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  1. FedEx delivered my pool the other day.. *sigh* FedEx hires anybody. I see the guy pull into the driveway almost taking out my mailbox at 30 mph. My driveway has a noticeable dip in it. As he hit that I heard boxes from inside my house tumbling around inside his truck. I go outside to open my garage door so I can put it in there for now.. The guy sees me and says "I'm going to need your help moving this, this is heavy." I'm like... "ok.. I can only help so much, get your dolly and I'll help get it on there." He already had the box out of the truck. I'm hoping he eased it down and didn't drop it off the back. This box with the pool in it is 150 pounds. I walk over to him and he still doesn't have the dolly. Hes like "How about you get that end."... me: "No, how about you get that dolly right there." him: "I can't get it off, its tied into place. Its on there tight, I can't work it off.  We could carry it" me: "nah, I have a bad nerve issue in my arms. I'm not carrying this box. I'll get you scissors and then you can cut that rope."

    Meanwhile I look in the truck and all the boxes are tossed all over the place. Its a disaster in there. Not a single thing in that truck is secured.. except the fucking dolly that is tied in place. -_-; The one and only tool every delivery guy needs and its tied down while all the packages are getting beat the shit out of in his truck while he drives crazy. I got some scissors, he cut the dolly free. He took that dolly, put it on the ground, I titled one end of the box, he got the dolly under it, wheeled it back and started to move it slowly. His eyes lit up like his job just got significantly easier. wtf. He perked up and moved that box quick to my garage. He asked where to put it, I said near the chair.. and then he put it behind the lawnmower instead.. me: "ok, I can move it from there, thanks!" wtf.. its like he never got trained.

  2. FFVI was an amazing game. One of my all time favorites and ranks right up there with FFVII. That game had weird too. lol. A psycho clown bent on destroying the world.. interesting characters. A couple hidden ones too like that guy that does the Mimic skill which is super OP because it can mimic summons.. and a yeti. That yeti couldn't wear armor and only used a club, but damn if he wasn't good at clubbing enemies. FF7 didn't have a better story that FFVI, they were easily on par with each other. But FF7 beats out FF6 with its combat system. In FF6 your characters are set in stone with their skills and abilities. But the materia system in FF7 was so robust, you can make any character do just about anything. Everyone can cast spells, anyone could be a reviver, anyone a summoner, etc. The only major reasons for having specific characters on a team were for their unique combat style/weapon, melee or ranged, their limit breaks and whoever you personally liked best. But unlike FF6, FF7 had an actual endgame with grind mechanics. One of the last save points in the game is right before the final dungeon. The game even tells you, once you enter there is no going back out, save here so you can continue exploring the world. Aside from the stuff I already mentioned, the materia system provided a grind aspect for endgame. With all XP you got, your materia itself would level up too. As it leveled up its skills upgraded. Got a lightning materia.. level it up, now whoever has it equipped can use lightning 2.. then 3. But the real kicker is when you maxed out a materia, it would clone itself a new level 1 version. Then you can equip it on somebody else and start leveling it up. For high end materia, it was worth the grind to get all the characters powerful spells... well at least the three main characters on your team. Eventually you could get a master materia that had basically all spells except summons I think and then that was OP. Once you have a set of 3 materias you like for the characters, its kind of pointless to level them further when you can swap the materia to other characters. But aside from all that I think this game hit a bunch of kids with puberty at just the right time. Alot of guys got crushes on Tifa.. and females got a thing for Cloud. lol. Even though the characters looked blocky as hell, in cut scenes they looked cool and throughout the game it goes into character depth more and you start feeling for these two. Not going to lie, I had a thing for Tifa for years.
  3. For me the main draw of FFVII was all the extra stuff you could do in it. It was one of the first games for me that had an actual end game separate from the final boss. There was chocobo breeding, full world exploration with the air ship, 2 or 3 ultimate weapon optional boss battles that were insanely difficult. There were hidden characters, like Vincent that you could outright skip on getting and finish the game without even knowing he was a character. The customization with the materia was the best though. I tried so many different combos with different weapons to deck out all my characters to be so bad ass. lol. Limit breaks were awesome. Character diversity was top notch. It had everything from superhuman soldier Cloud, Tifa the bad ass woman that punches and kicks everything to death, a talking red wolf, a bad ass black dude, a vampire, a ninja girl, so many more.. a robot looking carnival thing with a cat sitting on it being remote controlled by some guy we never see... lmao. The plot was confusing as all hell initially, but overall enjoyable and more understandable with more world exploration. Lol.. and Kotaku has a good point about the game.. its weird. https://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-vii-retrospective-the-weirdest-rpg-ever-1797547869
  4. Hmm.. I wonder how many episodes they're planning on making this. I hope they come out on a regular basis too. I don't know how much time its been for them just to make the Midgar portion of the game, but thats really just a drop in the bucket for this. I wanted a FF7 remake, yes, but not a game being piecemealed out to me over the course of 10 years.
  5. I didn't watch his video about this, but I can tell you why I think this movie will suck based just off the trailer. For me it was this last scene from X-Men Apocalypse: When I saw this I thought to myself.. FINALLY! Fox has learned from Marvel. They can actually put the characters in their actual costumes and make it work! and then the Dark Phoenix trailer comes out.. guess what everyone is wearing again... generic matching costumes... again. As soon as I saw this I lost all interest in this movie. That and its the Dark Phoenix saga.. again. Fox literally made this movie again. Except now with a different cast. And the trailer showed no aliens, no spaceship battles.. nothing of interest. And if their budget is so strapped they can't afford decent costumes, then theres no way they were going to do this movie any justice.
  6. That makes me think Overwatch is taking a lesson from GW2's pvp matchmaking.. that sounds horrible.
  7. I wonder if they're still planning on doing this game in episode format or not. A release date is great but its not giving much details. It doesn't say anything about it being "part 1" or if the purchase price is the full game, etc. All the trailers and clips they've released so far only show scenes that happen from the first 20 minutes of the old game. What about any clips of the 40+ hours worth of other content? I'm feeling a bit skeptical that the full game is actually done.. I hope it is. I'd buy it instantly.
  8. Not really a spoil for SC2's LotV, but there still is technically a special zerg queen out there made by Kerrigan that was stuck in a Protoss ship heading towards Protoss space with the directive to kill them all.. I think it was stuck having to go extremely slow tho because the ships drive was damaged. I don't think that queen was even mentioned in LotV tho. My guess is that was supposed to be the tie in to a starcraft 3 set further into the future. Rogue zerg forces that threaten everything. I dunno but thats the only thing I can think of. I mean technically StarCraft 2 ended great and kinda finalized everything from StarCraft 1. Any future sequel would really be best if it introduced completely new characters after a major time skip.
  9. All these times they'd blame "netcode". I bet you're right. Thats some crap right there. Now it makes me wonder about all those times I'd have shot someone in the head in a perfect shot in BF1 and see no damage indicators. Those people must have had the boost going for them. Meanwhile we brush it off as lag or netcode issues. f*ck that. But the idea that they negatively affect whale's game play to increase the likely hood of them to buy upgrades doesn't make sense to me. Because I sure as hell am no whale and every time I've tried BF1 and BFV I've mostly had just shit game experiences and it makes me not want to play at all anymore. Hell, if anything, I'm so casual now I'd half expect me to roll through enemies on occasion just to give me a bit of hope that the game is still for me based on that video.. but instead I kept getting steam rolled. wtf. I'm a big StarCraft fan for the RTS aspect, the lore and gameplay.. a first person shooter StarCraft getting canceled. That doesn't bother me. I want StarCraft 3, the RTS, not another FPS game. I'm surprised they'd make an Overwatch 2. I thought they'd just keep Overwatch expanding forever. Except maybe remove characters on occasion.. but if they did that all the people that bought skins for those characters would rage. I bet its starting to be cumbersome for them to balance all the characters they have now. Then again if they want money, what better way to get more cash than basically resetting the game and forcing everyone to buy brand new skins all over again, they just have to make brand new maps, reduce the amount of characters, change some weapons around and call it a sequel. Its worked for COD all these years.
  10. lmao! If you thought those guys looked like power ranger enemies you should skip ahead to the last battle to see the crab men.
  11. I thought I'd have some time for games this weekend... and we bought a swimming pool. lol. Looks like I'll be working on leveling the ground this weekend. I'll make some time for gaming at some point.. I must finish this GW2 episode. x_x

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    2. Sledgstone


      Damnit. X_x thanks for the warning. I'll get that ep done this weekend. I must. 

    3. Sledgstone


      I finished the episode! Aurene evolved in an instant like a pokemon. O_O

    4. DeathscytheX


      You missed out on some great reddit posts. Someone did the last ep with a friend and used the Choya tonic before then last cutscene so it had the choya triumphantly standing in the sunset. XD someone else had a hook hand skin or something to pet Aurene with after Kralk dies. XD

  12. Another movie I forgot to update my post about.. Not going to lie.. I thought this movie was going to be crap and it turned into one of the best movies I've seen in the last year. I've watched it multiple times now over the months. It makes all the other DC live action movies look like garbage in comparison except for Wonder Woman. I always saw Aquaman as a joke ever since the Super Friends cartoon. XD And I never cared much for Jason Momoa as an actor ever since Stargate Atlantis. So two things I don't like... I expected more DC garbage.. But he nailed this role and this movie was awesome. Shocked the hell out of me. The cast was great, the plot was great, the CG was top notch and the fights were bad ass. Aquaman as a character is flawed and overcomes his issues.. you'd think a character played by a guy looking like Jason Momoa wouldn't have flaws in a movie like this, but everyone of Atlantian origins is a bad ass. lol. And their tech is extremely powerful. I think the highlight of this movie for me is that a good 1/3 of it is basically a live action Uncharted style movie. Theres a quest to find an item in ancient ruins and it leads to some great adventuring and on land combat scenes. The underwater combat is awesome and it really emphasizes that DC had no idea how they were going to do it back when they showed a clip of Aquaman in Batman vs Superman. I would love to see a sequel to this movie. And I hope to all god that DC makes all their live action movies this good going forward.
  13. I can't believe I didn't post about this movie after watching it. I loved Deadpool 2. So much better than the first movie. XD Domino's luck ability was amazing and the comedy in this was spot on. I really hope Deadpool 3 happens.
  14. Finally got caught up. I loved this series. I don't get why AMC canceled it. Instead they greenlight Nosfurato... I watched the first ep of that and almost fell asleep. Moon is 60!? wtf. Him and Sunny are doing amazing for their ages. The Widow was my favorite character. Bad ass women are the best and highly under-represented in tv series and movies. Bajie was my second favorite character. He had some of the best lines. One of them went something like.. "And here you are delivering a shit of defeat out of the anus of victory." If Into the Badlands is fully and completely done, then I hope the people that made it get their hands on the Xena license. I would love to see a Xena remake made by the people behind Into the Badlands. I'm glad The 100 is still going strong. At least I can still get my strong bad ass female fix from that show.
  15. Captain Marvel was an enjoyable movie. Brie Larson makes a good superhero, but the movie felt like it limited her character a bit because of the partial amnesia. Seems like Marvel was held back with her persona because for the majority of the movie she doesn't actually know who she actually is or have access to her entire memories prior to becoming a Kree soldier. This isn't really a spoiler because its shown in the first 5 minutes of the movie that she has the amnesia issue. And her character had little screen time in Endgame so its hard to see how Captain Marvel has progressed since then. I'd like to see a sequel. The biggest flaw tho is her powers. Holy crap she is OP. By the end of the movie she doesn't seem to have any weakness or even fatigue. In the old X-Men cartoons, Rogue actually absorbed the majority of Captain Marvel's powers. I'm wondering if they set her up to be this OP because they'll get the X-men in and maybe have old school Rogue show up and siphon some of that power away without completely crippling Marvel into a coma in the process. I do like the reveal of how Fury lost his eye tho. I saw so many negative reviews bombs for this movie because of some comments Brie said. lol. People get butt hurt over every comment anyone makes anymore. Also, its fun watching Kong Skull Island now and seeing the actors/actress that play Loki, Fury and Captain Marvel all in another movie together.
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