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  1. My OCD has gotten the better of me again. I've been marathoning Guild Wars 2 so I can finish making the legendary raven staff Nevermore. The process of making this has so many parts and is so time consuming. I'm definitely finishing this now. Its definitely the most difficult and time consuming thing I've done in this game but its making me feel a real connection to the weapon. When I see other ppl that have it I'll know they went on that same journey. Its a pretty cool feeling. Its a bit of a shame the newer legendary weapons won't be made in the same way, but if they were I know I wouldn't put this much time into another one. The tier 4 collection is crazy.. I got a Raven egg, imbued it with power from numerous places, made an incubation chamber, hatched it and now I'm feeding it and teaching it to fly by doing specific events with alot of gliding. This is a cool experience. :D Once I'm done raising it, it'll actually become part of my living weapon. :D

    1. DeathscytheX


      They proved they can't handle these journeys because they won't fix busted events and yet they picked them for a lot of legendaries. Astralaria requires a failed dywana event in Malchor, but that's the biggest event on that map and its needs to be completed to get the HP at the temple. Its one of the reasons I don't feel inspired to do it. 

    2. Sledgstone


      I hear ya. While the experience of these journeys are cool and unique, the events they have these tied behind are some bullshit at times. Crafting Zap through it's collection was fun but frustrating. Dusk was a nightmare with failed event requirements or specific portals at boss encounters that would only open via rng or last seconds and if you're in downstate you miss it (alot of the dusk ones were fixed at least, but not before I did them.). I gave up on the collection for Dawn and bought it off the TP when I was going to make Eternity. Nevermore has been fun and the only event I came across that was bugged for it was a Skritt/versus harpy event. I had to wait around until the map eventually closed, got into a fresh map and the event never started. I kept going back to the map throughout the day and actually caught it in mid progress with no other players there doing it. That was one bugged event just to buy some harpy feathers from a skritt. Other than that its been a relatively smooth experience compared to the other precursor collections.

      Tier 3 for Nevermore is using an item at all these green level 80 ravens scattered all over the place, but some only spawn after event completions like the one at the Balthazar HP in Auric Basin. Thankfully nothing required a fail event. But with Nevermore and the other 3 first release HoT legendaries there is a tier 4 collection required for the final gift that make it far more time consuming and prone to issues. I've had to do so many events and go to so many key locations to trigger a collection item that it would be a disaster if this was required with every legendary going forward. Every patch in the game could potentially break just 1 of the 30 collection trigger locations or events for the tier 3 collection or just 1 of the 60 trigger locations or events of the tier 4 collection and completely halt all progress on it and thats just for this one legendary. Imagine 90 different events for every legendary potentially screwing up with every patch. That sounds like a logistical nightmare to me. I'm halfway through tier 4 now. Its been fun but I wont make another precursor again unless its one of the easy to do underwater ones that only require about 12 events.

      With all the mats I have used in crafting already, I know for a fact I could have easily made Shooshadoo or HMS Divinity within 2 days. But making Nevermore is taking so much longer because of these collections. Farming pvp for geodes and Silverwastes for 2 days for bandit crests makes me never want to do another collection like this again. Why every precursor collection in the game needs 400 geodes and 1k bandit crests makes no sense to me. Its one of the reasons I gave up on the Dawn collection at the time. It was worth it to me to spend an extra 80 gold and buy it off the TP than farm those maps again and skip the other 30+ events required for it. With Nevermore and it's precursor being account bound only, like the fractal back piece, theres no shortcut option to buy something off the TP. It feels a bit more exquisite to have something that can't be bought I suppose, but screw doing all these collections again.

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