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  1. I finished "Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet" on netflix last night. The first episode was some of the best mech anime I've ever seen. I wish the entire series was like the first episode. Then it turned into a 'slice-of-life' anime for about 7 episodes. -_-; After an unnerving loli dance scene in which every guy over 40 was drunk and wooing at 10 year old girls dancing I was done with it (seriously japan? is this what japanese men want? wtf.). But then I looked at the episode descriptions for the final episodes and I stuck with it. The final 3 eps were great and had good action. If you want to see some good mech battles, watch the first and last 3 or 4 eps of this series. All the episodes in between are just filler crap to establish some sense of loyalty between the mech pilot and the group of people on the gargantia. And of course to forge a typical anime relationship of: "i love this guy i just met and even tho we've only known each other for less than 2 weeks, you need to stay with us for life!"

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    2. DeathscytheX


      I had a friend tell me this was good, and his taste in anime is horrible so I never bothered to watch it. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      4 or so females in this show had BnS style glossy skin. lol. I looked up the episode list, watch episode 1, half of episode 2, then skip to episode 9 and watch the rest of the series from that point on and it is a really good anime. Skip those 7 and half episodes in the middle and its worth watching. But thats just me. I'm becoming a judgemental ass with anime now. XD If a plot or character is similar to something I've already seen before it scores huge negative marks for me. XD

      A few minor spoilers that I don't think even needs a spoiler tag:

      I hated those 7 episodes because the mech pilot guy needs his mech as a translator. Because of this, for a solid half the series he talks just like every other emotionless anime male teen character that saves everyone all the time. That and those episodes were incredibly boring explaining how to live in their society... "whats this? food? water? you live on a planet? i don't understand the concept of money, explain please. I want a job." -_-; Its every day life.. I don't need to be reminded about it in an anime for 2 and half hours. That guy needs to keep blowing shit up and stop worrying about employment. XD

    4. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      This is the main reason I've been falling out of watching anime lately and sticking away from the selections Netflix has (I'm sorry but the vast majority of the stuff Netflix gets is either crap or mainstream crap. They have very few series I'd recommend watching and very few I'd give a chance to watch).

      Honestly Sledge, anime is all about the Loli girls and crap filler episodes XD

      Well thought out and executed anime died in the late 90's early 00's (and that's the sad truth).

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