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  1. Sledgstone

    Cobra Kai (Karate Kid Sequel/Spinoff)

    I hope this guy gets his revenge after all these years.
  2. Sledgstone

    The Titan

    Reminds me of that old outer limits episode were everyone on the planet has to go thru a physical change to survive the intense radiation after the sun went thru a shift. I'm wondering if the trailer is purposefully hiding a larger plot line or if the entire movie is just him going thru the change and then going monster at the end.
  3. Sledgstone

    Overwatch - Trailers

    That long range melee looks very effective.
  4. Sledgstone

    Anthem (Bioware's Destiny)

    Look at this guy trying to rationalize the one dev leaving, coming back and leaving again... when it really means.. Anthem is doomed!
  5. Sledgstone

    The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I'm so glad Carl is dead. now I don't have to see that horrible hair anymore. it was such an emotional scene and I feel horrible for Michonne, but when I heard that gun shot I was happy. I'm a horrible person. Rick vs Negan in this last episode was pretty good. I'm surprised Maggie didn't warn that new woman about the saviors.
  6. Sledgstone

    Tomb Raider - Trailer

    I do want to see this movie but I'm not interested enough to see it in the theaters. Mostly because of two things. I love the new tomb raider games but that timed exclusivity bull shit for rise of the tomb raider being on Xbox for a solid year before ps4 resulted in me waiting a year to play the game and a year of my interest in it being destroyed. Just like i waited to play the game i can wait a year to watch this movie on cable at this point. The second issue for me is that Alicia Vikander doesn't physically look like Lara Croft from the new games. I didn't care for Angelina Jolie in the original tomb raider movies but when I look at pictures comparing her lara croft to the new one, Angelina's looks like she could kick her ass easily.
  7. Sledgstone

    Tomb Raider - Trailer

    It looks promising and a couple of the scenes look like they were taken right out of the game. Alicia Vikander looks like Lara Croft in that outfit, but shes a very small woman (height and muscle) in comparison to Lara Croft in the video game. I hope her physical performance is believable considering how many men she'll have to kill. To hell with the double guns tho. I'd rather see her using only the bow and climbing axe the entire movie.. and maybe an assault rifle. lol.
  8. Sledgstone

    God of War

    I lucked out and saw it right before it went down. I like what i saw. Crafting armor and weapon upgrades looked really nice. Reminded me of tomb raiders crafting setup at camps.
  9. Sledgstone

    Avengers: Infinity War

    The cast in this is so huge. 😃 I love seeing Starlord talking to Tony stark.
  10. And another 6-12 inches minimum of snow happening today through tomorrow morning. wtf. I haven't had time to game or watch any youtube videos. Its work, play with the dogs, do random stuff that needs to be done, shovel, go to bed, repeat. -_-;

  11. I've been rewatching Star Wars Clone Wars on netflix with Lady so she can see it before Disney eventually pulls all their products off netflix. I figure its only a matter of time before Disney launches their own streaming service and netflix probably loses 1/4 of their content.

    1. DeathscytheX


      I thought they were going to use Hulu as their platform since they own it. But after looking it up, it seems they'll leave Hulu for the more mature content of 21st Century Fox. It will be curious what will happen with all the Netflix original series deals with the mid tier marvel characters.

    2. Sledgstone


      From what I read a while back I think Netflix will be retaining those series. Although I doubt Marvel would let any of their characters get locked down with another company again. Whatever streaming service Disney makes it'll highly compete with netflix considering the massive amount of content it'll have by default that will never have to leave because of a license expiring. Every fox, disney, marvel, abc, etc. properties. It'll be massive and probably have as much if not more content than netflix on day one of it's launch. In hindsight it makes sense now why netflix has been so aggressively making it's own branded content. Every network has it's own streaming service now. I miss the old days of netflix having everything. I'd love to rewatch Chuck, Farscape, Psych and a bunch of other series that all used to be on netflix. As it is now Netflix hasn't had any of those shows in almost a year.

  12. Sledgstone

    NieR Automata

    I'd pick this up but I have to finish some more games on my back log first. It is tempting tho.
  13. Sledgstone

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    Maybe its just me but that logo looks alot like the autobots logo from transformers. Its all I can think of when I see that outline.
  14. Sledgstone

    Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

    Now that sounds way better. I'm really burned out on the desert. I didn't have the chance yesterday to get started on the new episode, I should have the time later today.
  15. Sledgstone

    Battlefront II

    Battlefront 2 is on sale this weekend so I broke down and bought it digitally on ps4. $31.99 for the deluxe edition doesn't seem that bad at all for a campaign even if its a bit short. I'll focus on playing the campaign and try the multiplayer out with my brothers.
  16. Another 10 inches of snow happening today. To hell with winter. >:o

    1. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      We're due for 7-14 inches Sunday - Tuesday x.x (hoping as all fuck it misses us). Can't really complain as we've had a pretty mild winter but I honestly don't want that much fucking snow

      Damn you DX, damn you and you're lovely weather

    2. Sledgstone


      It ended up being 17 inches here. x_x So much shoveling. wtf.

    3. Strider Hiryu

      Strider Hiryu

      Holy fuck >.<

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  17. Sledgstone

    PS Plus Games

    https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/02/28/ps-plus-games-for-march-additional-service-changes/ This is a great lineup. Bloodborne, Ratchet and Clank and Mighty No. 9. And in 1 year there will be no more free games released for ps3 and vita.
  18. Sledgstone

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    I've been playing this the last couple days. I just finished mission 5. The combat system is nice and the stealth mechanics are good, but I'm loosing my patience quite often. I'll usually miss one guy, he'll spot me and ruin all my stealth progress or potentially get an ass load of people to shoot and kill me, thus making me loose an hour of progress. I've gotten into the habit of fultoning out a large chunk of people, running out of the area to trigger a checkpoint save and then running back in to keep going. Its all too time consuming. Now when someone sees me I say "f*ck it" grab my assault rifle, kill them, run off a bit and then snipe everyone else. I'm going to start deploying with an RPG to destroy all the radio communicators first from now on. Aside from the prologue I haven't gotten a rank over C. Parts of this game's plot makes no sense to me. I don't get why I'm still in Afghanistan. I'm guessing the answer is in the cassette tapes I've been neglecting to listen to. I have a full crew now with excess in the waiting room. For most of these missions I don't understand the logic as to why Snake does all this YOLO style. I now have a small army but they all just sit on their asses at motherbase while I go out and do stuff. I heard that eventually they can go out on missions and make us cash, but even then it doesn't make sense to me why Snake doesn't do all these missions with a full assault or stealth/tactical team. I get spotted almost every mission, probably because I suck at this or I'm just not used to the endless enemy respawning, but considering the amount of gun fights I get into, screw stealth. lol. I'd rather have my own swat team come in. I keep using that fulton on everything and its getting a bit tedious. I have no idea where all these sheep are going. lmao. I keep launching them into the air and I never see them again. I caught a brown bear that mauled the hell out of me on my first attempt. That was pretty messed up watching it dangling by 1 foot attached to a balloon. wtf.
  19. Sledgstone

    Annihilation - trailer

    Looks like aliens are terraforming the planet and making monsters at the same time, which is a combination of awesome to me. Now for a brief rant.. The tv commercials were better than this trailer. In the commercials it looks like she is the pro going in to figure out wtf is going on, but in the trailer she's only going in to save her husband because Hollywood still doesn't think a female character can actually have professional motivation to do shit on their own without attaching a man to the woman's goals.
  20. Sledgstone

    EA Secures Exclusive Rights to Make Star Wars Games

    After it was announced that EA scraped a single player star wars game I figured all future star wars games would be like battlefront 2 and I stopped looking at potential future titles or even reading articles about any star wars game development. It's a shame EA went so damn moment hungry with the rng microtransactions. All i wanted was a game exactly like battlefield 4 except made as star wars. If Activision gets it they'll probably throw it at blizzard and let them make an Overwatch inspired shooter and an RTS style statecraft game and that'd be awesome. Although Square Enix would be a much better fit imo. They did publish the newer tomb raider games and they know how to make great single player mmos and action games.
  21. Sledgstone


    Orcs arriving through a portal. Lol. And giants that have to be killed at the base of the neck. These developers must like Warcraft and attack on titan. It looks fun but the camera seems to have a bit to much motion for me.
  22. Sledgstone

    Ready Player One

    That duck face pic for the image of that trailer is horrible. I wonder why they choose to use that image for their video. 😂
  23. Sledgstone


    Wasn't carnage an offspring of venom? I hate how marvel and DC have rebooted all their properties so many times over the years. I think there's been at least 20 different incarnations of Spider-Man and the different characters involved in it over all the years. Btw watch the movie "Life". A bit of a spoiler but it could be seen as a prequel to this Venom movie.. or maybe Cloverfield.
  24. Sledgstone

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD and Kingdom Hearts 3

    The game looks like it'll be fun. It's a shame the plot is more of a mess than the entire metal gear solid franchise.
  25. Sledgstone

    Rockstar Humble Bundle

    Same for me. That's pretty surprising. I don't know if I'm all to interested in buying this tho since I was never into grand theft auto. But I might drop $1 to try out that max payne game.