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  1. ROTFLMAO! X'D Thats the best blog post ever. X'D

    Miller Light is pretty bad, but its still better than keystone. :P

    Heres the top 5 nastiest beers I've ever drank. :P

    5. Keystone light

    4. Rolling Rock

    3. Red Dog

    2. Any Magic Hat beer

    1. Any Saranac beer

    Have you ever tried any of the new pomegranate flavored beers? After seeing what you said about the cranberry sam adams... I don't think I'll try any of the fruity beers.

  2. I've always wanted to try that Bookers, but damn its too costly. :P

    Is Crown Royal comparable to Gentleman Jack? To me, Crown is easier to drink straight than Maker's Mark, but it doesn't seem to mix as well as regular Jack or Maker's Mark does. So I was wondering if Gentleman Jack would be the better mixer.

    Maker's Mark in gingerale is good, sprite is better, but I've noticed I'm preferring Jack Daniel's and coke more than any other bourbon mix lately.

    If I got that bookers, I'd probably feel like I was disgracing it by mixing it with anything. But then again, it would probably kill me if I drank it straight. X'D

  3. The darkest beers I've ever stomached were Red Dog, Red Stripe and Magic Hat. They weren't even real dark beers. blech! X'D

    I'm surprised those beers don't make hair grow on your tongue. lmao. X'D

    To each their own tho. But then again, maybe I just haven't tried a good dark beer yet. I've seen black and tan at the store. I'll have to see if they sell six packs so I can try it.

  4. Yuengling was always good, but after a while it started tasting a bit heavy to me. But then I switched to Labatt Blue Light, and even that started tasting heavy to me... Coors light ftw!!!

    I think I'll try Blue Moon and Samuel Adams boston lager tho. Both are sold at the local grocery store here too.

  5. None that I know of. Liquor stores cannot sell beer and supermarkets can't sell liquor. So theres no store that has a huge variety of beer. Wegmans and P&C are the only stores that have a decent variety, but much of their variety is regional beer and believe me, Saranac beer in all its varieties taste like ass to me. -_-;

    I did see a beer called UFO that looked interesting, but I think it would be too dark for my tastes.

  6. I'm looking at the hulk pic in at the top left, did Hulk ever actually rip wolverine in half in a comic? Yeah, I don't see how wolverine or captain america could stand a chance against the hulk.

  7. Thanks, but converting it shouldn't be that hard, it'll probably just be time consuming because of the total amount of themes we have. I'm guessing it'll probably just be throwing all the css codes into the new fields and updating all the image directories. *shrugs* I won't know until they release the version. :\ There might be new icons to replace tho..

    If we're lucky they might include a converter. :look:

  8. Update. There is no brake fluid leaking whatsoever and the brakes are working perfectly fine now without the ABS. The front brakes are making an occasionaly squeeking noise, but I should be able to fix that by spraying some more disk quiet on the front pads. I guess I should have sprayed it a bit thicker or completely cleaned off the front pads and reapplied the disk quiet when I changed the front calipers. Oh well, I'm not in a rush to get that done immediately.

    The vibration is still there. Only about 1/4 of what it actually was tho. All the work I've done to the brakes over the past couple months has drastically improved the braking and vibration issues.. But there is still a noticable vibration around 25 mph. I have a feeling the wheels need to be rebalanced. So I'll try and schedule that in the next week or two. The other thing I can do is get a cheap greese gun and greese and hit all the greese maintenance spots according to my haynes manual. Maybe some of the vibration is caused by something not properly lubricated? I'll eventually find out something new by the end of the month.


    Your vBulletin 3.X templates will not be compatible with vBulletin 4. Not only is the syntax changing but the underlying code, design and how elements are called is changing as well.

    Looks like we'll definitely have to update all our themes/styles to compensate with the new vb default layout. It'll be a bitch and we'll loose a couple features I had to modify templates for. -_- Hopefully the new features will make up for that... it better. >_<

  10. I used low sodium soy sauce and it turns out I didn't have dijon mustard so I used spicy brown instead. Wow that marinade has a strong smell. X'D And thats a crapload of whiskey. Good thing I buy maker's mark in 1.75 liter bottles. It only slightly dented my whiskey supply. :wino:

    I took pictures too, I'll let this sit in the marinade for 6 hours and cook it for dinner tonight. I'll try to post the pics later in my blog. :P

  11. Yeah, its a new style/css feature for more customization. Everyone's posts are a different color from everyone else's in their own blog. You have to change the color in the Blog Control Panel under customize blog style. I think its the last one on the list.

    I have no idea why they set it to default as pink. -_- I changed mine to green until I eventually get around to doing a full customization job.

  12. What if I used Canadian LTD, would that turn out good?

    j/k lmao. X'D

    I'll use Maker's Mark for this one. ;) But I wonder if a whiskey like Crown Royal would have a strong enough kick to it for a decent marinade in this recipe. It doesn't burn like Maker's Mark, but the flavor is still there.

    btw, I have all the ingredients for this marinade in my house already. O_O I think I'll defrost a steak overnight tonight and try this out for dinner tomorrow. :D