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  1. I watched all the Divergent movies as they came out (I've seen them all numerous times over the years now from movie channels) and I remember watching the trailer for The Fault in our Stars and it looked wrong to me because in those other movies those two were playing brother and sister. x_x lol. Carlord.
  2. The trailer looks good but this is a musical? does the guy sing while he's driving everywhere or is it just alot of music playing the entire movie because he's always wearing headphones?
  3. I hate some of these channels online streaming options. I have cable and i love watching a bunch of shows on the CW channel. If I miss an episode because a basketball game preempts it I can watch the show on their website but if I load up the CW app on my roku stick I need to activate it with my cable account and even tho I pay to watch the channel my cable provider isn't in their list of approved providers for using the app. Wtf. But I can load their website and just watch it. It's the same with a few other channels streaming services. At that point I just download the show via a torrent. I'm already paying for the shows but I'm getting denied online access to them. And these companies wonder why ppl download their content illegally. They make everyone go thru hoops to watch a single episode when it takes 5 seconds to go to EZTV, select the show and click download. 4 mins later I'm watching the show.
  4. I loved this cartoon when i was a kid. The animation looks good, the music is great, the voice actors are a good match. I'll watch this.
  5. That's perfect. The music is vital to keep the series going. 🖒
  6. That needed to be done. I complained about it 2 years ago: In that post I mentioned that as long as the guns all have set stats, they could then be account bound unlocks and stored in an arsenal of sorts like a battlefield menu loadout. Destiny wanted to do that rpg style of game play with big clunky inventory and borderlands style weapon rng rolls, but it just didn't work out. They should keep weapons in a menu / inventory like all other traditional FPS games and then do all the other stuff the way they were. Its one thing to have different armor drops and have those as inventory items specific to character classes/weight, but all the guns are the bread and butter of the game and shouldn't be hindered by rng bullshit. But if all weapons all have set stats, I wonder if this means they're going to do away with "2nd gen hawkmoon" or "3rd gen suros regime" and keep those as set stats for the life of the game. If thats the case, then maybe they'll be getting rid of their endless grind with every dlc/expansion. I doubt they'll do that tho since thats all anyone that still plays the game does.
  7. I started playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and its great. The best part about this game is the hidden "Nightmare" stages in each chapter. I stumbled across the first one in chapter 1 and fell in love with it. I found a random bunk that had a sleep icon on it, I clicked on it and Blazkowicz went to sleep / transitioned into a HD remaster of the 8-bit nightmare that is the original Wolfenstein 3D game. XD Each stage has been extremely fun and gives me flashbacks to my childhood. :D

    1. Sledgstone


      My PS4 has never downloaded a single update while in rest mode. Its been years now and I'm mostly used to it, but its annoying as hell when I actually want to play a game and I have to wait for a damn update with their dial up speed download rates. -_-; My PS3 perfectly turns itself on around 6am (I don't know if it does it every day or not), downloads any updates and shuts itself back off. But my PS4 can't do this in rest mode. wtf. The only time I have to do an update on my ps3 is on the rare time a download fails or an update happens after it does it's daily or twice a week check. I had to download a netflix update a couple days ago, first time I've had to run a manual update on the system in over a year.

    2. DeathscytheX


      For me it's not the download speed. It was the preparing to download part. I'd have to wait 30 min to an hour for 20 seconds of download. Someone said it has to do with the PS4 checking for the updates you already have and trying to decide the least amount it needs to download. Thry really just need to scrap it and just replace the files. The thought is nice to save people bandwidth, but it's not practical if your system never updates in rest. 

    3. Sledgstone


      Omg yes. I hate that preparing to download crap. I included that into the 3 hour download the other day. It was about 20 minutes of uncharted 4 "preparing to download". That crap makes no sense to me. I can turn on steam and updates will just auto download instantly. No other platform or system will "prepare to download" anything.

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  8. OMG that looks hilarious. The first Jumanji was a great movie. I'm glad to see it coming back in a new format. I definitely want to watch this.
  9. With the slow progress I'm making on ME 1, ME Andromeda will drop down to $5 by the time I'm ready to play it. I'd read your review if you wrote one, but then again I'm trying to avoid spoilers for the entire series at this point. lol. I just found out that Mass Effect is means by which everyone travels thru space, I thought it was just a catchy name for the series.
  10. I've heard nothing but great things about this movie. I don't know if I'll have the time to watch it in the theaters, but I know I'll be buying it on bluray the day it comes out.
  11. Even in the last couple chapters of Fairy Tail, people that just died are brought back to life again.. -_-; At least a main bad guy is getting a proper ending now with one last big fight. Only 5 chapters left. Knowing how this manga is going, I'm guessing everyone will win with the power of friendship, or the author will be the ultimate troll and have the bad guy win and kill everyone. lmao. If he did that it would piss off everyone. I kind of hope it happens. I'm rooting for evil to win. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      XD That would be amazing.

  12. A moded NES classic with all those games would be amazing. 😮 Turtles in time was the best TMNT game ever made. Chrono trigger was the best SNES game tho. Link to the past is in second place to me. If I did get this SNES classic I'd play the hell out of mega man x and super punch out. I loved beating those games repeatedly. Especially super punch out. My brothers couldn't get past the 3rd or 4th guy while I'd play out straight thru to the end with no continues.
  13. I would actually like to own a SNES Classic. But I doubt I'll ever get my hands on one. I could just buy a retro gaming console on the cheap and buy some old game cartridges to go with it: Theres also the "build your own emulator" console with raspberry pi: But I don't think I'd even buy one of these at this point since running an emulator on a PC is so simple and pretty much every game is available online. I'm not one of those people that illegally downloads my games, far from it. I have had a friend give me some emulator programs and a bunch of games to try out many years ago. Emulating a game doesn't seem to bother me all that much when its a game I've already paid for years and years ago and the games are so damn old, many are available to play for free on websites. SNES Classic will have mario kart? Cool.. I just played it in another tab: Same with Contra III If Nintendo actually wants some money, the should make a massive supply of these consoles and flood the market with them. So many ebay flippers will buy the initial shipments they'll all get stuck with them while Nintendo keeps up with production. But this is Nintendo.. and that VG Cats comic is pretty damn accurate.
  14. lol. So true. Kevin Costner had a movie like that too. "3 Days to Kill". Its actually a decent movie. I saw it in my netflix recommendations.
  15. I ended up getting the full game in a humble bundle probably a year ago. I still haven't played it but I definitely will. Another old Sierra game, Gabriel Knight, was remade in HD a couple years ago by the original developer in her own indie company. That game was so enjoyable. It was about Voodoo cult murders in New Orleans. Heres an original playthrough of it: It was a much larger game than King's Quest 5. Gabriel Knight took me about a solid week of afternoons for me to play through when I was a kid.
  16. Those old point and click adventure games were amazing when I was a kid. It was like playing an interactive novel. Sure the games look a bit crude today, but back when CDs were new, having a fully voiced game was pretty huge. This game came out the same year as the Super Nintendo. While I enjoyed jumping on goombas with Mario, a game like King's Quest 5 was literally telling me a story.
  17. Its definitely giving off a "Law Abiding Citizen" feel and doesn't seem that original of a concept. But to see Jackie Chan playing an anti-hero could be entertaining. The last Jackie Chan movie I watched was Dragon Blade: The trailer just shows a bunch of action which is fine, but the dialogue in this movie is amazing. Jackie Chan almost got me crying a couple times with his words. x_x Expect to read a bunch of subtitles with this movie tho since its roughly only half in english.
  18. I always thought of the telltale games as a modern take on old school SIERRA adventure games from back in the 80s and early 90s. Those were always fun for me, but cartoony. I definitely prefer the Resident Evil games for a true zombie fix tho. I prefer Resident Evil over most other zombie games because so many of the others are always endless horde modes. CoD zombies has no end.. just kill zombies until you die. I think thats how Killing Floor is too. Dying light and Dead Island both look decent. I own Dead Island, I should probably try it out.
  19. I started playing this last week. Only finished the prologue so far and now my character is swimming in water.. This game looks amazing. I thought Last of Us was breathtaking but Naughty Dog out did themselves and knocked it out of the park with Uncharted 4. All the plant life looks more realistic than any other game I've played and the controls for swimming is even better than Last of Us. But the biggest draw for me is the faces. Uncharted 3 had alot of the same recycled bald guy enemy look going on, but everyone in Uncharted 4 so far looks unique and the facial animations are some of the best I've seen. I'm looking forward to playing some more.
  20. I didn't notice any of those characters. I completely forgot them. yeah the michonne game was too small. It was decent for the $5 I got it for but it can be easily watched on YouTube.
  21. Check your private message.
  22. I'm pretty certain it was like that on the PS4 version too. I remember getting up to go use the bathroom or get a cup of coffee or something and let the credits roll. If it was skip able, I must not have noticed. btw, did you also buy The Walking Dead: Michonne? Its a short telltale game, but for $3.75 its a decent game. It confused me as all hell tho initially because it actually takes place at some point in the comic's timeline and not the show's timeline.
  23. That is an awesome video. If I didn't know it was Jupiter I wouldn't have been able to tell.
  24. Lol. I'll have to check later. If its still there you want it still? All those old accounts only had like 25 mb of space.
  25. I think I beat 400 days.. or I only did 2 or 3 of the stories. It wasn't that memorable. Season 2 wasn't as good as season 1 to me in terms of character development. I don't think anything could top Lee and Clementine's original story. Overall tho, season 2 was a solid game and will give you alot of 'oh shit' moments.