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  1. I got my SAB orange Kaiser Snake warhorn! So incredibly loud and annoying. XD btw this video was taken with the Windows 10 game recorder and you can see how bad my graphics card it. It can't handle playing a game and recording at the same time so on the recording the FPS looks horrendous.

    1. DeathscytheX


      One more daily course load and I'll have mine. I can get another skin with bauble baubles, but I don't really like any of the blue ones. I might just bank them until next year and see if more rewards come out.

    2. DeathscytheX


      I bought the SAB glider for my Druid since it matches electro blue. It has a nice trail effect and makes random SAB sounds when deployed. I love it when it makes the "OOOOH BOY" sound the NPC makes when you're beating on the cage. XDXDXD

    3. Sledgstone


      I makes that sound!? lmao! Thats awesome. XD I'm going to get that blue mace since I love the flail animation and it should match up well with frostfang. I'll also get that blue warhorn just so I can complete my personal SAB warhorn collection.

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