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  1. *drops a brown bag in front of your door and lights it on fire*


  2. *runs past godgrave*

    *gg gets hit by stray raviolis*

  3. *stalks you* .... *accidentally makes noise*


  4. *tag*

    No tag backs! *runs away* :P

  5. *walks past your profile, stumbles and hits my knee on a table* ahhhhh.... :(

    *sues* :-p

  6. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  7. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  8. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  9. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  10. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  11. Happy birthday! :P


  12. Have you read "Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters"?

    Its the latest book I've been reading and its actually pretty good. I didn't think much of it at first, but its 4 short stories/novellas in one book. Its the stories of each of the bounty hunters called in by Darth Vader to hunt down the millennium falcon in "The Empire Strikes Back". The first two stories had alot of Boba Fett in it and the third one had an awesome wookie in it. I'm on the third story and its pretty interesting at the moment, but I bet the last story (which is Boba Fett's) will be the best because it'll tie in his accounts with the first two stories and all the crap that went down on cloud city and then Jabba's palace.

    *just realized I typed my opinion about it before you could even say if you've already read it or not* hehehe. ^_^:

  13. I think I have that pm saved somewhere, I'm glad you posted it tho. I've actually gotten used to looking at my recipes in my blog when I go to cook something if its been a while since I've cooked it. Now I'll be able to check yours too. :tup:

    Brats with sauerkraut are the best! Of course I'm the only one in the house that appreciates the distinct aroma of sauerkraut. X'D

  14. I'm doing good. :P

    hehehe.. yeah, that was a nice setup last time but I think the guys that made that feature were trying to track everyone's usage of it and possibly profit off of some how. O_O eh.

    I'll be putting a youtube block on the profile pages soon tho. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next weekend.. I'm lazy. :pppp

  15. lmao! Thats alot better without the music!

    "Snap into a Slim Jim!" :spit:

  16. Lmao! X'D That EOD bot kill was a bit challenging. I got it on a round of tdm. Someone left a resupply kit in some bushes, so i proned on it and kept getting my eod bots resupplied as they were destroyed. lol. I kept sending out eod bots and i finally got the kill by sneeking up on a guy, torched him.. he ran and turned around as i slowly brought my eod bot towards him with the torch blazing. Those damn bots go so fast, I had to creep up on him. It was hilarious, he took 3 shots at my bot with a shotgun and missed each time and my torch finished him off. X'D

    Whats really funny is that someone got an eod bot kill on me on kharg island on a round of conquest. I was in a tank taking fire from some rpg guy. Killed him, and then my hit points started dropping fast. Nothing was on my proximity scan and I blew up before I could jump out. I got killed by the damn EOD bot while in a tank. :P

  17. Look at the new arcade category:

    Snake Games


  18. Maybe I should start being a helicopter husband. *hovers around you making helicopter sounds*

    [ame=]YouTube- Helicopter Homer[/ame]

  19. Nice. I still need to get some squad resupplies to finish mine.. I think I'm going to be focusing on my recon this weekend. I'm about to get a service star with my L96. I love getting a good headshot on someone from a distance. :P

    Oh, and I got suppression assists with the m320 smoke too. Maybe it did some splash damage, either that or the smoke counts towards suppression. BTW, my best underslung hit was when I m320 grenaded a scout helicopter. lol. It was flying low to shoot at a group of my team mates and I was on top of a hill and had a clean shot. I got a vehicle disable, saw it crash spectacularly, and then lobbed another one at it for the destroy. The guy must have jumped out at some point because I didn't get the kill tho. I wish I had recorded a video of that. It was awesome. :P

  20. Nope, thats just the first boxset with the first 7ish dvds. If you search Hajime no Ippo in their search box it'll bring up all the bargain bin dvds:

    Heres a link to their entire bargain bin, huge deals, not everything is always in stock tho and it changes as stuff runs out or older series or special boxs get discontinued:

  21. Remember that maker's mark bbq sauce they sell on their website? I have a ribs recipe on my blog with a bbq/maker's mark/honey sauce I made that turned out pretty good. Have you tried any booze bbq sauce mixes yourself?

    I think I'll try a guinness or boddingtons for beer battered brauts in the spring. Maybe the labatts I've used for those before wasn't strong enough to pass on a flavor like you mentioned in your blog comment.

  22. Thanks! I'll have to check it.

    And the no notifications thing really annoys me. Its the same with picture comments on someone else's pictures. You don't know if anyone replied to what you said. Believe me when I say that people have been bitching for a while now on vb's forums. x_x