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  1. I'd install some bat houses. We have bats all over the place here but never had any in the attic. There's way too many trees around here for them to nest in. Mostly because woodpeckers tear up the trees and make great spots for them. Bat houses could be a good alternative. And bats are great. They eat alot of mosquitoes. A pro pest remover could remove them and seal whatever holes they are getting in from too.
  2. Did you play Battlefield Hardline? I still don't regret skipping that one. If my only impression of BFV was that horrible GO offence too, I'd agree with you about every complaint. I'm just glad conquest was still enjoyable and domination should be fun again with no elite class BS ruining it. I'll eventually buy the game for those 2 game modes. If they can get grand operations running smooth and balanced then it'd be more of a launch title for me, but as it is now, I'm in no rush to go buy it asap. Also, Dice needs to change the damn spotting mechanism. Spotting isn't a thing anymore, but everyone is used to spamming it.. so we get little yellow flags popping up randomly and the words "Danger over there!" way, way, way too damn often. Either let us spot an enemy, but make the red triangle spot last only a few seconds with a cool down and make the spot icon only show where the enemy was and not where they ran off too and it'd be fine. Anything is better than yellow flag icons obstructing the view.
  3. I got to play a few rounds of conquest and about 1 1/2 rounds of grand operations with my older brother today. Conquest was a blast and I enjoyed it. Grand Operations offense can go f*ck itself. I don't know wtf Dice was thinking by allowing the defense full access to the map. I can understand the defense being able to defend the objective points, but they never had to. All they had to do was rush straight to the offense's front line, guard the initial bomb locations and prevent them from even getting picked up to begin with. And because the entire offense has no default spawn base, you either have to spawn on a squad mate or from the airplane. The airplane was cool the first couple times, but it quickly became incredibly frustrating to spawn as far away from the bombs and still see literally 12 enemy soldiers staring straight up at everyone and the moment you land, you get shot at by no less than 6 people simultaneously or head shotted by a sniper because they easily see your exact position and can line up the shot. That is the single dumbest thing I've seen Dice ever do. If they'd have made the initial bomb area out of bounds for defense the game mode would have been fine. Conquest on the other hand was very fun, but not nearly as fun as BF4. I did not get to experience any vehicle combat. It looks like all the tanks are locked behind squad points and the squad leader has to spend the points on either a tank, or a bomb strike... I saw 2 tanks total in the entire 4 matches. WTF. I miss the old style of spotting, but it does stop alot of the recon spam unless you are parachuting in plane sight for everyone to see. (see paragraph 1 ) The attrition is a bit annoying but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. It just forces everyone to play more of the objective because the heal and ammo stations are at every objective. I basically got used to spawning at an objective, grabbing a heal and ammo kit from the base and then running off to enjoy myself. They really need to increase the ammo given to ppl for the initial spawn as I was sometimes hesitant to spawn on a squad mate because I got used to spawning on objectives for the initial ammo boost. Playing as a medic was very enjoyable to me. I thought the health packs (and ammo packs, when I was playing support) were bugged and I wouldn't drop any. It took me a while but I realized you have to aim at a teammate, tap left dpad, and as long as that person doesn't already have a health pack you will send one flying right at the guy and it basically homes in on the guy and is guaranteed to hit them. If a person already has a health pack, you don't throw one and it doesn't cost you a health pack out of your inventory, so I basically spammed left d on random ppl and I kept dishing out health kits constantly. The ammo kits work the same way with support. I didn't make any fortifications because I didn't see any to make... later on my bro texted me and said he had to hit bottom d-pad to equip a tool and see where to make fortifications and it works with every class. Sticky dynamite ftw! I was a bit pissed there was no c4, but that doesn't matter since the dynamite sticks to surfaces. I lucked out and came across an enemy tank.. I threw 2 dynamite on it, both on the tread and I blew that bastard to all hell and got 2 kills out of it. Buddy revive works good for squad mates, and medic revives are definitely faster.. but Dice needs to change the button for picking up kits. Far far too often I went to revive someone, only to pick up their damn primary weapon, and then I have to waste precious seconds to hit the revive button again. And if I'm going to pick up an enemy kit they need to make it the entire kit, not just the primary weapon. If I kill an assault class and I pick up their kit, I want their dynamite too, not just their assault rifle. The server side animations are a bit bugged. I saved a video I'll have to upload sometime this week.. I revived a guy and he stood up, got stuck in the standing position and then proceeded to float all over the place. My brother said he looked completely normal to him. wtf. He also had a moment where he was laughing his ass off at some guy he killed basically floating in the air jerking all over the place, but I only saw a dead guy on the floor. The audio is also bugged. On at least 3 occasions I saw a squad mate get killed right in front of me with no gun fire audio indicating a fire fight took place. If it was just off screen I wouldn't have heard it and I'd have been killed too. Assignments are back, yay! But you have to equip them... wtf. Why not let all assignments accumulate at all times like in BF3 and BF4? The bleed out wasn't too bad, but if I'm going to skip the bleed out phase, I'd rather hit a button to go back to the spawn menu, change my gear and get ready for re-spawn instead of sitting there holding the L2 button to bleed out faster. meh. Also, grenade spam was non-existent. I saw maybe 4 get used total. I still prefer BF4 over BFV in terms of mechanics and vehicle combat. I'll buy this game sometime later this year or early 2019 if my money is tight, but I'm not going to pre-order it.
  4. I haven't posted a topic for a humble bundle in quite a while. This topic will be for all future humble bundles like how we keep the ps+ games topic updated. This current bundle looks pretty good: Capcom X Sega bundle for ps4/ps3/vita I'm going to spend the full $15 to get the dead rising games and the valkyria chronicles rpg.
  5. Its been quite the stressful couple weeks. Lady had her surgery and is having a very slow recovery process. My bank required specific repairs to the garage to approve the mortgage and instead of paying a massive price to a contractor me and my friend spent 2 days this last weekend busting our asses in 90 degree days with 90% humidity and full sun working on the garage. Thats all done and accepted now.. Yay. Getting into the final stretch here with the house. Hopefully I'll be moving by the end of the month. I might actually have free time this weekend... finally. *knocks on wood*

    1. Sledgstone


      We went a bit overboard with those garage repairs.. But its all good for me since we'll be buying it.

    2. DeathscytheX


      90 degree weather with 90-100% humidity is every day here from mid May til October if we're lucky. That shit sucks, mostly because of the suffocating humidity... especially when you get into the car after its been sitting out in that all day. Some people think I'm crazy loving cold weather, but you can always put more clothes on... there is only so much you can take off. XD I haven't washed my car since April, and I probably wont again until next month when it manages to get down into the 70s again. I can't imagine spending all day out in that shit. I use to as a kid no problem... but unloading trucks at work for 30 min makes my whole shirt soaked in sweat since our loading dock is open. My previous job it was closed in.

  6. From the clips I've seen, I really like the fact that grenades can be shot now. If you see someone throwing a grenade, its now possible to shoot it in their hand to blow them up. Thats pretty damn awesome. That sucks about the tank spam, but for the person in that tank I bet it felt epic. Dice definitely needs to thoroughly balance everything before release. How is the vehicle spawning? Is it like BF1 and in the menu which is annoying as all hell? Or are tanks sitting at base camps again like in BF4?
  7. I wanted a progression system... to unlock weapons and attachments.. not to unlock basic functionality like fast ADS, normal recoil and correct range. wtf. I'll be getting on sometime tomorrow for a quick round after work but I'll focus on conquest. What you're describing for Grand Operations sounds like something I'd rage quit and never play again.
  8. I have the beta downloading tonight. I'm going to be definitely playing this sometime this weekend. I love what I'm seeing with the recent updates.
  9. This is pretty damn huge. A regular GTX 1070 will be coming out in a few months that is more powerful as a Titan X card and will run on less power. The Titan X costs $1,000 and the the new GTX 1070 will be $379. I'm not going to drop that much any time soon, but I'm definitely going to buy a gtx 960 once I see it for a little over $100. Prices on current gen graphics cards are going to plummet over the next couple months. I read where somebody bought a used gtx 980 ti the other day for $400 used because the 'price was too good'. lol. If he'd have waited another couple months he could have bought this new card retail for $379 and got a card about 1.5 times or so faster.
  10. I'm more impressed by the Cinematic trailer than I am by the actual gameplay. Blizzard can surprisingly make Pixar quality movies. The game looks like a fun FPS multiplayer with heroes like a MMOBA game. I hope they do more with this game than just make a competitive shooter. I'd love to see a single player / co-op campaign. With a cinematic trailer like that, the cut scenes would be great. Source: Click here to view the article
  11. I like how they announced it as the final season all those months ago and the manga resumed just a little while ago. I guarantee they'll make another season again. Lol. There are definitely some fights I'd love to see in this upcoming season tho.
  12. I'm burned out on preordering anything. I never played red dead redemption 1 so the sequel doesn't interest me atm. I'll get bfv but I highly doubt I'll be able to afford it at launch as of right now.
  13. The gameplay reminds me of ratchet and clank. But the narrator sounds like he should be working on the newest Worms game.
  14. I hate the change to spotting. My tv is small and it'll leave me at a disadvantage. I'd like to get hyped for this game but I need to see more vehicle combat. If tanks are anything like bf1 I'll lose alot of interest. If it's like bf4 I'll get some hype started for me. But even limited tank ammo sounds abysmal.
  15. So much legal paperwork with house crap. Its been taking up all my free time for the last month. One more month to go and it should be all done. x_x

  16. I bet it'll be a 3 hour movie and the first 2 hours will be character buildup of the new boxer character and his struggles with raising a child while trying to work a job and have a boxing career. Slowly they'll bring in some other human mortal kombat characters and in the final hour explain some elaborate tournament and introduce 18 more characters a ninja army and a bunch of aliens in a train wreck of a final hour.. but the best scene will be in the last fight when the boxer has a flash back to him telling his kid something while he throws that perfect finishing punch that saves all of earth. There... now I can skip this movie.
  17. I cancelled my amazon prime membership. I wasn't getting nearly enough benefit out of it to justify the $120 price per year. Sure its got alot of benefits but its become like a cable package, everything all bundled together. I don't need 70% of what amazon prime even gives anymore. All I wanted was the free two day shipping. Amazon Prime video sucks ass compared to netflix since every app I used for it forces me to go and set a filter for prime only movies and the search always gave me results not included for free in prime. It felt like a constant advertisement and I stopped using it almost a year ago. eh.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I'll keep mine around. I order way too much from amazon to give up my shipping. I order 2-5 times a month. I order bulk items like snacks and coffee. I get a 48pk of Quaker chewy bars for $11, and sometimes $8 with a coupon. A 8pk at the store is almost $4. If I order it on Sunday I can expect to get it on Wednesday every time. I just have to make sure I order anything I want before Thursday to get it in two days.

  18. A new chapter of Fairy Tail came out one year after the manga ended. It picks up right after the end of the series. Even tho the last couple arcs were written horribly I'm glad the series is back and can get a bit of a fresh start now that so many long term plot lines have all been resolved. The original mangaka is writing the plot lines and story boards but a different artist is actually making the manga. The art style is similar so far but its noticeable on some pages. If anything we might be getting less fan service with this guy. Lol.

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    2. Sledgstone


      I haven't read Edens Zero but I just looked at the first chapter and skimmed through it and it looks like an alternate reality Fairy Tail except instead of mages, theres humans versus robots.. and space travel.. wtf. XD I guess I'll read this. But yeah those characters are exactly like you said.. The main character is Natsu but with Grey's hair and Lucy looks the exact same except her name is Rebecca.. and theres a cat.. also named Happy. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      And of course I saw one page where the girl starts crying and the guy gets a nakama power up.. "I'll fight for those tears" *instant owns everyone* -_-; yeah, this is the same guy that wrote fairy tail.  XD

    4. DeathscytheX
  19. That movie looks awesome tho. the trailer alone is better than the justice league movie.
  20. Either I'm getting used to the giant eyes or they toned them down a bit. They don't look nearly as huge as the first promo clip. This is looking like a solid movie now.
  21. Part 2 came out a few days ago on Netflix. It was good and filled with alot of action. Imagine godzilla versus gundams. Lol. There's definitely going to be a part 3.
  22. Comcast dropped it's bid for the Fox properties. Looks like Disney will get all their comic character licenses back at this rate.
  23. That bbq and the work they put into it is inspiring. I'd love to eat their food. That whole hog style is something I will never attempt to cook myself mostly because of the space it needs and the cost of the meat. Damn good bbq can be done in a small amount of time depending on the cut tho. Ribs can be smoked to perfection in 3 hours and smaller cuts in similar time but for big cuts like whole hog that takes forever. I've watched alot of competition bbq shows and YouTube videos on bbq to get recipes and techniques but any cook that takes me over 8 hours I'll either use a smaller cut of meat or cook at a higher temp. The kind of bbq these ppl cook is what I'd pay top dollar for because the skill required to cook it right is impressive.
  24. The snow looks way too distracting for me. Without traditional 3D spotting, we'll have to look for movement to see enemies and that snow is way too much of a visual distraction. I'm glad planes will be basically useless without the spotting. Screw the damn planes. They do need to change the shoulder mounted rockets to be a one hit kill for planes and any helicopters there might be. Its ridiculous that the AT rocket in BF1 wouldn't one shot them, but to have an actual rocket/RPG equivalent not destroy them in one hit is just stupid. I'm definitely looking forward to this game, but the crazy low ammo on spawn seems a bit too much. Only 2 clips for an assault on spawn? wtf. I'd waste half those bullets shooting at the first guy I see, then run out of ammo trying to kill the second guy. I don't want to play a game where 70% of the time I'm using a pistol and another 20% of the time I'm in a bleedout screen hoping to get revived with the new revive mechanic. Those 2 things are my biggest concern. The 3D spotting change is massive nerf to planes and snipers and I blame the balance and map design of BF1 for that. Everyone in that game now is a sniper or a plane guy that goes 50-2 every match. I love sniping but its hard to enjoy BF1. That and the vehicles sucked in it. If we can get proper BF4 style vehicle combat again I'll be very pleased. We need tanks that have passenger seats that can actually rotate 360 degrees. I hated being a passenger in tanks in BF1 because of the limited visibility.