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  1. I've gotten lazy about making new articles. I've spent a lot of my internet time lately researching my insurance plans at work and looking up different boot and sock combos. No more sore toes for me this winter! :P I research the most random things sometimes. :P

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    2. Sledgstone


      I've never used thick socks before so it'll be new for me. I hope they work out good, because every winter my toes get destroyed by my boots. It doesn't matter if the boots fit good or not, or if I spend $80+ on a decent pair, every winter its a combo of frost bite and rubbing damage. Also, because I sit for a constant 8-10 hours a day the circulation to my feet is crap now and my toes turn blueish probably once a day. I'm getting farther out of shape and my knees are in...

    3. Sledgstone


      ... pain all the time. x_x I think because I sit so much, my feet have no tolerance for walking and they bruise easier. Gah.. Doing the same stuff every day destroys everyone's bodies.

      btw, the red head socks have a warranty like Sear's craftsman tools. If the socks get worn out, bring them in and exchange them for a new pair. Life time warranty. Surprised the hell out of me. $10 for a pair isn't bad when its a product for life. O_O

    4. DeathscytheX


      Interesting. Walking isn't much better... I have great circulation in my feet, but my ankles are probably comparable to that of a 60 year old's When I come home and sit down at the computer they stiffen up so when I stand up again its pretty painful until they loosen up again. Plus lifting heaving shit for 13 years, both my shoulders are jacked up, I probably have a torn ligament or muscle some where in there because every once in a while it will just hurt for no reason all day.

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