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  1. The View New Content link is very useful to see new posts since your last visit, or over a set time frame.

  2. I see google and facebook have already found the site.

    1. DeathscytheX


      *hits facebook with a championship belt*

  3. Hello.. testing message on your profile feed.

  4. Status updates are a quick way to share your thoughts on something.

  5. Yes.. and I hate all the shotguns on gun master.. I can't get a kill worth a damn, but when I have a revolver I'm getting taken out with one shot all the time.

    That top 5 on gun master is the last major hurdle for my assignments. When CQ first came out I got in the top 7 quite a few times, but I never cared for that game mode. Then that assignment came out and I've only tried to get it a handful of times. Have you had any luck with the weapon camo assignments? I got my L96 350 meter headshot on my brother. 350 meters is a pain in the ass to get. I have 30 hours of gameplay with recon and I've only gotten a headshot over 300 maybe 5 times. So after I got a headshot of 315 I said to hell with it, we jumped on opposite teams and we headshotted each other. X'D

  6. Lmao! X'D That EOD bot kill was a bit challenging. I got it on a round of tdm. Someone left a resupply kit in some bushes, so i proned on it and kept getting my eod bots resupplied as they were destroyed. lol. I kept sending out eod bots and i finally got the kill by sneeking up on a guy, torched him.. he ran and turned around as i slowly brought my eod bot towards him with the torch blazing. Those damn bots go so fast, I had to creep up on him. It was hilarious, he took 3 shots at my bot with a shotgun and missed each time and my torch finished him off. X'D

    Whats really funny is that someone got an eod bot kill on me on kharg island on a round of conquest. I was in a tank taking fire from some rpg guy. Killed him, and then my hit points started dropping fast. Nothing was on my proximity scan and I blew up before I could jump out. I got killed by the damn EOD bot while in a tank. :P

  7. Nice. I still need to get some squad resupplies to finish mine.. I think I'm going to be focusing on my recon this weekend. I'm about to get a service star with my L96. I love getting a good headshot on someone from a distance. :P

    Oh, and I got suppression assists with the m320 smoke too. Maybe it did some splash damage, either that or the smoke counts towards suppression. BTW, my best underslung hit was when I m320 grenaded a scout helicopter. lol. It was flying low to shoot at a group of my team mates and I was on top of a hill and had a clean shot. I got a vehicle disable, saw it crash spectacularly, and then lobbed another one at it for the destroy. The guy must have jumped out at some point because I didn't get the kill tho. I wish I had recorded a video of that. It was awesome. :P

  8. The AUG is a nice gun. ^_^ Try doing the latest bug with it. Equip the m320 smoke onto the AUG with the underslung rail left on. LMAO. You can one hit kill people with a smoke grenade from full sniper distance! Its hilarious! I must have pissed off the 5 guys I killed with it last week. X'D Especially the sniper that all I could see was his lens flare. He probably thought.. wtf!? smoke!? :spit:

    Its a hell of a shot to make at distance with though, considering there is no scope. Just line the guy up in the little space at the top crosshair line and you'll get the kill because it has basically no bullet drop, and it'll smoke the area at the same time. :P

  9. lmao. Good times! X'D and I see GANFOBYGDO isn't in the dictionary. :P

  10. Cool. Not a problem. ^_^

  11. lmao! Thats alot better without the music!

    "Snap into a Slim Jim!" :spit:

  12. You're welcome! :D

  13. lol. I'll see about editing my username out of it this weekend for you. :P

  14. It looked like the alien was being dangled like a puppet. :P

  15. lmao! Yes! Thats Ditto alright. X'D

  16. Maybe I should start being a helicopter husband. *hovers around you making helicopter sounds*

    [ame=]YouTube- Helicopter Homer[/ame]

  17. Wow. Thanks alot. X'D

  18. That kitty looks so serius. X'D

  19. My customized profile color scheme is horrible.. x_x