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  1. Fairy Tail is officially ending. Only 10 chapters left. This writer turned this series into garbage plot lines. :windows: I'm genuinely pissed at this manga now. Not because favorite characters are being killed off like most manga/animes do at the end.. Not that any main characters at this point are in any real threat of dying since every character seems to be immortal. Being mad like that would be a good thing since it means I feel for the characters and the overall plot.. But instead I'm mad because the writer threw so many random plot lines into the story over the last year that its become laughable like a bad soap opera. All long term plot lines are pretty much negated and last minute characters and plot lines now resolve everything.. something that was just revealed 10 chapters ago now solves half the danger to the planet that has been build up as an ultimate power throughout the last 400 chapters. wtf.

    I'll compare this to DBZ. Imagine all that build up how powerful Freeza was.. but then right before Goku is going to fight him, Krillin found some magic orb and then Bulma kicked it at Freeza and killed him. No big fight with Goku, no planet namek getting destroyed.. hell, Goku never even met Freeza. Thats the equivalent of what just happened. WTF.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Nah, I think that was the anime going on hiatus again. This is probably the first anime that I'd like to see end differently from the manga. Some of the filler arcs in the anime has a better plot than whats going on right now. x_x

    3. DeathscytheX


      Its pretty confusing TBH. I remember reading they were permanently ending the anime to start on a new project which basically sounded like Fairy Tail Z. Then I read something about how they published the last chapter of the manga or something... and now the anime is suppose to start back up in September or around that time. I love the anime, but shit like that makes it hard to get into long series. Then again it took 3 years for AoT season 2 which I hear is only 12 eps. While I like what I've watched so far, it doesn't seem like its going to cover much.

    4. Sledgstone


      The first half of the anime was great. I loved the tournament fight, the time skip, alternate world, etc. But the second half, after they explained where the dragons were this whole time.. then some time travel stuff, etc.. the plot just went to hell. If this series didn't try to pull a Naruto / Bleach move and make the plot into this giant mess that involves having to save the world it would have been much better. Speaking of Bleach, the second half of that manga had its plot turn into such garbage that the anime was straight up canceled and the manga publisher canceled it too and gave the guy a set number of chapters left to finish. There were so many chapters of bleach that got so lazy that I swear I was reading a manga about a bunch of white pillars in mexican hell with text dialogue with some characters occasionally shown. Yes.. mexican/spanish hell. Everyone had spanish names and was a couple levels above actual hell or some crap. wtf. Fairy Tail got that bad with "the power of nakama/friendship". If any character of Fairy Tail was about to be defeated, or was defeated, they would then stand up with some reserve energy, give a speech about never letting their friends down and then 1-2 punch combo the enemy that is at full strength for a sure fire win. Every damn time. Slight spoiler near the end of the series that gives nothing really away because of predictability.. Erza had every bone in her body broken at the end of a chapter. Everyone in the comments predicted she would win by invoking the power of friendship.. next chapter she talks about her friends, magic blasts herself off the ground, destroys a meteor or some crap while simultaneously defeating a massive all powerful enemy in one attack. wtf. Every fight went like that for about the last year.

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