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  1. we generally purchase our anime online from http://www.rightstuf.com/ or (HKs) http://www.animeniacs.com/ the latter accepts paypal and i think they both offer international shipping.
  2. Sledgstone

    who do you hate?

    no, not that i'm aware of. i just didn't like that little girl.
  3. omg, the rearview mirror mirror episodes were amazing! it felt alot more serious even though they kept it to the megas style. i loved the action and they improved on the animation too! evil coop was great! X'D coop talking to evil coop: "and worst of all, you made me skinny!" X'D
  4. someone else has seen nightwalker!? its a great anime! check out my shido sig: and no, i don't have a thing for shido, but there was a couple hotties in the series.
  5. Sledgstone

    who do you hate?

    i've never been annoyed by any character on inuyasha, except maybe that b*tch sota has a crush on. that damn richie b*tch thinks shes all that!
  6. has anyone seen this series? a friend of mine has watched it and says it looks extremely promising. something that could rival kenshin even. what do you think? i haven't seen any of the episodes yet but its something i'm looking forward to.
  7. so true. nakago.. such power, intelligence and cunning. and suboshi.. what he did to tamahome.. so sadistic.
  8. ova = original video animation. an ova can be a special, a movie, or even a series. basically the ova part signifies a higher quality production. an ova series can range from any number of episodes from 3 to 13 or even more. if they were to make an inuyasha ova series, you could expect an extremely high quality animation and an amazing story line. as for the talk of it, its still speculation and rumors as far as i am aware right now. no official comment has been made yet.
  9. lina and naga (The Slayers) melissa and kaname (Full Metal Panic) (melissa is the one on the right, kaname is not in this pic) Yui (Fushigi Yugi) Dragon girl announcer (Yu Yu Hakusho) Kagome & Sango (Inu Yasha) cleo (Orphan) i probably have more but i can't think of them all right now.
  10. Miroku is my favorite character, that lecherous monk.
  11. neither. naraku sits back and lets inuyasha and the gang collect the jewell shards. once they have enough, naraku will make his move. in the mean time he sends his incarnations out to do his bidding. he plays everyone like a pawn, even sesshomaru.
  12. rezo & copy rezo from slayers. his magic skills were amazing. but lets not forget griffith at the end of berserk, so many died because of his dream. or how about harry from outlaw star, he was a psycho. naraku.
  13. i wish they didn't beat around the bush so much about it when they make it look that obvious.
  14. i like rave master.. anyone else notice how the series disappeared off the CN lineup last saturday?
  15. i thought he was going to kill that guy.. so much emotion..
  16. last nights episode... Jamie: "Being a mutant would be so cool.." Jamie begins dream: Jamie imagines himself with about 10 tenticles and multiple women Women: "Oh Jamie, your tenticles are so long..." Jamie: *big ass smile* X'D
  17. http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/downloads/trailers/ Heres some trailers and teasers for the upcoming series. btw, the dvd for the 2003 mini series is out. i'm thinking about picking it up soon.
  18. i think i missed that one. *plans to watch more this weekend*
  19. ooooohh.. must get.. live action series and movie.. @_@
  20. now that lady got the first 3 mangas of berserk and i got the first book of full metal panic, we're on our way to having a nice shelf dedicated to manga.
  21. coolies. i should check it out. we finished watching the rest of GTO this past weekend. i wasn't expecting that ending, but i love it. Onizuka is the greatest. X'D
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