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  1. If you haven't played season 1 or 2, the trailer seems to be spoiler free and doesn't reference any of those events. WTF.. Jesus is in this!?
  2. I beat this tonight. It was enjoyable but felt a bit annoying at parts with David's constant assholeness whenever he was around. My favorite part was the helicopter. After I got past it I chose a dialogue option that made Javier look the the helicopter and say "Fuck that. Fuck this. Fuck you helicopter!" I haven't laughed so hard in a good while. I hate that QTE bullshit. I didn't die the entire game until literally the last 10 minutes when I'm on a vehicle and have to hit the square button repeatedly to kill some zombies. Hit the button 3 times, kill three walkers, do it again on this side... and I die horribly. WTF. When I replayed the scene again the camera moved a bit different the second time through and there was a fourth square button press QTE that was only half on my screen way high and was only visible for a half second before it was completely off screen. That was a setup to make me die on purpose.
  3. I'm sick of winter. This crap needs to end. Another day of driving on snow/ice covered roads in zero degree temps that are so cold the rock salt wont melt anything. Its like every road is made of gravel and my car is bouncing all over the place. At least the tall hill roads are getting treated with strong as hell rock salt of a different blend to ensure melting and to prevent accidents. But all other streets are complete ass to drive on.

  4. Into the Badlands season 3 will start April 22.
  5. The new season started 2 weeks ago. That first episode felt like they took every plot line from every season finale and premiere and jammed them all into one episode that felt like a mess. Having all those crazy plot lines somehow get wrapped into one package really makes me realize how bad all those alien plot lines were in the end. But I guess we'll get some closure on all that. The black goo, the aliens, the virus, end of the humanity as we know it, etc. The second episode felt like a straight up action film. lol. More enjoyable but still not really believable considering the age of the characters versus their opponents. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season and I really hope the writing improves. That first episode.. wtf.
  6. Anyone else watch the new episode last night? Its great to see Mulder and Scully team up again. I love that they went right into an alien technology / government conspiracy.
  7. Apparently we're getting an anti aircraft rocket gun soon. And this guy complains that it's to OP. Wtf. Planes have been OP since the game launched and every match has at least 2 guys in planes going 50-2 in every match. I'd rather see planes removed from the game but at least this rocket gun will make things bearable.
  8. Those comments at the end... ouch.
  9. I guess bungie prefers microtransactions over making new content.
  10. ohhhh.. Asgard has fallen? wtf?
  11. It was an enjoyable movie. A bit too predictable at times but the cast felt great and the soundtrack was spot on. My biggest pet peeve for this is the landscape. The crazy guy said that Kong was the last of his clan of giant apes and that he was still small and growing. Thats what gets me... There is no way in hell that island could support an entire population of giant apes. Kong looked completely out of place on that island. All the small normal sized trees, giant open landscapes. Kong just walking around anywhere there could easily see for miles and miles. Aside from him eating a tentacle water monster thing, and us getting to see a random giant water buffalo there is no real food chain there to be seen, yet alone one capable of supporting potentially hundreds of giant apes. That other King Kong movie with the dinosaurs, giant insects, giant trees, massive cliffsides, huge landscapes, etc. was more plausible to me. LMAO!
  12. The last King Kong movie was good but a bit unrealistic with how so many people survived the island. This looks like a good reboot. Kong is the defender of the island... versus Destroyers? If we can get the dragon Primordus to make an appearance at the end it'll be awesome.
  13. Disney is definitely taking the property into a new direction. I suppose they could pull a George Lucas and go back and retcon those movies and add a force ghost to them and re-release them as new blu-rays. I doubt that'll happen tho. On the other hand, Disney threw out all the novels as canon so its hard to make a comparison to those anymore, but in the novels Luke ended up learning/developing an ass load of new jedi techniques that was never covered in the original or prequel movies. Then again in those novels there were multiple more galactic wars, other alien life that could interact with the force in completely different ways than the jedi and sith could and Luke married a woman that was strong in the force and they had strong force babies. The only thing that is kind of similar to those old novels in these new movies is Han and Leia having a kid that basically turned into the new vader. In the movies it is Ben Solo/Kylo Ren but in the novels it was Jacen Solo. In the novels Luke became so powerful he was able to crush entire ships with the force. Made force choking look like nothing when he can reach out and crush the engines of a star destroyer or implode a bridge with a bit of concentration and a hand wave. All those novels made Darth Vader look like a weak chump in comparison. There was one interesting take on the force in regards to Palpatine tho that doesn't need a retcon. In one novel it was said that Palpatine was incredibly strong in the force but he focused the majority of his power into the inner workings of the empire's military. He was able to instill clarity in the minds of his subordinates and enhance their military strategies throughout the galaxy. Force control some generals to move their fleets into different positions or act as backup to another fleet that would have been wiped out. Something like that. After he died, the lack of his influence throughout his empire sent it into a downward spiral. Generals and Admirals would loose their focus, mess up their tactics and they'd lose many battles to the rebels. In the novels he also came back as a force ghost and occupied a clone of himself.. lol. I didn't read that one yet.
  14. I got around to watching this over the weekend. I really enjoyed it. I was half expecting it to be a bit of a rehash of empire strikes back like how the force awakens was basically a soft reboot of a new hope.
  15. I tried watching this. I gave it a couple episodes but I couldn't get into it. Maybe it was the pacing or the way they talked, I dunno. If I find out it has a really good plot to it I might try it out again.
  16. I haven't seen this movie yet but I'm in no rush. I hate seeing man nipples and aquaman is all man nipples all the time. If he put on a shirt I'd be much more interested in this.
  17. I wasn't that interested in this movie because its based in the past, but now that I've been sucked into Battlefield 1, this movie looks amazing. I know DICE likes to put easter eggs in their games so I wonder if we'll see an amazon warrior reference somewhere in a future dlc. On a side note, I thought we had a Wonder Woman topic already for the teaser trailer, but I didn't see one.
  18. This movie was great. There were a few variations from the book but it followed the child portion pretty spot on. Since it took place in 1989 the sequel will be based in 2016 which will be a nice change from the 50s/80s the book took place in. Two of the variations I thought were odd which I won't put in spoilers because these are things that happen in the first 10 mins of the movie / book and was probably in the trailer. Georgie was killed in the book and his body was found by the sewer grate with his arm missing/ripped off. They had a funeral for him. Why he was 'missing' in this movie and presumed dead seemed weird and would have been way creepier if they'd have buried his body and then saw him running around later on. And the float thing.. "we all float down here" I won't say how they handled that in this movie, but it was a bit too literal. It was a simple metaphor in the book. I was always under the impression that It was referring to the corpses floating in the sewer water.
  19. I watched this tonight and it was decent. Not the best soundtrack but it was enjoyable for what it was. I do find it hard to believe that the world evolved into basically normal day society with all those other humanoid species tho. I would expect massive inclusive elf villages, orc societies, etc. but instead they all live in an integrated modern society that looks pretty damn scummy like the entire world is one big ghetto. lol. It would have been cool to see a brief overview of the actual world before focusing entirely on this city. Robocop could have shown up and he'd have fit right in. I would like to see a sequel.
  20. I tried the Achi Baba and Cape Helles maps tonight. Achi Baba is ok, but Cape Helles is garbage. Its all beachfront going up a steep ass sloped area. The defenders can easily keep picking everyone off and the attackers get two huge boats. The behemoth dreadnought and a destroyer. Those two ships destroy all chance the attackers might have had. The destroyer seats 4 people and the behemoth seats 4 also. Out of 3 matches on this map there are no enemy boats. Instead the enemy gets huge turrets to take out the ships, but its pointless to even shoot at the boats. Its better for the defenders to outright ignore the boats since they take 8 players out of the enemy team and puts them in the water sitting there with nothing to shoot at. And if you jump out of the boat you die because its in a no combat area. Out of the 3 matches I was in on that map, the winning team was the defenders in operation and in conquest, whoever got the dreadnought lost because the other team capped all flags while they stayed in the boat with nothing to shoot at. That map needs some serious balancing done to it. (Edit) On a side note, I love this martini henry sniper rifle. Even with it being nerfed to not instant kill to body shots, its still incredibly enjoyable to use. The aim assist got adjusted in this last patch and feels much better. I kept getting pissed off when my gun would auto track enemies and screw up my aim. Now I can actually aim at an enemy, track them manually and when another enemy jumps in front of him it doesn't jerk my gun in the opposite direction anymore.
  21. Disney is going to have to make R rated movies. They now own Aliens and Predator. There is no way they'll let those franchises die off and the only way to keep them going is to keep them R rated. As for Marvel properties tho, the Punisher series on netflix comes pretty close to being R rated, all it was missing was profanity. It had the soft core porn, heads getting exploded with shotguns, etc. I don't know if Marvel fully made it themselves, but they definitely gave it approval. I bet netflix is going to really suck soon. With Disney pulling all it's movies off netflix next year.. and with Disney now owning fox properties, Netflix is going to loose alot of content. Disney's own streaming service will a must have for just about anyone that wants to watch all the fox classics. Disney owns just about everything now from Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, How I met your mother, X-Files.. movies like Aliens, Jame's Cameron's Avatar franchise, Planet of the Apes movies, Assasin's Creed, Independence Day, the Ice Age movies, Kung Fu Panda, Maze Runner trilogy, Battle Angel, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc. I think the next Terminator movie was going to be made with Fox, so Disney might have some rights to Terminator now too.
  22. Wait a second... marvel doesn't own the rights to she hulk? Wtf. This merger could make for some amazing movies and cross overs. Marvel made mutant/X-Men movies will be far superior to what Fox has been making for years. I think Deadpool will be grandfathered in with its R rating. It'll probably get a few more movies but I doubt they'll ever have him appear as a cameo in another movie or an avengers movie. If anything that would open the doors to having other characters making cameos in future Deadpool movies instead.
  23. That spawn beacon can be used by the entire team instead of just the squad. That's cool. That martini henry grenade launcher looks op.
  24. I'm wondering what that mirror gadget is. Maybe it's something that calls in a barrage from those massive cannons.
  25. 3 years later after the final season of Psych they made a movie.. and it was amazing. It's streaming online for free if anyone wants to watch it. I read there could be as many as 6 total Psych movies and seeing as this one ended on a cliff hanger i hope they deliver.