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  1. The AUG is a nice gun. ^_^ Try doing the latest bug with it. Equip the m320 smoke onto the AUG with the underslung rail left on. LMAO. You can one hit kill people with a smoke grenade from full sniper distance! Its hilarious! I must have pissed off the 5 guys I killed with it last week. X'D Especially the sniper that all I could see was his lens flare. He probably thought.. wtf!? smoke!? :spit:

    Its a hell of a shot to make at distance with though, considering there is no scope. Just line the guy up in the little space at the top crosshair line and you'll get the kill because it has basically no bullet drop, and it'll smoke the area at the same time. :P

  2. lmao. Good times! X'D and I see GANFOBYGDO isn't in the dictionary. :P

  3. Cool. Not a problem. ^_^

  4. lmao! Thats alot better without the music!

    "Snap into a Slim Jim!" :spit:

  5. You're welcome! :D

  6. lol. I'll see about editing my username out of it this weekend for you. :P

  7. It looked like the alien was being dangled like a puppet. :P

  8. lmao! Yes! Thats Ditto alright. X'D

  9. Maybe I should start being a helicopter husband. *hovers around you making helicopter sounds*

    [ame=]YouTube- Helicopter Homer[/ame]

  10. Wow. Thanks alot. X'D

  11. That kitty looks so serius. X'D

  12. My customized profile color scheme is horrible.. x_x

  13. omg, I love that cat picture! kawaii! X'D

  14. lmao. It does look like a shadowy ghost figure tho.

  15. picture.php?albumid=3&pictureid=222

    Your profile has been tea bagged. :P

  16. We'll take leg pics and make a topic just for our legs. :P

  17. You're welcome. :tup: