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  1. I made a legendary greatsword today in Guild Wars 2, Sunrise.. and then I combined it with my Twilight and made the most expensive greatsword in the game, Eternity. :D


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    2. Sledgstone


      New RNG rewards for PVE content? I don't expect that to happen anymore. :( if those power cores ever get released again I'll make the other 2 spinal blade back pieces. But as it is now its precursor prices just to buy the 10 blue cores and that's not even counting the entire crafting cost. I like how they made the Halloween skins obtainable from the forge but the RNG is so bad the prices of those skins are already back up to over 600+ gold. Anet doesn't really make sense with their reward structure. TT has crap rewards but AB has ridiculous rewards and you don't even have to beat it to get those rewards, just join the map afterwards. If LWS3 has a new map it could easily be the most rewarding map in the game with their current reward strategy. But it'll probably be all crap to sell for gold and the only RNG drop will be another Queens bee type item. 

    3. DeathscytheX


      The one time you aren't ready, thats when anet will bring out the good stuff and you'll miss out. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      I bet that will be the case. I'm half expecting some awesome stuff to happen in the game that requires all kinds of gold now that I have none. Watch this tuesday they'll re-release the fused weapons and the prices tank on the TP.. and heres me with only 8 gold. XD

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