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  1. I wish amazon would indicate if something is being shipped from out of country. The last 2 items I've purchased were both prime eligible and both gave the impression there would be 2 day shipping, until I get to the checkout and 'free 2 day shipping' has a delivery date of 1 week later. Still no indication as to why until I get the UPS tracking number and find out the item is being shipped from Canada. I haven't had anything from amazon actually arrive in 2 days in over 8 months.

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    2. Sledgstone


      NY state is crazy with taxes, especially property taxes. Back when I lived in Ohio I always thought of NY as this super expensive place to live with crazy high taxes and living costs. Then when I moved to central new york, I realized all my impressions of the entire state were of just New York City. That city is basically in New Jersey and it still surprises me that its even part of this state. I've still never gone to NYC and I don't think I'd ever want to since I don't want anything to do with a huge population center like that. Where I live its basically all farms everywhere. I can drive down my street and see at least 10 corn fields and 2 cow farms. Sales taxes here are around 8%. NY state tax returns have a separate section for NYC and Yonkers residents, probably because they get taxed more. Where I live the worst tax issues are the property taxes. School taxes are insane. I don't mind the schools giving kids a good education, but why the fuck does everyone have to pay at least $2-3,000 a year in school taxes for life if they own property? Total taxes on a normal single family home around here in a rural area are around $3500 a year, unless you live in a village or more suburban area, then its closer to $5,000 a year. $5,000 a year is $416 a month and thats not even counting the mortgage of a house. wtf. And they wonder why people can't afford to live here. The taxes are also so high, though politicians here wont admit it, is because they give almost every corporation ridiculously low tax rates. All the citizens are subsidizing the corporation's free ride in hopes of economic growth and higher paying jobs. Instead the corporations give shit jobs so they have a better bottom line, while paying low as hell taxes and keep all the profits. If they want to improve quality of life here, they really need to lower the property taxes.

      Although I will admit, with the high taxes that get paid we do have a good education system, police force, snow removal, street sweepers, etc. You wont see a single road around here with litter on the side of the street unless you go into down town Syracuse, Rochester or the NYC area. The majority of Syracuse is a shit hole tho imo. As for North country (what we call the north part of NY state), that place might as well be in Canada. XD I've only been up that way once and its so damn rural it makes the area I live in look too busy. I bet half that area all still leave their houses and cars unlocked at night with nothing to worry about.

      No lotto tickets in your state!? O_O wow. I could go drive to a casino in 30 mins and hit the black jack table today if I wanted to. XD There is one big tax loop hole in this state and thats for cigarettes. NY state charges almost the same price as a pack of smokes in taxes. Like if a pack costs $4.99, with tax here it'll cost you $10.80 a pack. But we go to the native american's land and buy their cigarettes tax free. One carton of 10 packs only costs $26 there, while at gas stations that would set everyone else back around $100.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah I can drive 30 min to a casino too, in another state. XD I live in that southern little tip of AL that only takes 40 min to drive from one side to the other. It's a 10 min drive from my house to MS and 30 to FL. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      At least you have easy access to lotto tickets. What's it like in your state with laws like that? Do alot of the ppl there think the rest of the country are sinners for gambling? :P I bet they'd have a heart attack if they drove on i90 thru Ohio. So many porn shops and strip clubs right next to the exit ramps. XD

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