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  1. FedEx delivered my pool the other day.. *sigh* FedEx hires anybody. I see the guy pull into the driveway almost taking out my mailbox at 30 mph. My driveway has a noticeable dip in it. As he hit that I heard boxes from inside my house tumbling around inside his truck. I go outside to open my garage door so I can put it in there for now.. The guy sees me and says "I'm going to need your help moving this, this is heavy." I'm like... "ok.. I can only help so much, get your dolly and I'll help get it on there." He already had the box out of the truck. I'm hoping he eased it down and didn't drop it off the back. This box with the pool in it is 150 pounds. I walk over to him and he still doesn't have the dolly. Hes like "How about you get that end."... me: "No, how about you get that dolly right there." him: "I can't get it off, its tied into place. Its on there tight, I can't work it off.  We could carry it" me: "nah, I have a bad nerve issue in my arms. I'm not carrying this box. I'll get you scissors and then you can cut that rope."

    Meanwhile I look in the truck and all the boxes are tossed all over the place. Its a disaster in there. Not a single thing in that truck is secured.. except the fucking dolly that is tied in place. -_-; The one and only tool every delivery guy needs and its tied down while all the packages are getting beat the shit out of in his truck while he drives crazy. I got some scissors, he cut the dolly free. He took that dolly, put it on the ground, I titled one end of the box, he got the dolly under it, wheeled it back and started to move it slowly. His eyes lit up like his job just got significantly easier. wtf. He perked up and moved that box quick to my garage. He asked where to put it, I said near the chair.. and then he put it behind the lawnmower instead.. me: "ok, I can move it from there, thanks!" wtf.. its like he never got trained.

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    2. Sledgstone


      It was funny because you could see the realization in his eyes that this device worked amazing. XD

      And I wasnt exaggerating about hearing the boxes bang around when he got in my driveway. I was shocked to see the boxes in that truck. They were all over the place like Christmas presents stuffed into the grinch's bag all hastily and without care. -_-; I feel bad for the person that had the last package delivered from from that guy. I imagine that package banging around in the back all on its own like a tennis ball flying all over the place.

    3. Sledgstone


      FedEx literally is hiring anybody. XD I got this in the mail yesterday. XD



    4. DeathscytheX


      $13.25 an hour? XD That's weak for a warehouse position. I know the Walmart distribution center here starts people off at $15 at least.

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