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  1. After it was announced that EA scraped a single player star wars game I figured all future star wars games would be like battlefront 2 and I stopped looking at potential future titles or even reading articles about any star wars game development. It's a shame EA went so damn moment hungry with the rng microtransactions. All i wanted was a game exactly like battlefield 4 except made as star wars. If Activision gets it they'll probably throw it at blizzard and let them make an Overwatch inspired shooter and an RTS style statecraft game and that'd be awesome. Although Square Enix would be a much better fit imo. They did publish the newer tomb raider games and they know how to make great single player mmos and action games.
  2. Looks like aliens are terraforming the planet and making monsters at the same time, which is a combination of awesome to me. Now for a brief rant.. The tv commercials were better than this trailer. In the commercials it looks like she is the pro going in to figure out wtf is going on, but in the trailer she's only going in to save her husband because Hollywood still doesn't think a female character can actually have professional motivation to do shit on their own without attaching a man to the woman's goals.
  3. Orcs arriving through a portal. Lol. And giants that have to be killed at the base of the neck. These developers must like Warcraft and attack on titan. It looks fun but the camera seems to have a bit to much motion for me.
  4. That duck face pic for the image of that trailer is horrible. I wonder why they choose to use that image for their video. 😂
  5. Wasn't carnage an offspring of venom? I hate how marvel and DC have rebooted all their properties so many times over the years. I think there's been at least 20 different incarnations of Spider-Man and the different characters involved in it over all the years. Btw watch the movie "Life". A bit of a spoiler but it could be seen as a prequel to this Venom movie.. or maybe Cloverfield.
  6. The game looks like it'll be fun. It's a shame the plot is more of a mess than the entire metal gear solid franchise.
  7. I was a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and this remaster looks amazing compared to the original game on PS2. I would love to replay this game again on the PS3. Like I said above, I was a big fan of KH.. until KH2 came out. Kingdom Hearts 2 had much better game play compared to KH1, unfortunately, KH2 was actually KH3 because it was a sequel to a gameboy game. Considering the amount of KH games that have come out since KH2 on hand held systems, I can only assume KH3 will actually be Kingdom Hearts 9. Unless KH3 will be a stand alone game that requires no plot knowledge from the previous hand held games, I will have no interest in playing this game. Click here to view the article
  8. Same for me. That's pretty surprising. I don't know if I'm all to interested in buying this tho since I was never into grand theft auto. But I might drop $1 to try out that max payne game.
  9. Hmm. A trailer for Venom without Venom in it. Wasn't Venom's origins completely entangled with Spider-Man? Shouldn't a movie about Venom's origins actually be Spider-Man homecoming 2 our whatever it would be called for a sequel since the symbiote originally attaches to Spider-Man, turns him into black Spider-Man, mutates itself with Spider-Man's DNA to retain all the spider powers before it gets removed and then attaches to Eddie Brock to make Venom. Instead we get a trailer for a possible Mad Max prequel. 😂
  10. Cable looks better than I thought he would. 🖒
  11. This trailer gives away just about everything. So many spoilers. x_x This is my take on the trailer, in spoilers in case anyone wants to skip the trailer:
  12. It's really hard for me to accept games getting price increases when most games are now sold for 50% off within 3-5 months of release outside of Nintendo games. Battlefront 2 came out for $60, and 2 months later it was on sale for $25. Same with mass effect andromeda. Steam sales and humble bundles drop games even cheaper. I don't know about anyone else but it's desenstized me to the value of the games and their development costs. If games truly cost so much to make and should cost the consumer more to compensate then those same games shouldn't be dropping in price so substantially in such a short amount of time. It isn't just games that flop either. Other major games drop in price quite fast too. If games jump up to $75 a piece or more, I'll just wait for their price to drop back down to half again within 3-6 months of their release like i do now. way back in the day I remember games hardly ever going on sale for 50% off unless it was a door buster sale on black Friday. If games are going to cost more then they should be able to retain their value longer than what they do now.
  13. The trailer for this looks great to me. Just like you said, ghost in the shell meets blade runner was the exact vibe I was getting from the preview. I was going to watch the first ep last night but ended up watching that new Open House Netflix horror/thriller movie. It was ok but not amazing. I'll watch the first ep of this later today.
  14. I don't agree with the inflation argument. Sure inflation has been happening but wages have not been increasing at the same rate, at least for me it sure hasn't. There's alot of products that haven't gone up in price in over a decade. Milk, bread and eggs still cost the same as in 2006. Yes it's not a fair comparison of eggs to video game development but some things we are used to being a specific price. On the other hand the price of a movie ticket has almost doubled since 2006, but ppl will still go to the movies. Once a movie ticket starts hitting the $20 mark I bet ppl will go to a hell of a lot less movies especially since everyone has to watch 30 minutes of trailers and commercials before the movie even starts as it is. But movies have something to offer a video game doesn't when it comes to piracy. If someone buys a movie ticket they buy an experience that won't happen again after a certain point in time. Being able to watch that movie in a theater with amazing sound and a giant screen. But a video game doesn't offer an experience like that to counter piracy. If someone pirates a game they have the same experience as the person that bought the game on release. The fact that going to a movie is something you can't recreate at home is why ppl pay the price of a ticket with current inflation rates. But if video games kept raising their prices then piracy would most like rise right along with it negating any extra profits they might have gotten from those higher prices. Mobile gaming has proved that the real cash cow is to get as many ppl playing the game as possible and then sell the microtransactions.
  15. I tried watching this review, but at 45 minutes I could just re-watch most of Bright again. lol. I skipped around it but she does make a good point at the 30 minute+ mark that I completely agree with. Theres no way in hell that in the history established in the movie, a war 2,000 years ago with a dark lord, that the world would have evolved into the exact same world we have now except with gangster orcs. wtf.
  16. I'm glad Wasp will finally get some screen time, Marvel needs more strong females in their movies.
  17. Its been a week since I got this update done and my pc would freeze at least once a day afterwards. I can only assume it was because of this patch. Microsoft has apparently been pulling the patch because it's been causing freezing/rebooting issues for all PCs and not just AMD cpus. I did end up resolving the reboot issue. I had to go to dell's website (my main pc is a Dell), got their driver update utility program, scanned my pc and I had a Intel Rapid Storage driver out of date. Once that was updated my PC freezing issues were fixed. Its been 3 days now and I haven't had a single freeze/reboot issue. If anyone else is having an issue like this, update your intel rapid storage driver and it should hopefully fix it so you don't have to uninstall the windows update patch.
  18. So Intel has this massive security flaw in their cpus that is so big windows has to patch it. The emergency patch came out this week but it turns out alot of windows pcs won't get the update to auto download unless their antivirus is up to date according to this article: I got the update on my main pc 2 days ago but I haven't approved the update yet. I'll be doing it later today. I'm quite enraged by this security issue considering it can cause a 5-30% decrease in performance for some tasks. I also read that this update has been causing some random reboots. Wtf. I use my pc for work and I can't afford random reboots. I've always used Intel cpus in all my pcs but my next computer will be an AMD chip.
  19. I've been reading the manga and its been fun. The chapters come out once a month but didn't cover any of those movies or golden frieza, etc. I guess the manga came out first but the anime passed it by quick but is still being made based off what is going to be written in the manga unlike the original FMA that went into it's own story in the anime. I watched a couple episodes so far, completely out of order but only scenes I've already read in the manga. Some of the fight scenes are way way more drawn out in the anime just to make an episode last longer. There was one fight with Vegeta in the anime that made him look rather stupid and it drew out the fight for the entire episode, while in the manga the fight lasted like 10 pages or so and was way better.
  20. Lmao. I've watched so many movies and forgot to come back to these topics and post about it. Warcraft was a fun movie. I've seen it a few times now. Not the best plot but the environments and cg all looked good. Fimmel really was just like Ragnar. Lol. I was expecting him to at least sound a bit different but it showed that he came right off the set of Vikings. the ending sucked as it lead up to a potential sequel that probably won't happen. I read a while back that a sequel could still happen because the movie apparently did really well in China.
  21. Even if there is matchmaking the biggest time constraint for me is the endless loot grind for top gear to play the raids. The difficulty wouldn't be as much of an issue if it didn't take me 40+ hours of grinding to get max gear only to have a dlc come out and force me to repeat the grid process to continue end game content. I don't have the time or patience for that. Even if anthem has a set level limit like gw2 with a horizontal progression I still wouldn't want raids as endgame content because I'm to casual. 2-3 hours to play a raid will never work out for me. I barely get thru a session of two long 40 minute games of bf1 operations anymore without having something else to do with my time. Every time I see a game with raids as end game content I see all that as non existent content for me. The devs love to put in raid exclusive rewards, skins, armor, weapons, etc. While at the same time not putting any new fancy rewards into regular new non raid content. For me that means no new content and no new rewards to play for and no in game goals. It's even worse when story content is locked behind raids because then I'll never see that story progression unless i watch a YouTube video of it. In the end every update in destiny 1 came with loot grind and raid rewards and that's why I didn't buy any of the dlc outside of my initial hype purchase of the collectors addition. The more I associate anthem with destiny I lose all hype for it. As it is I bet anthem will come out in 2019 and by 2020 we'll be watching a YouTube video about how the majority of anthem was scraped and all the real bulk of the game was designed in the last year of development. It's the new normal now. With this game getting pushed back to 2019 it'll mean we'll have another year of YouTubers making more videos building more hype and bigger expectations that won't be met. For a game to be successful now I think they need to keep it more secret until it's closer to launch so ppl won't have any reason to be disappointed. Instead its all hype train to encourage preorders and once the company knows it has the money regardless of the quality of the final product they just don't care about the final polish or end results.
  22. I finally caught up in the manga! Poor Chad, he finally gets a powerup and becomes much stronger, and boom.. he gets instantly taken out again. \ Did anyone else laugh their ass off when Nell vomited all over that guy's wounds to heal him? X'D
  23. The trailer looked good and its nice to see the dev team interacting with the community but I'm keeping my expectations real low for this game. Lol. Everything sounds amazing but it can all easily turn to crap. The final game will probably have flight but it'll be restricted to specific areas only or ppl will complain about endless invisible walls. I'm sure they'll have pvp and the entire game will be balanced around it. And the moment they announce raids will be the end game is when I'll wait to buy the game until it drops to $10 or less. Lol.
  24. Awesome.
  25. Holy shit. I'm hyped. That is how you do a trailer for a game. Damn.....