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  1. I've been playing BF1 this week and it is so much better than it was. :D If this game was like this at launch it would have probably hooked me completely. I still haven't bought premium yet but I am contemplating it now. The improvements to this game along with changing this one setting has made all the difference for me:

    With this setting, sniping gameplay is actually exactly like BF4 in terms of camera movement. It made a significant difference for me. One of my brothers prefers the BF1 style and his game play shows that hes better with it, but I needed this setting changed. Much more enjoyable now.

    Onto the changes I've seen in the core game:

    - No more gas grenade spam. They finally did it. I stopped using gas grenades even before I quit playing months ago, but I've played 6 rounds of conquest this week and only had to put my gas mask on once. And the best improvement.. friendly gas no longer affects you. At first I thought I didn't realize what was happening when I saw the gas around me. Since it is always accompanied by damage indicators and the screen flashing damage at me I didn't realize it was 'friendly gas'. Your own gas will still damage you. They also must have changed the sensitivity on the gas mask up d-pad button because I did not accidentally put on my gas mask once.

    - No more RNG battlepacks. You get a bar indicating progress you've made towards your next battlepack and each game you play fills that bar up. I got a battlepack twice this week and knowing that you're guaranteed to get one is a hell of a lot more rewarding to me that throwing virtual dice in the background of a loading screen.

    - Daily scrap rewards. You get 50 scrap for playing 1 game a day and an additional 25 scrap for your first win of the day. Guaranteed scrap regardless of needing rng battlepacks for weapon skins to scrap. Much better and more rewarding.

    - Bayonet charge nerf? I don't know but I only got bayoneted once this week. Maybe now people can't instant 90 degree turn around a corner and gank you. When I tried it, it seemed like my character needed a much larger turning radius instead of instant twerking to whatever direction I pointed.

    - Net code improvements? The game felt more fluid.

    - Operations mode will now auto start another round on the same map once the game has finished with teams on opposite positions.

    - Conquest has map voting at the end of a round. Sure that might make some maps played a bit less frequently, but those maps generally sucked anyway.

    - Sniping improvements. I definitely got the feeling that they highly reduced the rng bullet deviation. Back when I played before I'd keep getting pissed that my perfectly lined up head shots would not connect. It wasn't lag, it was bullet deviation EA put into BF1. As if we needed more rng in the game. It feels like that was noticeably toned done. I could actually see why I would miss a shot instead of getting annoyed. Now when I had someone's head in my crosshairs and pulled the trigger, they'd be killed.

    Overall it felt much more enjoyable and I'm looking forward to playing more rounds.

  2. Including activities, gear progression and all 'content' to the total gameplay time is stupid. I bet the campaign will only take 6-8 hours to beat. Almost every game I play I only do the campaign and then kick all the activities and trophies to the curb.

  3. I played the beta on friday and for a while last night. I'm pleased with what I'm seeing. The beta is much smaller than the last expansion's beta but I'm fine with that. The mounts are the selling point all right. I think they need to do a bit of work on the mounting and dismounting effects tho. Since they can't be used in combat, I have a feeling it'll feel a bit clunky after a while with all the mounting / dismounting constantly. FPS in the city was horrible, but once I got away from other players I was easily getting anywhere from 45-60 fps. It really seems all over the place and makes it feel like the maps needs a bit more optimization. I didn't try any of the bounties, but I did try a couple random events. It feels very odd to me to not be gliding everywhere now that I'm so used to it. I bet once this comes out and the majority of people in lions arch are all using mounts, the fps there will drop to the 20s at all times. x_x At least there wont be a big impact on core world bosses, except for maybe teq, since there is a couple small moments after the burn phases that everyone is out of combat and can pop mounts on until they attack something.

  4. I finally got around to watching all these videos last night except for the bog otter interview. Alot of interesting changes. The ammo system should work well for warrior. Riding mounts in core Tyria should be enjoyable but I'm still concerned about world bosses. I wouldn't be surprised if they become no mount zones like most jumping puzzles have no gliding zones.

    These are some huge update notes. Especially for WvW:

    • Being in first place with war score now grants 5 pips instead of 3.
    • Being in second place with war score now grants 4 pips instead of 2.
    • Being in third place with war score now grants 3 pips instead of 1.
    • The Superior Siege Blueprint Case choice from the Skirmish Chest now grants 2 superior siege instead of 1.
    • WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets have been reduced in the last chest of each division but have been added to every chest.

    Farming pips for that back pack shouldn't take 2 years now. I'll try a few hours of WvW this upcoming weekend to see how rewarding it feels now. As long as claim tickets can be aquired with every chest instead of only the 1, people like myself with much less time to play should be able to put in a few hours a week over a year and make some progress unlike how it was before where I'd have to play for 5 hours a week minimum just to get the first wood chest that had tickets.

  5. Soulbeast looks so much more enjoyable than Druid. These mounts are going to make the game either amazing or extremely aggravating as everyone mounts up at core world bosses and fps drops to ridiculously crappy levels. I'm getting hyped tho. :D


  6. I died once on those platforms too because of a mis-timed jump. Just wait until raids come out. If Bungie focuses entirely too much on raid content like in Destiny 1 they'll loose all their casual players again. If they want to nerf turbines for the sake of casual retention, they might start nerfing everything else to appeal to the masses with the most money to spend. Then again, this is just them telling people they'll make fixes to ensure pre-orders stay in place. Once the game ships and they have the money I doubt they'll do small tweaks like this again. XD This could also just be vg247 turning a small dev comment into an entire article because they have a couple huge destiny fans there. I remember during the height of Destiny 1, they had at least 2 Destiny articles a day and a guaranteed Xur inventory update article every friday.

  7. ROTFLMAO! XD I died once on the turbine because I jumped right into that second turbine before I realized what was going on. But even as a hunter with crap jumps for height I had no problem with the area since it was pretty straight forward. I like this dev comment tho:


    It wasn’t just beta players who felt this way, though, as according to game director Luke Smith, the room was changed when Bungie found it to be too hard. That all happened before the beta came out, and Smith was surprised to see the old version in the beta build.

    Dev: "Its an outdated build, thats already been fixed." *jots down notes, 'nerf turbine room'*

  8. I finally got around to watching this. I enjoyed it, but its once again another origins movie. I'm burned out on origins movies which makes this pretty much a once off movie. Decent to watch once, but then its only good for rewatching for a few key action scenes. After reading @Strider Hiryu's spoiler comments I agree with alot of them, but not as much of the negative ones since I'm not nearly as familiar with the property. Until I read his comments, I had no idea Ishikawa and Borma where even in the movie. I didn't even notice them. That old man did a hell of a job and Batou was portrayed great to me. I was iffy about Scarlett Johansson playing the major but she did a decent job with the plot she had to work with. The origins aspect of her character was a bit meh tho. But that ending fight scene was spectacular. :D

  9. This looks amazing and actually resembles the book. O_O It is one of my favorite books of all time. One of the best horror novels I've ever read. The mini series all those years ago was decent but didn't cover hardly anything that took place in the book. I'm hoping this movie shows It in it's other forms since it wasn't always a clown. Werewolf, zombie, massive spider.. It is the embodiment of fear. It just so happens that creepy clowns seem to be universally feared. XD 

  10. This show has turned into crap really fast. After the first 3 episodes theres no longer any focus on monsters. -_-; Instead "the mist" is screwing with everyone's minds when they're exposed to it. It causes some people to go crazy and murderous, others see a dead relative that talks to them, others start bleeding randomly like it's acid. This is beyond dumb and its turning into a human versus human show that keeps focusing on bad characters and shitty plot lines instead of being a show about survival like the book was all about. In the book, a US government military research facility had a horrible accident and whatever science experiment they were performing got completely out of hand. The result was a breach between worlds. "The Mist" is actually the atmosphere from a different planet stretching over our own. And as the mist expands, the creatures that reside from that world are coming with it. In the book, all these creatures are extremely alien monster like and hostile and feed off each other. They covered it in the movie correctly, but the ending was horrible. In this series however I'm quickly loosing interest since its nothing like the book except that there is a f*cking mist and an occasional monster creature. Out of the last two episodes the only monsters shown were a bunch of leaches that fell off a ceiling that killed a guy. -_-; Still no tentacle monster, massive flies the size of large dogs, no big ass spiders with acidic webbing.. no massive sky scraper sized walkers.. instead in the series theres a human shaped black mass creature that can appear and disappear and kill people by face sucking them.. wtf. In the book and movie there was nothing human shaped at all, it was all literally alien.

  11. Awesome! :D I'll watch it soon. I just checked amazon's page and it looks like people are complaining that there are no subs and mandarin only. x_x I'll wait for the bluray. lol.

  12. Those buffs sound really nice. Being able to launch up to high locations and still having an explosive to use will change him up alot.. same with being able to just spam two right after each other at a choke point.

  13. I told myself I'd never watch another M Night Shyamalan movie again.. and then I watched and enjoyed "The Visit" only to find out at the end of the movie it was one of his.. (Lady had already started it so I missed the opening credits). I guess if he can make something decent again I'll give this series a try too.

  14. I'm assuming at the end of the trailer it'll be Superman since hes listed as being in the cast on imdb. lol. And somehow Lex Luthor is in this movie too with 3 female characters called "Lex Luthor's Guard". I'm guessing there will be a clip of him in jail surrounded by female guards. The action in this clip looks as good as an Avengers movie, but Batman riding around in his kill mobile is starting to feel like it'll be the equivilant of a James Bond car chase scene that has to happen in every movie hes in now. XD

  15. That fushion rifle looks incredibly effective. But that clip also shows how one sided the pvp matches are. He went on a 5 kill streak against a team of 4 people. The first one died, but because the map is so small he spawned close enough to the guy that killed him that he died a second time within 9 seconds of his first death. Whats really funny is right at the beginning of that clip he name pops up in the kill feed.. He died right at the beginning, spawned.. lived 15 seconds, died, respawned and died again 9 seconds later. That guy is averaging about 10 seconds per life. XD

  16. I was surprised at how many skippable mobs there were. The one portal jump area had enemies spawning behind us that we could basically out run to get to the switches and in the drill area itself i saw a bunch of cabal that were down on some lower ridges that looked out of place since we never had to engage them to proceed.

    Pvp is an even bigger disaster with those cool downs. In one round I got some heavy ammo from a spawned ammo location, then 3 seconds later I died without getting to use my sniper rifle. I respawned and the ammo is gone... And do my cool downs get reset? Nope. I have no heavy, no grenade and a crappy dodge to reload my gun while a Warlock hangs around his hp regen bubble and wrecks me 3 seconds away from my spawn location. -_-; on average i got 2 grenades per control match but i easily died and respawned as much as any cod game. 

    The game will probably be alot of fun with a bunch of friends to play with and the campaign should be enjoyable and much longer than D1. The raids will probably be the highlight of the game again and might even have some cutscenes and more plot to go with them which will make playing with friends even more crucial if the raid lobby they have planned falls thru. 

  17. I tried every part of the beta tonight with the hunter class. Destiny 2 looks good, but its not enough for me. The mechanics of the hunter are pretty much the exact same as in Destiny 1. I don't like that. I expect sequels to have new mechanics to make it more distinctive like how every god of war game has new weapons, spells, etc. I stuck with triple jump and still felt like I couldn't get enough height half the time compared to other players around me. Golden gun was decent with 6 shots but felt a bit underpowered against some yellow bar enemies. The dodge roll to instant reload my gun was nice, but the recharge of it, melee and grenades was so abysmally slow I couldn't get into any timed routine at all for when to use them. :| Arcstrider felt just like bladedancer except it had no auto targeting enemies that made bladedancer amazing. But its a horrible subclass to use seeing as every enemy now melees the hell out of us. So if that staff attack doesn't kill everyone near me it triggers everyone's melee and they pummel the hell out me. I switched back to golden gun after trying out the super only once.

    Onto the guns.. I hate that sniper rifles are a heavy now. Screw that. Theres so many areas where a sniper rifle would be beneficial and I have a whopping 6 bullets with half the enemies needing two shots to be killed. Makes the rifle almost pointless. Machine guns were horrendous and wouldn't kill anything before running out of ammo and needing a reload. Assault rifles would at least kill most enemies in a single clip easily, but hand cannons were superior damage. Sunshot was a great exotic but it felt so odd to swap from a hand cannon to another hand cannon. I didn't try out the grenade launchers tho.

    I really liked the initial mission and it felt more fulfilling than all of Destiny 1's plot. XD Although the traveler still did nothing to defend itself. Maybe they'll get into the plot about it in D2 and explain what it actually is. I was half expecting the guardian to instant die seeing as in Destiny 1 hes a re-animated corpse brought back to life via the traveler's light via a ghost. Maybe bungie won't ever mention that plot line again. The strike was enjoyable until one of the people in my strike team quit near the beginning and was never replaced until me and this other guy wiped at the last boss 3 times. We wiped at another part twice and when we both respawned it skipped us to the next checkpoint instead of letting us attempt it a third time. The strike had a horrible drop rate for ammo. I nearly ran out of kinetic ammo repeatedly and I got a total of 10 heavy ammo for my sniper rifle the entire strike. 10. wtf. Along with the recharge timers being so slow I felt like all I could do was keep shooting my alternating hand cannons at all enemies regardless of what range they were and regardless of whatever shielding they were using. It felt like Bungie took the strategy out of the weapon combos and now expect everyone to rush right up to mid range at all times while getting sniped by psions.

    Crucible being 4 vs 4 was a bad move. All a team needs is one hard core guy and the match is completely one sided like in the 4 matches I played. Whatever that one game mode was that required everyone to kill the enemy team or detonate the bombs is not enjoyable. Its YOLO. No respawn and for some reason a team mate can revive you after a 1 minute timer but each match I was in lasted no more than 1-2 minutes. Control had much smaller maps than in Destiny 1, probably to compensate for the lack of 4 extra players.. but as a result the spawn locations must be predictable because I felt like I was playing Call of Duty and getting killed every 15 seconds. x_x

    I'm glad I got to play the beta, that first mission was definitely enjoyable. Sniper rifles being heavy with limited ammo and no real diversity for the hunter class from D1 means this game would be just like playing D1 for me, in new locations, but with no sniper rifle secondary. ehh. Warlock and Titan probably feel more diversified but I didn't really play either of those classes in D1.

    A couple last things.. turns out arcstrider has some combos I didn't know about. This guy listed them all in this article:

    And the hunter's dodge roll instant reload seems so damn weak compared to the warlock's hp regen and the titan's shield. That shield was very useful, lasted a good 5-10 seconds and everyone could use it.. and then I dodge roll and save myself a whopping 2 seconds of reload animation. ummm.. ok.