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  1. lol. I'll see about editing my username out of it this weekend for you. :P

  2. It looked like the alien was being dangled like a puppet. :P

  3. lmao! Yes! Thats Ditto alright. X'D

  4. Maybe I should start being a helicopter husband. *hovers around you making helicopter sounds*

    [ame=]YouTube- Helicopter Homer[/ame]

  5. Wow. Thanks alot. X'D

  6. That kitty looks so serius. X'D

  7. My customized profile color scheme is horrible.. x_x

  8. omg, I love that cat picture! kawaii! X'D

  9. lmao. It does look like a shadowy ghost figure tho.

  10. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  11. We'll take leg pics and make a topic just for our legs. :P

  12. You're welcome. :tup:

  13. I just updated your forum account. The rep system was acting whacky and didn't adjust your account when you got back into positive reputation points. And I put you in the AC Family usergroup for the photo album access.

  14. Nope, thats just the first boxset with the first 7ish dvds. If you search Hajime no Ippo in their search box it'll bring up all the bargain bin dvds:

    Heres a link to their entire bargain bin, huge deals, not everything is always in stock tho and it changes as stuff runs out or older series or special boxs get discontinued:

  15. Thanks, that really boosts my confidence. >_

  16. You can turn off the sound or the chatbox altogether in your user cp, under options. I'm hoping the guy that made the chatbox fixes it up to address these issues.