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  1. (img code example) sabe, use windscar's gallery. ^_~
  2. onizuka is the man! X'D quickly! lets order the dvd! X'D
  3. true.. but the next episode is called: Return ^_~
  4. X'D
  5. has anyone else seen the episode of GTO where onizuka goes crazy and calls himself Doraemon? X'D yes! full metal panic's animation is top quality!
  6. inuyasha is great! but akira.. i have to agree with you on that.. it was alright, but not necessarily my cup of tea.
  7. the second season started last saturday (13 new episodes i think)... and i have a feeling the glorf make a comeback somehow. ^___^
  8. i didn't care for eva either. it started slow and ended.. well lets just say it ended. half way thru the series i was a fan tho. i really thought it was going to be great.. then poof. \ and with so many other animes to be a fan of, i moved on.
  9. GTO

    is it as crazy as the anime?
  10. GTO

    i'm watching the episode were onizuka decides to become GDO.. Great Driver Onizuka. X'D
  11. i thought they were attempting to reach a physical paradise but it turns out "paradise" was actually the rebirth of the earth? but if thats the case, then why did darcia die all violently when he touched the "entrance to paradise" and kiba never touched the entrance.. i wanted to see what would happen! i looked at an episode guide last night and that was the last ep. \
  12. i was laughing like crazy! their teleportation animations were so freakin long too! X'D
  13. GTO

    nooo! my cresta! that bastard and his crestas! remember the episode when he talked about how the cresta was the one thing that could redefine his life and bring his family back together? X'D and onizuka... damn onizuka. X'D how good is it? i've been thinking about ordering but i dunno if it would live up to my expectations. X'D
  14. yes! Ultra-Chicks will be on tomorrow!
  15. you have some great posts Mibu! what do you think paradise will be for the Kiba? and if Cheza isn't there in paradise for kiba.. what in the world would ever make him happy? \ i hope the next couple episodes aren't as sad as the previous ones.. i want to see at least a couple wolves find happiness.
  16. maybe blue will die protecting hige? she lost her pops...
  17. the past couple episodes have been so sad.. i hope paradise is worth it.
  18. just watched episode 4! the cosplay cafe! amazing how many guys were in there, huh? X'D
  19. last saturdays episode was sad.. but i have to ask something.. i missed alot of the earlier episodes and i was wondering if anyone could give me some info about Darcia? i'm confused about him.. and i really don't know squat about his backstory.
  20. i should read the manga, i bet its even better. X'D
  21. X'D that was great! but think of their love.. they need each other but they're too ignorant to admit it openly.
  22. i still don't quite get it tho.. how many wolfs and/or ppl are going to be able to get to paradise? and does anyone know if paradise is like another world rich in resources.. or is it supposed to be like a metaphor for a kind of heaven?
  23. i was tired and woke up early for work that morning. that dude is hilarious tho, i was laughing crazily. X'D
  24. i think theres only an ep or two left.. it is sad.. but i was wondering something.. paradise. the paradise jegura (sp?) was trying to get to was a man made one right? it was like a device that was powered by the flower maiden, wolfs blood and science/magic? so how will the wolves get to paradise themselves? is there a certain location they must get to with the flower maiden to get there? or are they waiting for the time to be right with cheza? i'm confused.. it probably doesn't help that i've missed some episodes too.
  25. that guy is freakin insane! X'D i'm liking the series so far, but i need to rewatch episode 3 as i kinda fell asleep watching it after midnight.