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  1. I wish amazon would indicate if something is being shipped from out of country. The last 2 items I've purchased were both prime eligible and both gave the impression there would be 2 day shipping, until I get to the checkout and 'free 2 day shipping' has a delivery date of 1 week later. Still no indication as to why until I get the UPS tracking number and find out the item is being shipped from Canada. I haven't had anything from amazon actually arrive in 2 days in over 8 months.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I wonder if it has to do with your location being in NY, amazon selects the closest shipper geographically. You should click on the seller and see where the company is based, and then pick a different seller from the more options list.  This has only happened to me once, and what made me mad about it, is they still sent me tracking info that was fake and said it was out for delivery 3 for three days.

      I'm not sure If I'll renew my prime membership this go around. Amazon started charging sales tax in my state, and many other states so they could build brick & mortar stores eventually. I know they have build brick and mortar book stores in some places, and now they have bought Whole Foods. Most the stuff I like to buy I could buy elsewhere tax free. I'd be willing to wait a few more days if it shaves $10-25 off a big ticket item. I only got prime for its 2-day shipping, I don't use any of the other services... but if I'm going to start using other retailers to buy the stuff and avoid the sales tax, I don't see much point to amazon anymore. It was a stupid move on their part.

    2. Sledgstone


      Enjoy that tax free shopping while you can. We've been paying sales tax to amazon in NY for 9 years already. All online purchases in NY is subject to a "Use tax", like if I order something from newegg and they don't collect the tax, I'm supposed to pay that tax when I file my yearly taxes. Almost nobody does this. NY could technically sue the online companies for use tax information from those retailers, compare it to their own records to see who paid it and then send tax bills out to everyone for past due taxes. Its a load of shit. I'm used to buying thru amazon even with the taxes. The 2 day shipping was the biggest benefit for me, but now its a complete lie as far as I'm concerned. The only real benefit of amazon prime to me now is the no minimum for free shipping, and the netflix style service. I recently got caught up on all of Orphen Black, and there is some anime in prime also, as well as a variety of movies. Navigation is crap and every time I load the app, I have to manually select prime only content. Theres a crap load of b movies on amazon prime as well.. but thats not really a good thing. I love b movies, but well over half of the b movie collection is literally home video production with VHS quality. Like if youtube had existed in the 80s, it would have been loaded with this content. XD

      The only real competitor to amazon for electronics for me is newegg since they stopped collecting NY taxes years ago and expect ppl to claim their own taxes since there was no law forcing them to do it. I guess they had an agreement at one point with NY state to collect taxes but their sales dropped completely so they got rid of it after a few years.

      I'm still hesitant to buy anything from amazon seeing as I once got a shit cell phone charger from them that had to be a china knockoff because it stopped fast charging within a week or two of ordering it. And my steam link that I bought a while back came to me used and repackaged. I kept it since it works fine, but wtf. I ordered printer ink a month ago and lucked out when it was actually new considering half of the reviews claim the ink was already opened and mostly used or dried out. Amazon has a serious issue with restocking. Its like they don't want to take any losses so they throw the used products right back out the window until it eventually arrives to a customer that doesn't want to deal with the return process.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I ordered my k-cups in bulk for the longest time because it saved me money. I use to buy gear like knives, flashlights, cellphone accessories, etc. Now I go elsewhere. 

      Yeah, in AL they ask if you've made any online purchases and I always click no. I spend less than $500 a year on stuff I normally can't get in this state, or my city at least. They get plenty of my sales tax as it is. 

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