fridge hooked up over the weekend. Built in water and ice maker is amazi   
    Holy cow, mad conveniences. Although diswasher can be hit or miss. Ive had some where you could just rinse stuff off and toss it in. I have had others that you had to make sure you got every spec off each plate or else it would get dried to the bottom of all the cups on the top rack after the water jets blasted it off the plates into the cups.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Black friday sales started early so I bought a 4k HDR 50 inch samsung tv. I'm pleased   
    I do think both the PS5 and Xbox will both hit 60fps at 4k. Thats the knock on the pro and S versions of the consoles now. While they are more powerful, they don't do this. The next generation on consoles will probably not have much of a polygon count increase like previous generations one uping the next. I think it will be more about dynamic lighting and shadows and how much can happen on the screen at once. We've reached a certain apex in graphics that will be pretty difficult to pass significantly. 
    We've gotten to a point though where graphics aren't everything anymore. God of War was spectacularly beautiful and is my favorite game of the PS4 era, but I had almost just as much fun playing Ys VIII which had PS3 graphics with current gen aspect ratio. I think there will still be a lot of games that don't hit the benchmark, but there will be Triple A games that do because they are expected too. With the whole shaky ground big studios are on right now though with microtransactions and pissing off their bases with flat out arrogance, I can see smaller studios getting even more love in the future. I want more Ys and Nier Automata and less annual titles. As long as its in HD and looks nice on my big ass TV screen, thats all I need.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in With the summer simuldub season coming to a close, it played out like I predicted mor   
    Arc wise S1 was the best, story wise the Mother's Rosario arc is by far superior (god did I cry my eyes out at the end of that, so fucking good). The Asuna/Asuna's Mom drama was kinda meh, it was nice to see what actually motivates Asuna but I think it was put mostly there to contrast her relationship with Yuuki (and how close Yuuki and her family were).
    That's kind of the problem with the secondary females, they all get under utilized and overshadowed by Asuna because she's Kirito's love interest. It really sucks since, while I like Asuna, my favorite of the female cast has always been Sinon (she's such a better developed character with so much more to offer than Asuna (again not hating on her but still)) and Yuuki (though they did right by Yuuki in the book and the show).
    They kind of did it with the movie as well, pushing Asuna way to the forefront and regulating all the other characters to secondaries (even Kirito gets this treatment for the first half of the movie (considering it is Asuna focused)). Sadly the movie wasn't everything I was hoping it would be (but it was nice to finally see what the final boss of SAO would of been) but it was still an enteraining couple of hours.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in With the summer simuldub season coming to a close, it played out like I predicted mor   
    I just noticed SAO S2 was finally dubbed on netflix. The ending was sad as fuck, but like S1 I felt the first arc was the strongest. The GGO story was much more interesting, even though Asuna was left out. In fact, its odd that the first half was Kirito focused and the last half of the second arc was Asuna focused. Sinon was pretty much delegated to a background character after GGO which was sad since they spent all that time developing her. I could have done without Asuna's mother drama but I did like the whole Yuuki and the Sleeping Knights story.... it was brutally heart aching.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in With the summer simuldub season coming to a close, it played out like I predicted mor   
    It just started airing yesterday in Japan that's why. I completely forgot about it and will now have to watch the first ep tonight before I hit the sack.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in Its been quite the stressful couple weeks. Lady had her surgery and is having a very   
    90 degree weather with 90-100% humidity is every day here from mid May til October if we're lucky. That shit sucks, mostly because of the suffocating humidity... especially when you get into the car after its been sitting out in that all day. Some people think I'm crazy loving cold weather, but you can always put more clothes on... there is only so much you can take off. I haven't washed my car since April, and I probably wont again until next month when it manages to get down into the 70s again. I can't imagine spending all day out in that shit. I use to as a kid no problem... but unloading trucks at work for 30 min makes my whole shirt soaked in sweat since our loading dock is open. My previous job it was closed in.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in I cancelled my amazon prime membership. I wasn't getting nearly enough benefit out of   
    I'll keep mine around. I order way too much from amazon to give up my shipping. I order 2-5 times a month. I order bulk items like snacks and coffee. I get a 48pk of Quaker chewy bars for $11, and sometimes $8 with a coupon. A 8pk at the store is almost $4. If I order it on Sunday I can expect to get it on Wednesday every time. I just have to make sure I order anything I want before Thursday to get it in two days.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in I don't drink much soda anymore unless I'm at the theater or some other public event.   
    Tab is the Good & Plenty of soda. I remember they came out with an energy drink about 10 years ago, and it almost made me throw up drinking it.
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from DeathscytheX in Tuesday my favorite festival of all time for GW2 comes back. I'm more hyped to play t   
    I never got to experience the festival the first time so I'm really looking forward to seeing it.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in I completed my 6th world completion on Guild Wars 2. It will probably be my last. Mou   
    I had all of Orr done before the beetle. Its probably the most depressing part of WC because it's so dreary. I knocked it out first this time. 😂 You're probably right though.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in My router shat out on me today and screwed me for over an hour as I thought it was my   
    I've had a Belkins and D-Links crap out on me but the only Linksys that died on me got hit by lightning. I'll have to give that one a pass. I've never had a TP-Link.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Sabe in I just wanted to pop by and say hello! Hope things are going well!   
    Poor Lady! Send her my well wishes, and I hope she gets better soon!
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in My router shat out on me today and screwed me for over an hour as I thought it was my   
    Linksys fa life My 4 antenna dual 5ghz/2.4ghz beast was worth every penny. I'm sure my neighbors 3 houses down can pick up a medium quality connection on this thing if it wasn't WPA2 locked.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in You could definitely tell this was the last E3 for this generation of consoles. Super   
    They should have both formats compatible. Digital games should last forever, But I could understand only doing physical for 1 generation back. They should get rid of discs all together though and go to those SD cards that the switch uses. Keep the Blu-Ray drive for PS4 games and blu-ray functionality. They should also do a 4TB HD and quit with the BS on small storage. It would also be nice to have feature to "zip" your unused games so you can unzip them later when you want to play them rather than having to redownload the whole thing. They also need to get their head out of their ass on cross platform. They don't need to repeat the PS3 generation where they fall behind because they got to arrogant. They made a massive comeback this gen, pummeling Microsoft in resounding fashion. Sony has way more exclusives, and that's what sells the console. Let people play across platforms, this would maintain the health of a lot of online game populations by consolidating the playerbase. It would probably save companies resources on having 3 different servers or 3 different partitions of a server for their games. Smaller studio games that have failed may fair better when everyone is playing together from all platforms. Let studios decide what they want to do.. Because I know COD would probably not do this to keep their old games dying so people have to buy the new ones.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in This has got to be Destiny's last run. Twice expecting people to pay for a Y2 overhau   
    Nier Automata, Breath of the Wild, and God of War are probably the best games I've played as far as enjoyment factor in the past 5 years. They're all single player games. The problem with MP experiences now is balance is prioritized over fun. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 after the Javelin Glitch and Model 87s were nerfed was just a fucking blast to play... because EVERYTHING was OP as shit... the models were so OP that they were more OP than all the OP stuff. The game mechanically may have been a mess, but everyone was on an equal playing field with just about every gun being viable because you could choose in what way to be OP. It balanced itself. That was fun. Basically Esports ruined MP games. Overwatch is about the only game I enjoy that is balanced fairly well... but its purely an objective game with the need for strategy. MW2 demolition, you shoot 4 tubes around the bomb, chuck your nades, call in the air strike, pave low, arm the bomb, and post up the choke point and obliterate everyone that funnels in.   Ah back when I try hard carried teams to victory. Now if a MP game can't be esports, they just don't fool with making them.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in This has got to be Destiny's last run. Twice expecting people to pay for a Y2 overhau   
    It saddens me that Bungie thinks they can get away with this shit. I mean the expansion looks good (Bladedance making a comeback?) but honestly it's not worth the price tag (especially considering I would need to drop money to get get Curse and Warmind just to play it) or the disappointment tied to it once it's apparent they'll only deliver on half the promises they made. It's baffling how people still give this company money (and how many still praise how great D2 is, even after all the bullshit they've pulled).
    Honestly as long as BFV is half of what they're talking about I'll be happy (even if it's only 5 maps but I doubt it, DICE has never really screwed us that badly. Their bosses on the other hand are another story). I won't hold my breath for The Division 2. Outside of R6S Ubisoft has done nothing to make me think it'll be any better than The Division (a game that still hasn't had any story progression beyond how it ended). True the game is in a better place but how long did it take? Are you really ready to invest money into a game that will probably have the same start as the first one? I'm not and unless I'm impressed by what I see once it releases I probably won't (don't get me wrong, I liked The Division for what it was. The story was good and the game play was solid but it just got so tedious without a group to play with. Plus after a while the grind for better gear got boring and wasn't as rewarding as it is in other games (I don't mind grinding gear but I hate grinding when the chances are slim to none that I'll get anything good (I mean come on I still play FFXIV, a game designed to be a grind and I fucking love it because I always feel like I'm working for something tangible))).
    Anthem is BioWare's swan song. It better be good because if it isn't we might not see BioWare for much longer. I really hope it's everything they promise it to be but I'm tempering my expectations. I refuse to get hyped by all the youtubers making video's about it or to get hyped in general. I want tangible proof this game is worth my money and that won't come until we get game play footage and actual news worth getting hyped about. Gaming is leaving nothing but a bad taste in my mouth as of late and games as good as Detroit are becoming few and far between (which as a lovely surprise by how good the game actually was). I have only one game this year I've been looking forward to and that's Ace Combat 7 because those games are the only ones I get hyped for (I've never been disappointed by the main Ace series (numbered titles, Assault Horizon was thankfully not a main series staple because you and I both know how much that game sucked)). I just wish we'd get more information on it.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in The housing market is crap around here for what we can afford. I really really want t   
    That seems to be the way it is. You either get privacy or internet. I think I even had a friend that offered to pay for the cables to be ran to his house because it was one of those awkward situations where the street across from him had good internet but his street didn't. They still turned him down. Its pretty amazing how terrible our internet structure still is. And with city codes and what not I bet it's too much of a hassle to go through the process to run cables to a single house just to give someone access to your service.
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    Sledgstone reacted to DeathscytheX in The housing market is crap around here for what we can afford. I really really want t   
    The housing market is never good at a convenience. Back in 2012 my parents tried to sell their house, it sat on the market for over a year with hardly any interest. At this point housing was pretty cheap, cheapest in years according to my mom. She kept pressuring me to buy a house but I just couldn't afford it. Now the housing market is booming and I know I couldn't afford one right now until I get moved up more in my new job. 
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    Sledgstone got a reaction from DeathscytheX in I must have started watching Fairy Tail like 4 or 5 years ago. I always got held up b   
    Wait until you see all the ass pulls in the last arc of this series. At one point I thought the manga was going to go full hentai. I hope the guy does make a sequel tho. I read this manga for 10 years and even tho it fell apart in the end, I miss it.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in After four days of playing I finally beat Detroit: Become Human or should I say finis   
    While I have yet to play Heavy Rain (I got a copy of the PS4 remake/remaster with my purchase of the Digital Deluxe Version of Detroit, will probably start playing it here soon) if she liked it I'm pretty sure she'll love Detroit. I can't stress enough how much I love this game (you can ask my co-worker, it's all I've been talking about since yesterday (luckily he hasn't been annoyed yet because he's been playing it too)).
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in I'm going to preface this by saying I'm normally not a fan of Super Robot mech shows   
    For the final fight alone the second movie is worth watching, it's just that fucking awesome. As I said there are some changes that just seemed weird to me (mostly with story and character flow, they retconned a lot of what happened in the last 3-4 eps and completely condensed the whole Anti-Spiral reveal/Simon arrest into like 10-15 minutes) but the movies are worth a watch (though overall the story is laid out better and the characters progress more fluidly in the series) if you want to say you've had the complete TTGL experience (though they underplay Kamina a lot more than I'd of preferred, he's still a major focus but it seems they really rushed through his arc to get to the more meaty story bits which felt like a complete disregard for his importance (the second movie does a good job and establishing how important he was but it felt really underplayed in the first movie)).
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in I'm going to preface this by saying I'm normally not a fan of Super Robot mech shows   
    Finally got both movies watched and I have to say for recap/condensation movies they were pretty damn good.
    The first one was what you'd expect from a condensation of the first 15 episodes and while it was good some of the changes were kinda weird (like the final battle with the Four Generals, while I like this version somewhat more than the original fights it left out a lot of what motivated Simon to break out of his meek self and into the person he became) and a little off-putting. Overall though enjoyable.
    Now the second one was, well I just don't know how to put it because I don't think there is a word in any language that can describe just how pure fucking awesome it was. Again some of the changes were weird and off-putting but that final battle was beyond awesome, probably the most enjoyable 30 minutes I've ever seen in a movie. Pure fucking insanity is the only real way to summarize it.
    Without a doubt this is probably going to go down as one of my all time favorite mech anime and anime of all time (nothing will ever beat out Zeta Gundam for top mech anime but this is a close fucking second and Aria will always remain my all time favorite anime but this is close up there (displaced by like 5 or 6 other shows, definitely in the top 10 though)). After watching the movies I just can't talk myself out of buying this now and I must own this for my collection (I just wish it didn't cost so much x.x). I didn't think Trigger could top Kill la Kill for me but they did and did it before Kill la Kill was even created, god damn this show and the movies were amazing (I just wish it didn't take me 11 years to finally watch it).
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in I'm going to preface this by saying I'm normally not a fan of Super Robot mech shows   
    That's generally why I buy anime at or around Christmas. Right Stuf's Black Friday/Christmas sale is fucking nuts, 50+% off on a lot of shit (though it seems to be the same things every year with a few different things thrown in from time to time). Sadly Aniplex titles are never on it (and if they are they're sold out before I ever get a chance to order any).
    Generally prices aren't really that bad considering you can get a BD complete set of a lot of series (depending on length) for the price of a new video game (maybe a little bit more depending on a few things) now-a-days. You just have those fucking scum bag companies like Aniplex who think it's a great business plan to price gouge (even though they're apparently up to 50% cheaper in other countries). Plus you also have companies like Right Stuf who constantly have sales going to one publisher or another every week. I remember when it cost $200 for a DVD boxset back when anime was first becoming big here in the states (that's how much I paid for my Trigun Complete Boxset over 10 years ago (original run from Pioneer before they stopped publishing anime)) so we've come pretty far since then price wise.
    Depending on what my paycheck looks like on Friday I might pick it up. I do have 20 hours of overtime so I might just use that to get it (even though I would like to buy a new mouse and keyboard, sigh to many choices and not enough money to go around) but then again I did pre-order Detroit: Become Human two weeks ago so I should probably wait.
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    Sledgstone reacted to Strider Hiryu in I'm going to preface this by saying I'm normally not a fan of Super Robot mech shows   
    I noticed it as the series progressed, the man knew what was going to happen that's for sure (to bad he had to die so early in the series. You want to talk about a gut punch I thought my entire world collapsed at the end of that episode).
    I'm honestly contemplating buying the BD Complete set on Right Stuf that comes with both movies but I'm not sure I can afford a $150 hit right now (Aniplex price gouges the hell out of shit here in the US, it's the only reason I haven't bought Kill la Kill yet) but god damn I need to own this wonderful piece of greatness in all its HD, remastered glory.