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  1. Cool. Not a problem. ^_^

  2. lmao! Thats alot better without the music!

    "Snap into a Slim Jim!" :spit:

  3. You're welcome! :D

  4. lol. I'll see about editing my username out of it this weekend for you. :P

  5. It looked like the alien was being dangled like a puppet. :P

  6. lmao! Yes! Thats Ditto alright. X'D

  7. Maybe I should start being a helicopter husband. *hovers around you making helicopter sounds*

    [ame=]YouTube- Helicopter Homer[/ame]

  8. Wow. Thanks alot. X'D

  9. That kitty looks so serius. X'D

  10. My customized profile color scheme is horrible.. x_x

  11. omg, I love that cat picture! kawaii! X'D

  12. lmao. It does look like a shadowy ghost figure tho.

  13. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  14. We'll take leg pics and make a topic just for our legs. :P

  15. You're welcome. :tup:

  16. I just updated your forum account. The rep system was acting whacky and didn't adjust your account when you got back into positive reputation points. And I put you in the AC Family usergroup for the photo album access.