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  1. I started playing KOTOR last night. I kept running around trying to dodge enemy fire only to realize my guy wouldn't shoot his damn blaster.. after about 4 enemy encounters I realized I was doing combat completely wrong. -_-

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    2. Eppy


      yeah I'm wanting to play this again too cause of you...already have it reinstalled

    3. DeathscytheX


      I prefer flurry, but try mixing it up. I always felt flurry was better due to multiple hit chances rather than banking it all on one big hit. Also make sure your off hand has a short sword instead of a full sized vibrosword. My advice for Bendek Starkiller is to save up a crap load of thermal detonators/frag grenades doing other missions and come back and let him have it (he's the last duel in the ring). XD Its cheap, but that's how I always got it done.

    4. Sledgstone


      lmao. I didn't even think about throwing frag grenades.. I just kept running up to everyone with two large vibroswords. XD

      Play it again Eppy.. then you can walk me thru the entire game. :P

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