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  1. Those cut scenes look great. I wonder if that that guy in the suit actually looks like inverted colors because of his mutant abilities or if that is the tell for Spider-man's spider sense kicking in that he is a threat.

  2. I hate motion controls. -_-; So Mario has 3 hearts per life? Is there any core upgrades like in Zelda games? Beating specific bosses increases your heart poll? Doing some achievement gives you a hat throwing distance upgrade? I saw there are outfits, are there any specific ones that give you stronger abilities or is it all just for fashion?

  3. This movie was amazing and I loved every minute of it. I wish it was a marvel movie so Wonder Woman could team up with the Avengers instead of DC's current Superman and Batman incarnations. I've been getting into BF1 more lately and seeing the WW1 vehicles and weapons in Wonder Woman was spot on. There was even landship briefly in a scene. :D

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  4. Those free borg must have been from unimatrix zero then. Only Seven could be a representative for them. I'm surprised they didn't go into more of the lore on them.

    Holy crap.. The Iconians are still alive? From original star trek and their teleporting gates? wtf.. the game must have been going for so long now they had to get every enemy ever introduced to fight the federation so there wouldn't be a lack of enemies. XD I'm surprised the Kazon haven't started a war with the federation yet. XD

  5. 5-7 hours seems so damn short. Thats like BF1 campaign short. The BF1 campaign missions were great and well made, but I bought that game for the multiplayer. The single player was just a great bonus on the side. But for battlefront 2, I'd rather it be more about the story with multiplayer as a bonus mode like Last of Us and Tomb Raider. Its a shame so many games are turning into the multiplayer loot box setup instead. I blame cell phone games. Before we know it Battlefront 3 will be a F2P game but you can only play 3 matches a day unless you pay $0.99 a day for 5 hours a day and only $9.99 one time fee to remove the in game advertising in between spawns.

    Kotaku and some other sites have been having the loot box conversations for the last week or so. I agree that that loot box is a shitty way to make money. As far as I'm concerned they should either have paid DLC or loot boxes. If there is going to be loot boxes, then the dlc needs to be free to keep people playing while having loot boxes be the crap on the side people can throw money at. I prefer Guild Wars 2 loot boxes. Even tho I never buy them at least I can buy the contents off the trading post. But in all these other games exclusive account bound skins hidden behind rng is some bullshit. The loot box fiasco of Battlefield 1 was a big part of what turned me off from the game. Its much better now. At least if I save up enough scrap I can buy a specific skin directly when it comes up in the rotation instead of having to gamble.

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  6. LMAO! They had transwarp drives back in Star Trek 3 wtf. I completely forgot about that. XD I like how the later series completely forget about this tech and act like it never happened until voyager. XD

    I'm guessing the 2 free borg faction from voyager survived 40 years into the future. lol. Voyager covered all the borg stuff. It was worth rewatching a while back just for all that lore. At the end of Voyager they killed the borg queen, destroyed their entire transwarp conduit hub and set them back in progress a great many years. Without their conduit into the the alpha quadrant it probably took them many many years just to make it back into federation space. The large free borg faction in voyager was from unimatrix zero. I'm guessing the allied borg faction 40 years later was a result of them?,_Part_II_(episode)

    As far as I know the war between the borg and species 8472 never ended. I wonder if its still happening all those years later.

  7. That's all kinds of interesting to me. I love how that video really showed the difference. It's crazy to think how fast warp 9.9 is. The Voyager series covered everything about trans warp, warp 10 and quantum slipstream. I actually watched it recently and remember some of it off hand. Basically going warp 10 equals infinite mass and infinite speed. They actually went to warp 10 in a very odd episode with their delta flyer shuttle. The end result was the pilot Tom Perry kinda had a glimpse into omnipresence. He could see everything everywhere and go anywhere he wanted. He recalled events and places on earth, every place of space between them and earth, and pretty much everything else. The ship sensor logs literally filled all its storage with data. The event was to much for his body to handle and he ended up mutating thru an advanced evolution that somehow turned him into a salamander looking dumb thing oon the end. At first it looked like an evolution thing but it really just fried his DNA imo.

    Trans warp was Borg tech and they had specifically made trans warp corridors that existed in a different plane of subspace or something like that. They wouldn't do instant travel between the locations but it was pretty damn quick compared to warp 9.9. Voyager used some trans warp conduits and shaved 30+ years off their warp 9.9 average travel to earth. Voyager also developed a slip stream drive and shaved decades off their trip to. Slip stream worked like trans warp but wasn't as fast. It was like they were making a trans warp conduit on the fly. They couldn't stabilize the engine tho and shelved it for star fleet to do research on. In the season finale they showed the Borg trans warp conduit hub. It was a way station connecting all their conduits. I think the massive structure was built into a huge black hole / gravitational mass anomaly thing of some kind. I can't remember what it was but damn it was gigantic compared to the actual conduit hub structure.

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  8. About half a year later I finally watched One Punch Man and loved it. The biggest draw of this series is the secondary characters. Their fights are amazing and easily on par with every other action series out there like dragon ball z, Naruto, bleach, etc. All the hero's are bunched up into categories based on their strength and they are assigned to fight monsters or bad guys appropriate for their levels. There is usually multiple battles going on simultaneously and even tho Saitama aka one punch man can defeat any enemy he can't be everywhere at once. It really lets the other hero's shine. And some hero's are small fry that just help the average person evacuate or stop a burglary. This show really covers alot of ground while having thoughtful and emotional moments. The only odd person out is Saitama because of how powerful he is. He's actually depressed most of the time and even lets himself get beat on for a while just to make a fight last longer. 

    Genos and the other "S Class" level hero's are the equivalent of ultimate powers like sayians from dbz. None of them are powerful enough to destroy planets or anything like that but Saitama might be. It really is an amazing series and i highly recommend it even if Netflix still only has the subtitled version.

    Just a slight spoiler.. the final ep has a massive battle like its right out of dbz.

  9. David's dad's part was ridiculous. But what was more ridiculous was the ending.



    The queen dies so all the aliens are like.. "Welp, thats it for us guys. Time for us to leave and regroup even though we are literally holding your planet with a massive ship and already caused irreparable damage to the entire surface of the planet and maybe even screwed up your orbit with the mass of our giant ship."

    lol. It was a fun movie tho.

  10. Lol! That's how it was for me initially. But he nailed the role. Whenever i see him I think of Frank Castle now instead of Shane. :P I recommend watching part of daredevil season 2 before watching the punisher series tho. The first couple episodes of season 2, then skip all the court room / daredevil crap and then watch the last 3 episodes. 

  11. Hell yes. Daredevil season 2 was the entire Punisher origin story and in that season netflix pulled off some of the most realistic gun fights I've seen in any movie / tv series. Sure movies have gun fights all the time, but for assault weapons, shotguns, etc. its all special effects and nothing physical. In daredevil season 2 it felt like they were literally shooting guns everywhere and each individual bullet hole was shown being created in the background as it happened. As long as the punisher series has that much detail this will be amazing. It better have that much detail because netflix needs another strong marvel series. Iron Fist and Defenders were horrible compared to their predecessors.

  12. It looks promising and a couple of the scenes look like they were taken right out of the game. Alicia Vikander looks like Lara Croft in that outfit, but shes a very small woman (height and muscle) in comparison to Lara Croft in the video game. I hope her physical performance is believable considering how many men she'll have to kill. To hell with the double guns tho. I'd rather see her using only the bow and climbing axe the entire movie.. and maybe an assault rifle. lol.