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Status Updates posted by Sledgstone

  1. *walks past your profile, stumbles and hits my knee on a table* ahhhhh.... :(

    *sues* :-p

  2. *shoots tranquilizer gun from shadow and hits your ass cheek*
    *takes picture of you unconscious and runs*
  3. *sledge clone poofs into cloud of smoke* ah... close..

  4. *dies of a broken heart*

  5. *runs past godgrave*

    *gg gets hit by stray raviolis*

  6. *drops a brown bag in front of your door and lights it on fire*


  7. *stalks you* .... *accidentally makes noise*


  8. *puts another notch on my belt* :P

  9. yo slippers! how have things been? ^_^

  10. lady is such an ass to me. :(

  11. *spills a can of ravioli on your profile* oops... *runs* :P

  12. *takes your visitor message virginity* :P