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  1. Do you do the raid content in FFXIV? Theres 2 raid wings in GW2, but I doubt I'll ever do it because of the length of time it takes and co-ordinating with 9 other people over teamspeak isn't something I'm interested in doing.

  2. Ohhh nice. In Guild Wars 2 they're considered two separate swords, so I ended up crafting the legendary sword and then reskinned the offhand sword to look like it. Same with all the other swords on my other characters. Being able to dye a weapon makes me jealous tho. Its a shame that glow doesn't stay with any color you want.

  3. Cool. Sounds like the equivilant of Guild Wars 2's legendary weapons. Those cost astronomical amounts of gold and months of playing to craft too. Did you have to craft two swords? Or is there a wardrobe system in FFXIV and you reskinned the second sword?

  4. World Completion


    I got my world completion about 5 days ago.. I was so happy to get it done and I forgot to take a screenshot. :( It was 1am on a work night and I was exhausted. XD

  5. Speaking of easily broken clubs.. the largest club in this set feels like the most fragile one. It has a graphite shaft and titanium head which means its very light weight and can break easily if it gets swung into the grass instead of hitting the ball. That giant club weighs less than half of all the other clubs.

  6. lol. I tried doing a different part of this scene and trying to get the big wheel bottle to enlarge and match up with the movement of the scene was too much for me. I could probably do it, but the bottle would be moving randomly and look so much worse than Syfy special effects. XD