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  1. Wings


    I think with MMO innovation it boils down to the chicken and the egg question.. instead of which came first, its more of who did it first? lol. So many MMOs have the same features that I don't even look up to see which game or developer started doing it first. Like minis.. I wonder what game had the first minis. I think it was runescape, but then guild wars 1 and WoW ripped them off. XD

  2. Theres no way the next ranger elite specialization will be healing focused again so if it does get main hand dagger I bet it'll be better dps than sword. Don't forget the HoT rumor that elementalist would get main hand sword. So many people made bolt only to find out they got a crappy warhorn. XD

  3. Lol. Cool. And yep I agree about the oil changes. Before and after winter is best. ^_^ Front wheel drive is always better for winter imo. When I had rear wheel drive I'd put a couple 20 pound bags of the cheapest cat litter in the trunk for the extra weight for traction. Front wheel drive gets all the weight it needs from the engine but I always felt like rear wheel drive had a little better traction with extra weight in the back.

    I remember reading that insurance covers glass for such a small cost and usually no deductible because it's cheaper for them in the long term. If someone gets into an accident and the windshield is already cracked there's a higher chance of it breaking worse and causing more damage to passengers, thus higher medical bills they have to pay for. That and the other insurance company can use it as an excuse to make your insurance company pay for all damages because your driving could be considered impaired because of line of sight issues with the glass. Or some crap like that.

    When the temp outside starts changing expect that crack to spread. Mine did on my Saturn years ago. It was a small little nick that turned into a massive spiderweb. It started getting bigger over a month and one day lady drove somewhere, went inside a building, came back out and boom spiderweb.

  4. Very nice ride. :tup: your insurance might cover the windshield for free if you have glass coverage. For my insurance plan it's only an extra $40 a year if I remember right and there's no deductible for glass. I made the claim and they set the payment up with safelite, I called them and they came out to my house to replace it real quick.

    I think 2011 is when the majority of the car manufacturers switched to full synthetic oils. Since yours is 2010 like mine your owner manual might say to get an oil change every 5 months or 5k miles but I recommend full synthetic oil changes only. You'll only need oil changes every 10k miles or once every 6 months. Remember when oil changes were every 3 months? Lol. I've been getting oil changes only twice a year for the last 6 years now.