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  1. lmao! :spit: I remember the forums url was actually

    lmao... look at the last update on the bottom of this page:

    AC will be down for a few hours tomorrow while we perform an upgrade. the upgrade will make the board more efficient and will be just like the main ac board that was hosted by atomic rhino. until a more suitable host is found, we will make the hypermart ac the best it can be.

    I remember when that happened. Atomic Rhino disabled all ubb boards on their servers because they used too many resources.

  2. I don't know. But as the temperature is rising, the noise is noticeably subsiding, so I think its a temperature related issue. Unfortunately, after the oil change, the noise is still occurring. But instead of it being related to the oil, I have a feeling its the actual thermostat I need to replace that is causing the ticking sound. I won't know until I replace it tho. Hopefully if the weather is good tomorrow I'll be able to get it replaced and finish the patch job on my fuel line.

  3. [ame=]IPB vs. vB - Ancient Clan Forums[/ame]

    Argh. I figured I'd share this blurb with everyone because it will vastly impact the functionality of our forum.

    After carefully going over both invision power board and vbulletin, both are definitely two very different pieces of software. In terms of price, over a 3 year period both will cost us about the same, but with different functionality.

    The pros of ipb are the following:

    - Support there seems nicer to their community

    - They actively work on their software

    - They have more than one basic theme

    - Their pm system is drastically improved over vbulletin

    - They have an official gallery

    Cons of ipb:

    - Their gallery is not impressive

    - In comparison to vbulletin, their reputation system is non-existent

    - Their blogs cannot be categorized.

    - Their permission settings seem inferior to vb's.

    - Their mod community is noticeably smaller compared to vb's and seem to focus more on paid modifications.

    - If their import script doesn't work, I'd have to pay them $60 to get our stuff transferred.

    - Their facebook connect feature is very very basic and is only good for registering new facebook members.

    Pros of vb:

    - I know their coding, and I'm used to modifying it myself.

    - Alot of basic functionality that we are used to now is still there (ipb is missing quite a few basic things that would drive me mad.)

    - vB has almost all new developers, which I'm actually glad for because the software has been pretty stagnant for about a year now.

    - The initial cost of vb 4 is cheaper for me over switching to ipb.

    - vb will now include a CMS package.

    - Their mod community is pretty damn big.

    Cons of vb:

    - This whole bullshit, 'buy this product right now crap or be screwed.'

    - They have let basic feature requests go ignored for almost a year. (but they have new developers now.)

    - They are heavily modding their forums to look cheerful and pleasant when they pissed off alot of people.

    - Their album gallery functionality needs alot of work, (but it doesn't cost extra).

    - We have no idea when vb 5 will actually be released. If its an earlier than 2-3 years, I'll feel a bit ripped off.

    So wtf. Both of the forum packages seem like good pieces of software. But, we're pretty broke and I think we might end up having to go with vb after all, because its the cheaper of the two up front costs. Also, ipb's admin panel and functionality looks like a mess compared to what I'm used to with vb.

    Someone stab me. :bleedout:

  4. [ame=]Invision Power Board - Ancient Clan Forums[/ame]

    We may be switching to Invision Power Board within the next couple weeks (maybe even this weekend). If you have never been on an IPB powered forum before, check the following website:

    If we switch over to IPB, we'll be using their IPB version 3 (the newest version).

    Here is their blurb about the new features, etc. about version 3:

    If we switch to this software, we should be able to convert everything over. We'll loose some features but gain many more. Some of the things we'll loose off hand are the following:

    - Chatbox (they have a different version, but I don't think its available for version 3 yet)

    - Arcade (The arcade is being converted to the new version. I'm guessing it'll be another couple weeks or a month until its released.)

    - Post Thanks (Last I heard, it is being converted to a ipb mod at this time.)

    Other than that, we'll have a new blog system which for some reason doesn't have categories, but features multiple blogs per user. I have to look into this one some more. O_O Also, instead of profile albums, we'll have a full gallery script. All our current album pictures should convert over as well.

    We're still at a cross-roads about what we'll do. Unless vbulletin pulls some major move in customer service or public relations (which I doubt), we'll end up switching to IPB and probably sell our vbulletin license.

    I've looked all over the free forum solutions, smf, phpbb, but none of them offer everything we need. Also, burning board and some other paid forums don't have enough features. Gah, damn vb for being sellouts.

    So, does anyone here like IPB? ^_^:

  5. An update. To bleed air out of the power steering system you have to turn the wheel back and forth without hitting the absolute left and right stops. Thats what I was doing the day I got it to work. After I patched it, I put fluid in, but it overflowed because of the air in the system. It was a real bitch to purge the air out initially because it had no power steering at all after my patch job. I had to keep putting the truck in drive, then reverse, and pull like hell on the steering wheel back and forth in small increments while moving the car forward and reverse in my driveway until the PS finally purged the air and then kicked on. While I was doing that the service engine soon light was on and after that is when I posted the last reply.

    The next day, I turned the car back on and everything seems to be working good. The service engine soon light went off too. I'm guessing it was on because of the pressure issues in the power steering system. So I let the car sit overnight to see if more air in the PS system would rise to the surface, which it did. I added slightly more fluid and the PS system isn't making anymore noise and the service engine soon light didn't come on. So then I drove it the next city over, did some shopping and errands and I didn't see any noticeable problems or new leaks. The only thing I haven't done yet is take in on the highway. Other than that I'm feeling more confident that the problem is fixed now. *knocks on wood*

  6. Those look damn nice. Ugh I wish we could afford a new car. x_x

    Well, even tho we decided to sell it, we can't take the roughly $2000 loss on the trade in. x_x Not only that, but we figure that with NY state's 6 months of snow a year, we might as well keep it just for winter purposes. I remember at least 10 times last winter where I could not have made it to work unless I had 4x4. :\ I hate the fucking winters here.

    To trade it in would be a $2000 loss.. fuck. I know vehicles lose their value over the years, but to owe that much more on the loan than what the vehicle is worth is a kick in the balls.

  7. I'm shocked. It appears as though my first attempt at fixing the leak has actually fixed the leak. I might have a picture of the actual leaking joint, but I did not get a picture of the patch work. I was lucky to get it done in the time I had when the rain stopped. Of course the service engine soon light is on now. I have a feeling its the MAF sensor. I either put it back on in reverse or I need to clean it. gah. Thats not difficult at all tho.

  8. After looking at that picture with the frosty mug, it makes me wonder if beer really tastes better out of a frosty mug or straight from a bottle or can. Anyone have a preference?

    Ah good old Sam Adams' date=' can never go wrong with a good old bottle of that. Sadly it's the only Amber Beer I can handle, others just taste like crap.

    Definitely try the Sam Adams Sledge, can never go wrong with a bottle of that after a long days work.[/quote']

    I'll try to pick up a six pack this weekend. :beer:

  9. I bought a bottle of crown almost a year ago because a friend of mine highly recommended it to me... I still have half the bottle and I've been thru two small bottles of JD and most of a huge bottle of maker's mark since then. Crown just doesn't do it for me. I'll have to try that Soco next time. I'm going to give maker's mark a break for a while and stick with JD, but I'll pick up a bottle of the Soco to try it out.