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  1. My car is screwed up. :crap: It has an overheating issue but it doesn't show it as an issue. The radiator fan wont turn on unless my AC or heater is on. No check engine light or anything. After a long diagnosis at a dealership, they've concluded that the computer in the car itself is failing and needs to be replaced. Never had that happen to a car before. Its a hefty bill to get that swapped out. I could go cheap and buy a used part off ebay for $30-100 but I don't see the point when theres no way to test the damn things accurately considering mine is reading as functioning normally. wtf. :( Instead of trading in the car, I'll foot the $1k bill next week when the get the part in. I really don't want another car payment at this point.

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Damn that sucks man but I feel ya. My car threw a check engine light on Wednesday, sadly I haven't had time to get it in and checked out (50 hour work weeks is really killing my ability to just get basic maintenance on my car done). A friend at work is going to bring his scanner in on Monday so we can check to see what the code is and hope it's not going to be a costly fix (funny thing is car is running fine so I'm thinking its a minor issue but with my luck with cars it's going to be an extremely costly fix).

    2. DeathscytheX


      You should try Firestone instead of the dealership. I had a similar issue but it was the cpu for my abs that went out. Firestone got a used part from a scrap yard for me and saved me $900. The Dealership is always a ripoff, I never take my vehicle there unless my car was under warranty. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Good luck with your car Strider. I used to do all my own car maintenance, but this toyota has been so damn good the last 7 years I've only had to get the front brakes done once.

      Normally I'd agree that the dealerships are rip offs, most of the time they are. But this toyota dealership I go to has been very reliable. The only thing that really seems marked up is the labor. I used to do all my own brake jobs, I'd buy high quality pads for $30+ and rotors for $30 a piece. So for about $100 I'd do my own front brakes, but I'd have to do them at least once every 2 1/2 years because of the amount of driving I was doing at the time. But after putting on a crap load of miles on my corolla and having the front brakes last roughly 4 years, I decided to pay the extra cash for the OEM brake pads and rotors since they last twice as long as the aftermarket ones. The price for those in parts was a bit over double, $230. I was having some health issues and since it was winter (I have no garage), I had the dealership do the work. Ended up charging me $160 in labor. $500 for a brake job seems pretty steep to me compared to getting it done somewhere else for $200, but the parts are double the life span (at least they are for toyota, never seemed to be the case with any GM vehicle I ever owned). This ECU unit is going to cost me $600 for the part. I could save $500 buying a used one, but I'm hesitant because it could have some issue as well. But for the full $1k they quoted me, that also includes replacing the thermostat ($75 part). Roughly $325 in labor total for both parts. I could probably get the bill knocked down to $500 going to another mechanic and getting a used ECU, but I'm also planning on making multiple 18 hour round trips to ohio over the next couple years. x_x If I was just driving around locally I'd probably go with the cheaper option, but it feels like I'd be better off with the more expensive route for the peace of mind. :crap: