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  1. Good sig. *is thinking of buying a gun in preparation* :nod:

  2. Probably a cookie thing. Certain forums are set to display a specific theme when you are not logged in, final fantasy, inuyasha, zelda, etc. If you log in on one of those forums, the preset theme could possibly over-ride your selection? *shrugs* Wouldn't the quick theme selector change it?

  3. Look at the new arcade category:

    Snake Games


  4. Gah. I finally mad a MAL account. Happy!? >_< That took me over an hour to add my list. I can't remember the names of some of the movies I've seen and I didn't bother adding my entire dropped/on hold list. :P

  5. *drooled on your leg last night* :drool:

  6. RAWR! *wookie dandruff attack*

  7. Onion Steak Burgers - Mmmm... you should try cooking some of these. :drool:
  8. The moods won't work until an update for the mod is out.. Which I think it is, I have to do a couple misc. upgrades this weekend.

  9. I think its because of where I have the mood code at in that template. I'll look into it more once the final Gold version of vb 3.7 is released.

  10. How about now? I just finished an upgrade to vb 3.7rc2. *just noticed your mood* well, it looks like you're fine now. :P

  11. I'm cleaning my grill this weekend and I'm going to bbq some chicken and ribs. You should stop by and eat some food. :P

  12. Nice custom title. :P

  13. Thanks. I fixed that mood glitch a couple days ago.. but let me know if you see something else screwed up. I'm doing another upgrade tomorrow. ^_^;

  14. Oops. Fixed. vb upgrade took it out.

  15. Conan! Thats a great pic. :P

  16. Happy birthday! :P


  17. I'm doing good. :P

    hehehe.. yeah, that was a nice setup last time but I think the guys that made that feature were trying to track everyone's usage of it and possibly profit off of some how. O_O eh.

    I'll be putting a youtube block on the profile pages soon tho. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next weekend.. I'm lazy. :pppp

  18. *points finger of accusation at lady*

  19. *walks past your profile, stumbles and hits my knee on a table* ahhhhh.... :(

    *sues* :-p

  20. *shoots tranquilizer gun from shadow and hits your ass cheek*
    *takes picture of you unconscious and runs*
  21. *sledge clone poofs into cloud of smoke* ah... close..

  22. *dies of a broken heart*

  23. *runs past godgrave*

    *gg gets hit by stray raviolis*