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  1. I'll play evil as long as I can be a gentlemen to the ladies.
  2. I was listening to some music on my PC while I was working earlier today and after a while I shut the stream off. About 20 mins later my speakers abruptly starting making loud low noises like a test pattern. I shook the speaker a bit and it stopped and I turned the power off on them. I kept working and another 5 mins later I smelled burning plastic.. and then smoke coming from my speaker.. wtf. It only stopped burning after I unplugged it from the wall. I don't know if the speaker caught fire because of a component in it, or if the ac adapter kept failed and kept pumping electricity into it. I'm glad I was there when it happened or it could have caused a serious fire incident. Now I'm paranoid about my other electronics catching fire on me. x_x

  3. Thanks for all the info on the game. Its good to read up on what I'm missing out on. I still don't think I'll be rushing out to buy this any time soon, but its good to know that Bungie is moving forward with improvements. Although I'm surprised they had those max server issues on day one. How many hours did it take you to beat the campaign? Now that you've had the game for 2 days, you're already at the end game content. How is it so far? Are you feeling compelled to keep logging in daily to get more loot? Or is the loot so plentiful now you'll get best in slot for everything within a matter of a few weeks and run out of things to do? Did you get through a bunch of your steam backlog now that you have a PC that can play everything?
  4. Lmao! That game looks beyond bizarre.. I'll pass on that one. I never did buy Infamous Second Son. I'll download that and play it after I finish Uncharted 4.
  5. Season 2 ups the ante with the pointless sex scenes and nudity. The political drama is the biggest highlight of the series and definitely makes it worth watching. It got to the point in season 2 that I actually fast forwarded thru 3 different sex scenes just to get to more plot. There's some other scenes that I remember lasting 5-10 mins or so that i did watch because there was talking involved but they added absolutely nothing to the plot so after that I just kept skipping them. It's a good series but it could have been great if the first 2 seasons were filmed like season 3+. The excessive nudity but not excessive sex in Westworld actually makes sense tho because of the nature of the theme park. But in game of thrones it feels like they threw the nudity in there like they were trying to be edgy or justify their 'premium' cable price. Ever since regular cable has had most of the restrictions of profanity, gore and violence removed over the years HBO keeps turning to more nudity and sex like its supposed to add something special to a product when all it does is detract from the plot and draw criticism from fans. If TWD was made by HBO we'd have had countless sex scenes and almost every female walker would have been topless for no reason.
  6. The first 2 seasons are slow and have so much pointless softcore porn nudity. Once you get into season 3 and beyond there are many episodes that have movie quality fight scenes and sets that make TWD look like its has a b movie budget. I finished up the last season this past season and it felt incredibly rushed since its coming to an end. The next season which is going to be 6 episodes or so I think is going to be the finale. If the show feels like it drags on at times its because it does. HBO kept waiting for the author of the books to make the last 2 books in the series and he kept saying he was almost done with one of them. But after 5 years of waiting on him HBO caught up to the books and actually had a sit down with him to get a rough outline of his upcoming books so they can finish the series as best they can. Which results in this last season feeling rushed as all hell and the finale will probably be 6 episodes of endless action to conclude the series. Once you finish this I highly recommend Westworld. Its a better series and its only 1 season. Highly impressive.
  7. I missed that video. lol. Looks like activision doesn't want too much getting leaked out.
  8. Battlefield 1 premium is on sale for $29.99 for pc but it's still full price for console players. No thanks EA. I'll just hold onto my money then. 😬

    1. DeathscytheX


      Probably won go on sale until after Battlefront II comes out. I think the console player base is still really strong, plus the have the play with a friend system where you can play all the DLC as long as someone in your squad has it. The PC base always fizzles faster.

    2. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Usually how it goes as the PC base is pretty non-existent right now (they suffer more from this paywall then us console players do as console players are more apt to buying the Season Pass then PC players (you know since the PC master race thinks they should get everything for free (I in no way believe we shouldn't but they never fully adopted the season pass mentality that we have)). It'll see a resurgence in a week or two when In the Name of the Tsar goes live next month (which I'm kinda looking forward too, some of the maps look fun). The only downside to playing with a friend is you don't get any unlocks or xp for playing DLC maps (the only downside to the system), you just get to experience the map and not the weapons (unless you get lucky to pick one up from a dead enemy).

  9. I'm going to try to be optimistic and assume anet will balance spellbreaker a bit to increase it's dps. It's not optimal in pve because the daggers do to little damage. But I think anet balanced them to be that way because of their might generation. When I was testing it in the pvp lobby I was able to consistently get 25 stacks of might within 4-5 seconds. While that is good and it increases dps the low damage of the daggers is only more emphasised when I swap over to greatsword and accomplish far more damage. And that might generation isn't that impressive either considering a normal berserker with greatsword can generate that much might themselves in an additional 1-2 more seconds. But it's not just the dagger dps that disappointed me it's also the traits. It really feels lackluster in synergy compared to other elite specs like dragon hunter, reaper and scourge. I still think warrior needs a complete rework of their traits or they'll never be anything more than a might generator with phalanx strength and banners. Spellbreaker will be amazing in wvw though because of the elite skill but that's only because anet never properly balanced wvw to begin with.
  10. At least I won't have to wait for a game of the year addition to go on sale. I think YouTube is the real driving force behind all day one sales for video games. There are so many YouTubers and twitch streamers now that the rush to get their own content out asap results in everyone buying the game at the same time and then unanimously complaining about it all while generating hype about the game. And then 2 months later all the hype is gone and the game goes on sale for $20 off to get the stragglers that don't want to pay full price.
  11. Looks good. It does have me wondering who Jack the ripper is. It can't just be Jack the ripper at this point with all the other characters in the movie. It might be lock up but I'm leaning more towards Riddler because of that note.
  12. This was one of the worst movies I've seen this year and I watch alot of syfy movies. All the characters were portrayed completely wrong regardless of white washing. Light wasn't portrayed as a psychopath genius murderer, L was an emotional disaster, Misa was a better killer than light. He named himself kira... And Ryuk was dog ass ugly. The Japanese death note movie had better cg. Wtf.
  13. Dark Matter season 3 finale was tonight. The massive space battle scene was great and there is now a couple major plot lines going for season 4. This is one of the best scifi series Syfy has made in a long time. :D

  14. Those new rockets for D.Va look way powerful. I bet they'd tear Reinhearts shield away in a single barrage. Mercy flying all over the place seems a bit whacky. The only real tell that will give her position away is the stream from her heals and buffs.
  15. Its a great action trailer. Still minimal on the plot. So many movie trailers completely give away the entire plot of the movie, but Destiny trailers reveal maybe 2 plot points and then a bunch of stuff blowing up like Michael Bay made it.
  16. lmao @ Junkrat! I wonder if the queen of junkertown could be a new character in the future.
  17. I'll have to watch these when I have some free time. WP is always so long winded.
  18. I saw a partial eclipse today from where I live. I didn't have the eclipse glasses since there wouldn't be much to see here. But Lady made a makeshift eclipse viewer with a box and some foil. It worked great and we could easily see the crescent shape of the moon over the sun. Even with 70-80% coverage here the light was only slightly dimmed for a while and colors looked a bit off. Other than that it was like any other day. I was half expecting the sky to darken more, but apparently 20%+ of the sun is still bright as f*ck. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      Yeah it just looked like a standard rainy day here. There wont be an total eclipse where I live until 2049. I think 2099 is the next time there will be one where you are. XD

  19. Looks like we'll get actual space battles in battlefront 2. 😮
  20. I've been playing BF1 this week and it is so much better than it was. If this game was like this at launch it would have probably hooked me completely. I still haven't bought premium yet but I am contemplating it now. The improvements to this game along with changing this one setting has made all the difference for me: With this setting, sniping gameplay is actually exactly like BF4 in terms of camera movement. It made a significant difference for me. One of my brothers prefers the BF1 style and his game play shows that hes better with it, but I needed this setting changed. Much more enjoyable now. Onto the changes I've seen in the core game: - No more gas grenade spam. They finally did it. I stopped using gas grenades even before I quit playing months ago, but I've played 6 rounds of conquest this week and only had to put my gas mask on once. And the best improvement.. friendly gas no longer affects you. At first I thought I didn't realize what was happening when I saw the gas around me. Since it is always accompanied by damage indicators and the screen flashing damage at me I didn't realize it was 'friendly gas'. Your own gas will still damage you. They also must have changed the sensitivity on the gas mask up d-pad button because I did not accidentally put on my gas mask once. - No more RNG battlepacks. You get a bar indicating progress you've made towards your next battlepack and each game you play fills that bar up. I got a battlepack twice this week and knowing that you're guaranteed to get one is a hell of a lot more rewarding to me that throwing virtual dice in the background of a loading screen. - Daily scrap rewards. You get 50 scrap for playing 1 game a day and an additional 25 scrap for your first win of the day. Guaranteed scrap regardless of needing rng battlepacks for weapon skins to scrap. Much better and more rewarding. - Bayonet charge nerf? I don't know but I only got bayoneted once this week. Maybe now people can't instant 90 degree turn around a corner and gank you. When I tried it, it seemed like my character needed a much larger turning radius instead of instant twerking to whatever direction I pointed. - Net code improvements? The game felt more fluid. - Operations mode will now auto start another round on the same map once the game has finished with teams on opposite positions. - Conquest has map voting at the end of a round. Sure that might make some maps played a bit less frequently, but those maps generally sucked anyway. - Sniping improvements. I definitely got the feeling that they highly reduced the rng bullet deviation. Back when I played before I'd keep getting pissed that my perfectly lined up head shots would not connect. It wasn't lag, it was bullet deviation EA put into BF1. As if we needed more rng in the game. It feels like that was noticeably toned done. I could actually see why I would miss a shot instead of getting annoyed. Now when I had someone's head in my crosshairs and pulled the trigger, they'd be killed. Overall it felt much more enjoyable and I'm looking forward to playing more rounds.
  21. Including activities, gear progression and all 'content' to the total gameplay time is stupid. I bet the campaign will only take 6-8 hours to beat. Almost every game I play I only do the campaign and then kick all the activities and trophies to the curb.
  22. Good for them. I'll end up eventually playing this when its free with PS+.
  23. I played the beta on friday and for a while last night. I'm pleased with what I'm seeing. The beta is much smaller than the last expansion's beta but I'm fine with that. The mounts are the selling point all right. I think they need to do a bit of work on the mounting and dismounting effects tho. Since they can't be used in combat, I have a feeling it'll feel a bit clunky after a while with all the mounting / dismounting constantly. FPS in the city was horrible, but once I got away from other players I was easily getting anywhere from 45-60 fps. It really seems all over the place and makes it feel like the maps needs a bit more optimization. I didn't try any of the bounties, but I did try a couple random events. It feels very odd to me to not be gliding everywhere now that I'm so used to it. I bet once this comes out and the majority of people in lions arch are all using mounts, the fps there will drop to the 20s at all times. x_x At least there wont be a big impact on core world bosses, except for maybe teq, since there is a couple small moments after the burn phases that everyone is out of combat and can pop mounts on until they attack something.
  24. I finally got around to watching all these videos last night except for the bog otter interview. Alot of interesting changes. The ammo system should work well for warrior. Riding mounts in core Tyria should be enjoyable but I'm still concerned about world bosses. I wouldn't be surprised if they become no mount zones like most jumping puzzles have no gliding zones. These are some huge update notes. Especially for WvW: Being in first place with war score now grants 5 pips instead of 3. Being in second place with war score now grants 4 pips instead of 2. Being in third place with war score now grants 3 pips instead of 1. The Superior Siege Blueprint Case choice from the Skirmish Chest now grants 2 superior siege instead of 1. WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets have been reduced in the last chest of each division but have been added to every chest. Farming pips for that back pack shouldn't take 2 years now. I'll try a few hours of WvW this upcoming weekend to see how rewarding it feels now. As long as claim tickets can be aquired with every chest instead of only the 1, people like myself with much less time to play should be able to put in a few hours a week over a year and make some progress unlike how it was before where I'd have to play for 5 hours a week minimum just to get the first wood chest that had tickets.
  25. I ended up spending my entire weekend cleaning my basement. Theres a good chance I might be moving to a different house in a month or so and I wanted to make sure the move would go smooth. Its amazing how much junk accumulates in a basement. I was planning on playing some gw2 this weekend.. and it never happened. XD

    1. DeathscytheX


      Well at least you did it this weekend and not the Beta. Maybe at your new house, Fed Ex will deliver to the correct house. XD

    2. Sledgstone


      That would be nice, but I wouldn't count on it with them. XD