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  1. This is without a doubt the best thing I have seen on tv this entire year. 4 series in a massive justice league / captain America civil war style plot spanning 4 episodes and it was amazing. I really hope they make another crossover special next year. Superheroes versus the ultimate Nazis. The episodes are online if anyone wants to watch:
  2. I'm fairly certain this person is a bot, but if not I gave a warning only instead of full ban. Its all a copy and paste from gamestop with a spam link to video site that has nothing to do with gamestop. Lol. This game is setup to make virtual friends and the only way to make friends is to buy items in their store for cash. Seems like another cash grab pointless game.
  3. I've gotten annoyed with managing my digital movie and tv series collection. It didn't bother me before because Netflix had pretty much everything. I'd never have to search for stuff on my hard drives or old dvd-rs because it would all be on Netflix. Now that Netflix has dropped about 50% of their content over the last couple years and will lose significantly more once all of Disney's properties are removed next year I've realized all my old dvds, blu rays and digital movies are all getting more use again. This is were plex comes in. I setup plex on my main pc, moved a bunch of movies and tv series into some folders and set plex to use those folders. This program auto grabbed all meta data for the content, images, etc and is basically a Netflix clone. I was shocked by how efficient this is. I installed the plex client app on my ps3, ps4 and roku stick and as long as my pc with the plex server is running I can now stream all my content to every tv in the house. It even keeps track of where i left off in a movie and i can resume it on a different device if I want. So I bought a 4tb hard drive yesterday and I'm going all in on this. I'm going to rip a bunch of my dvds and blu rays (the ones that don't have a digital copy) into mkv files and throw them on that hard drive for my plex. I'll try putting my old anime avi files (with hard coded subs from back in the old download days) in there to to see if plex can play those too. Plex will even organise by genre to so it all works good. And plex is free. I was thinking about buying a nvidia shield because it can be used as a plex media server instead of just a client like the PlayStation/roku apps but it looks like it has some limitations with file types and my old anime files would definitely not play on it unless i converted every file thru some program called handbrake. I'll look into that some more. I figured I'd share this in case anyone else was getting annoyed with Netflix and every company making their own Netflix clones. Instead of paying every company a piece of the pie it'll be cheaper in the long run to just make my own Netflix with the content i already own that is already tailored to my preferances. And plex can stream outside of your home in 720p if you go on a road trip. I doubt I'll ever use that feature tho, especially with upload rates being shit with spectrum. Go to to get the media server and the PlayStation/xbox store/roku/android to download the plex app. I know this topic seems like am advertisement but they're paying me nothing and it's all free downloads anyway. it just works and works great.
  4. Bestbuy and Amazon had some good deals on movies yesterday. Got 9 recent releases on blu ray for about $50. And I got a 4tb western digital external hard drive from bestbuy for $79.

    1. DeathscytheX


      Now that we have an amazon facility in our city. I think I've started experiencing what you have in the lack of 2 day delivery. Before it opened everything was sent to me via UPS and sometimes FedEx. Now it goes to the USPS from the facility, and my package that was supposed to come yesterday, was "delayed" once reaching the USPS... even though they got it at 8am. -_-;

    2. Sledgstone


      Yep. If any package is small enough to fit in your mail box it'll be finished by USPS and 70% of the time it'll be delayed. Although most of the time when my packages get delayed it'll be because Amazon literally doesn't start the shipping process until a day after I order. I'll get a text message that it's shipped, get a tracking number, etc. But I'll check that tracking number 24 hours later and it'll still say "package shipping information received" but nothing about ups getting the package to ship for an entire day.

      I'm supposed to get 2 packages delivered via USPS today but tracking says they got the packages at 5:50 am, but it's already 8 something this morning and it still doesn't say "out for delivery" I can pretty much guarantee they'll hold that package for another day at this point. Amazon prime has been losing its appeal to me for a while now. I don't think I'll renew it again next August at this point. 

  5. That is hilarious.
  6. My PC had an update and restart only option last night. I had no idea there was another 'creators update' for windows 10. It was the 'fall creators update'. Damn thing took over an hour to install and reset numerous times. And apparently I have a 'windows feature update' that I still have to do. I guess I should check my nvidia drivers and update them today too. I've been having some windows 10 crashes lately so hopefully this update will fix that.

  7. I was all set to marathon this and after the first 6 eps it was moving so slow that I haven't finished it yet. The action scenes when they do happen are great. But its moving so slow.
  8. Hell yes. Daredevil season 2 was the entire Punisher origin story and in that season netflix pulled off some of the most realistic gun fights I've seen in any movie / tv series. Sure movies have gun fights all the time, but for assault weapons, shotguns, etc. its all special effects and nothing physical. In daredevil season 2 it felt like they were literally shooting guns everywhere and each individual bullet hole was shown being created in the background as it happened. As long as the punisher series has that much detail this will be amazing. It better have that much detail because netflix needs another strong marvel series. Iron Fist and Defenders were horrible compared to their predecessors.
  9. I played the hell out of this game when i was a kid. The movie looks fun and the plot seems a bit believable even tho it's a bit of a rip off of Jurassic park 2 when they transported a t-rex to a city and it went on a rampage. George, Ralph, & Lizzy had an origin story in the original game? I don't remember that at all.
  10. Are you using this build for soulbeast? I looked at mettabattle but they don't even have a condi soulbeast build on there. Is dagger main hand worth using? I have soulbeast completely unlocked for my ranger but I still need to complete her condi build and get the new pets. Did you try deadeye? I didn't unlock it yet but from what I've seen of it in pvp I don't think it's worth using in either pvp or pve. It must be meant as a wvw roaming build. I don't see why I'd ever use it over daredevil just like ill never use spellbreaker over berserker for warrior in pve.
  11. I love these new mounts. Flying has never been so much fun.
  12. After reading the hobbit, legolus and the elf woman with the love interest of the dwarf seemed completely out of place in the movies since neither of those characters were even in the book. I wouldn't be surprised if there are already book deals in the works at the point. We might get an expanded universe of novels from independent authors like the huge collection of old star wars novels. Legolus still become the equivilant of Luke Skywalker and get 20 novels dedicated to his adventures.
  13. The son of Tolkien has finally retired at the age of 93. As far as I know he hated the movies and would never sign off on any movie or tv deals and couldn't do anything to stop pre-existing deals that were made prior to him holding the estate. Now that he's retired Amazon already struck a deal with the Tolkien estate to make a new Lord of the rings series for Amazon prime. At first I thought it was a prequel series but now it sounds like a reboot of Lord of the rings entirely which sounds dumb when there are so many other ways they could have made a series that takes place in the world that was created. Maybe we'll get a Silmarillion movie in the near future. Or maybe a Tom Bombadil cartoon on cartoon network.
  14. Omg that must have taken hours upon hours. Now all you have to do is get used to flying with the griffon now. lol. Not just flapping, but actual flying using the 2 mount skill buttons. As long as you have enough height to start with you can dive down with V and then hit and hold C and space bar at the same time to regain all that altitude. As long as you keep doing that you can stay in the air indefinitely. I practiced the hell out of it with my captains airship pass because its so high up. You have the lava lounge pass so I bet that would be a great training area too. I don't see many people actually flying around so when I do it I'm usually the only one in the air flying over all the plebs while constantly diving down in front of them to show off.
  15. What an odd trailer. lol. If only he had a happy little squirrel hanging out with him. That looks like Cable in the painting and the robotic hand at the end. I wonder if they're going to keep him as a time traveler or if they'll reboot his character with a different background.
  16. Looks like Call of Duty is mimicking Battlefield 1 now. Just like Advanced Warfare was inspired by Destiny.
  17. Its been about a month and a half since the expansion came out and theres no replayability here. I've done every event in the new maps at least once and the rewards are horrible and not worth the time to do again and again. Outside of the campaign there are no map wide events or even any events that require any of the new unique mount mechanics which is the biggest shame. With as easy as it was to get the mounts and level them up, we don't even need a basic raptor to do anything event wise. Not having big meta events like what we got with Heart of Thorns was one thing, but its another to not need the mounts or their abilities for over 90% of the new maps. The only thing we really need is raptor canyon jumping for one area and a springer high jump to access 2 other locations. In Heart of Thorns we needed the jumping shrooms and ley line gliding to get everywhere and grinding those masteries gave us something to do along with all the map wide meta events. I hated tangled depths at first and pocket raptors were a complete pain in the ass in verdant brink to begin with, but in Path of Fire, it went a bit too casual. Sure the desolation map can be brutal until you get the waypoints unlocked, but once thats done its just a bunch of enemies to avoid. The bounties can be fun the first few times in a zerg, but some scale horribly and are unable to be beaten in a massive blob. There are adventures again but they are in such out of the way locations I've only done one of them, one time and never bothered doing anymore. I don't know if there are mastery points locked behind them or not, but I'm glad theres enough MP that I don't have to drive myself insane trying to beat anymore adventures with a gold rating. I really like the mount system. It adds some amazing functionality to the game, but it also makes legendary weapons loose some of their luster and prestige. Since we're all on mounts now the footstep effect and trails of running around with a legendary aren't noticeable anymore. Instead we have to buy mount skins on the gemstore to be more noticeable. And that leads us to the RNG mount skin setup. The halloween mount skins in a 5 pack bundle was nice and reasonably priced. The mount adoption license for 400 gems to get a single random mount out of a pool of 30 is a bit much when there is only about 10 of those 30 skins that are really good looking or have fancy effects. I had some gems saved up and I converted a bunch of gold to gems and bought a 10 pack last week. I lucked out and got the legendary looking griffon mounts and a decent jackal skin.. but I also got 4 plain skimmer reskins and a recolored raptor. I wanted a decent raptor skin so I converted all my laurels to gold, sold all my t6 mats, mystic coins, etc. I just hit my 15k acheivement chest and got a free 400 gems and I got another 10 pack. I really lucked out that time and got the fire and lightening raptor skins, the flame and icy bunny skins and more crap. All in all I got about 8 skins out of 20 that I will use. 12 skins I have no interest in using at all seems like a huge waste of gems. I'm glad I didn't drop cash on this as that would have set me back about $80. If I paid $80 I'd have probably been pissed to get so many pointless skins. Anet said they won't do mount skins like this anymore, but the only other stand alone skin is a jackal skin for 2000 gems aka $25. If these skins I bought for 6,800 gems were actually 2k a piece I'd have been out 16,000 gems instead. In comparison to that this random mount system is a much better deal. But thats assuming they'd all be 2k gems a piece. I hope not because that will make mount skins so damn costly in the near future. Its a shame that we can't earn any of these skins in game. Those 2 griffons I got were basically legendary quality and make my legendary weapons unnoticeable by comparison. The end game of guild wars 2 is fashion wars and now the mounts are the biggest fashion accessory. And they can only be purchased instead of earned. Until a new map / living story episode comes out there is no end game except for farming existing content from the previous expansion or farming gold to convert to gems to buy more gem store mount skins. I feel bad for kids or people that don't have the ingame currency like I had to convert to gems. With christmas right around the corner I'm sure some people would have loved to gift a particular mount skin to one of their kids or to a friend, but thats impossible since its all random adoption licenses. It'd be like gifting someone a lotto ticket. Sure the rng mount licenses are a guaranteed mount and it wont just give you some random booster, but its still gambling imo like all the other loot box rng crap in every game now. I've seen people compare this style of in game rng to physical game rng like buying a pack of magic the gathering cards. But those can at least be traded and sold in real life, while these mount skins are account bound and can't be sold on the trading post. If they could be sold on the trading post like the contents of blt chests I doubt there would have been anyone complaining about this. The real kick in the ass and outrage will happen when elite looking mount skins are released as an account bound rng drop in blt chests like some of the glider skins are now.
  18. How is the loot bot/crate microtransaction situation? Is it all cosmetic or does buying them give an advantage in the multiplayer?
  19. 4 episodes in and this season is constant action. Theres been some great battles so far and the initial plan of getting all the bulk of the saviors trapped in their base by walkers was great. Although I still don't understand why Rick didn't just instant shoot Negan on the spot when he walked out the door in that first episode. He was a sitting duck. Carol is like Rambo now. So many people from the kingdom got mowed down. That must have been a 50 calibur machine gun. Those rounds were exploding them with the shear size of the rounds. x_x I've read some theories that people think Rick will die in this season and the flashforwards of him being old was him dreaming of what could have been instead of foreshadowing of what is to be. I think the show would survive without Rick, but I think they'd have to kill off Daryl first or people would expect the show to focus on him or Carol next since they've been there since the beginning too. Screw Carl. Nobody would want to watch the show focus on him.
  20. The older gameboys don't have internet connectivity and have a huge stock pile of games to play. What about disconnecting the Wi-Fi from the consoles so you'll never see a sale advertisement on the screen?
  21. I beat Uncharted 4 tonight. Took me a little over 19 hours. I loved the plot and the epilogue brought the feels. This really made Uncharted feel complete and not an endless franchise. I always liked the supernatural aspect of the games, but I see why they made it more down to earth this time around. The focus on the adventure and brother bonding didn't need to be overshadowed by anything else. Overall I'm extremely impressed and loved the Crash Bandicoot mini game. I was a bit disappointed in the lack of propane tanks. There were some fuel tanks or powder kegs with red x's around and most of the time I never noticed them. A couple combat scenerios were really lacking grenades which seemed odd. And damn those shotgun guys, 1-2 hit instant killing me, wtf. It felt a bit like I was playing a different game since I had to stealth kill so many people compared to the traditional uncharted of ducking and head shotting people with my pistol. So much cover was destroyable that I had to keep moving, and getting riddled with bullets by 5 guys at once isn't nearly as forgiving as it was in the previous games. Aside from that I loved all the lore involved when finding old notes on dead pirates. The companion AI was decent too since they actually killed some people for me or helped finish some off. I'd like to see an Uncharted 5, somehow but I have a feeling it won't happen. I'll pick up the spin off game Uncharted: Lost Legacy at some point, but it doesn't seem as appealing to me as a Nathan Drake game.
  22. Lol. They'll bring back the cancer that is thorn and lock it behind a dlc everyone has to buy. I bet ice breaker will come back in expansion 3 so everyone will have to buy that dlc since it won't be included in the initial expansion pass.
  23. This is noticeably a marvel made Spider-Man movie and looks far superior to the previous movies Fox has made.
  24. That spider man movie is still great and second best to homecoming.
  25. How do you feel about increases in light level at this point? Will it get too grindy to keep leveling up?